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TuKraZeTerrariaTuKraZe completed the game Terraria and is the 62nd gamer on the site to complete it
TuKraZeTerrariaLabor of LoveTuKraZe completed the Labor of Love DLC for Terraria
TuKraZeTerrariaTuKraZe won 3 Achievements in Terraria for 3656 points
TuKraZeTerrariaLabor of LoveTuKraZe started the Labor of Love DLC for Terraria
no surrender25Prodeusno surrender25 won 4 Achievements in Prodeus for 208 points
DARK X STEVEFIFA 23DARK X STEVE won 6 Achievements in FIFA 23 for 439 points
Floydian 95Sniper Elite 5Floydian 95 started the game Sniper Elite 5
TuKraZeVisageTuKraZe has rated the game Visage 3 out of 5
TuKraZeVisageTuKraZe completed the game Visage and is the 1,809th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Desi Shinobi at 22:25 on 27 Sep 2022

Good job, I need to jump back on this before it leaves GP.

Comment by Guttapunk at 22:31 on 27 Sep 2022

Was gunna do this, but once I saw the jumpscares were tied to how well you were playing, technically, I tuned out lmao.

Comment by TuKraZe at 23:08 on 27 Sep 2022

Yeah I inevitability died multiple times towards the end and nothing I could really do to avoid them.

TuKraZeVisageTuKraZe won 19 Achievements in Visage for 2906 points
TuKraZeVisage10 on the 10th achievementTuKraZe won the 10 on the 10th achievement in Visage for 65 points
TuKraZeVisageFamily reunion achievementTuKraZe won the Family reunion achievement in Visage for 377 points
TuKraZeVisageVoid achievementTuKraZe won the Void achievement in Visage for 196 points
TuKraZeVisageThe Neighbors achievementTuKraZe won the The Neighbors achievement in Visage for 19 points
TuKraZeVisageEasy way out achievementTuKraZe won the Easy way out achievement in Visage for 48 points
TuKraZeVisageSpecial gift achievementTuKraZe won the Special gift achievement in Visage for 82 points
TuKraZeVisageMirror mask achievementTuKraZe won the Mirror mask achievement in Visage for 67 points
TuKraZeVisageSpecial recipe achievementTuKraZe won the Special recipe achievement in Visage for 56 points
TuKraZeVisageHot chocolate achievementTuKraZe won the Hot chocolate achievement in Visage for 73 points
TuKraZeVisageDance, dance achievementTuKraZe won the Dance, dance achievement in Visage for 394 points
TuKraZeVisageChapter: Lucy achievementTuKraZe won the Chapter: Lucy achievement in Visage for 158 points
TuKraZeVisageMatryoshka doll achievementTuKraZe won the Matryoshka doll achievement in Visage for 29 points
TuKraZeVisageChapter: Dolores achievementTuKraZe won the Chapter: Dolores achievement in Visage for 157 points
TuKraZeVisageTuKraZe completed the story in Visage
no surrender25Prodeusno surrender25 won 10 Achievements in Prodeus for 1530 points
DARK X STEVEDARK X STEVE has reached a new milestone: 270,000 TrueAchievement Score
DARK X STEVEFIFA 23DARK X STEVE won 2 Achievements in FIFA 23 for 508 points
TuKraZeTuKraZe has reached a new milestone: 21,250 Achievements Won
DARK X STEVEFIFA 23DARK X STEVE started the game FIFA 23
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