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WuselmannFable IIWuselmann won 5 Achievements in Fable II for 227 points
GrobaniteBorderlands 3Grobanite won 2 Achievements in Borderlands 3 for 34 points
Eagle 0neDayZEagle 0ne won 6 Achievements in DayZ for 1694 points
Eagle 0neDayZNatural instincts achievementEagle 0ne won the Natural instincts achievement in DayZ for 628 points
Eagle 0neDayZAct of mercy achievementEagle 0ne won the Act of mercy achievement in DayZ for 20 points
Eagle 0neDayZBodily needs achievementEagle 0ne won the Bodily needs achievement in DayZ for 25 points
Eagle 0neDayZGeared achievementEagle 0ne won the Geared achievement in DayZ for 148 points
WuselmannFable IIWuselmann won 9 Achievements in Fable II for 218 points
Eagle 0neDayZEagle 0ne started the game DayZ
Comment by FreebirdX3 at 01:12 on 20 Jan 2021

Whuuut. How did you mange to unlock these achievs? You got a group for this ?

Eagle 0neEagle 0ne has reached a new milestone: 590 Completed Games
Eagle 0neThe ComplexEagle 0ne completed the game The Complex and is the 1,069th gamer on the site to complete it
WuselmannFable IIWuselmann won 8 Achievements in Fable II for 204 points
Wazari x360aDead Rising 3Wazari x360a won 2 Achievements in Dead Rising 3 for 62 points
Wazari x360aUnderMineWazari x360a won 2 Achievements in UnderMine for 53 points

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