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Spend most of my time on PS4 these days. Since other then that just my XB360. No XB1. So yeah...

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June 04-10 | XboxLIVE Deals of the Week
Sleeping Dogs is on Sale this week along with I think all of it's DLC.

Sleeping Dogs | $15 [$10off] (GameStop$= New40 Used38)
+All Sleeping Dogs DLC 50% off

Also this week
The Walking Dead- Episode 1 | Free

BestBuy.com has a sale on XboxLIVE Gold 3-month (+1month for the in-store pick up only version ) w/400MP cards till Sunday for $15 ($10 off).

I got Sleeping Dogs and two of the GOLD 3-month+1 cards :P. So I'll use the 800MP to get the two DLC for Sleeping Dogs that have acheivements :D.
May 28-June 03 | XboxLIVE Deals of the Week & NBA2K13 Sale
This week's Deals are mostly Ghost Recon: Future Solder. Half off the On-demand version of the game and the DLC for it being 75% off. They also put Darkstalkers & Dark Souls on sale. Odd combo o_0, but whatever :).

May 29-June 03 | Deals of the Week
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier | $15 (GameStop$= New$30 Used$20)
+Khyber Strike DLC Pack | 320MP
+Raven Strike DLC Pack | 400MP
+Arctic Strike DLC Pack | 320MP
Darkstalkers Resurrection | 800MP
Dark Souls | $10 (GS$= N20 U18)
+Artorias of the Abyss | 600MP

Also they have a sale on NBA2k13 and DLC for it too. I don't care for sports games. But I'm sure a lot of people do. So I'll include it here too.

May 28-June 03 | NBA 2K13 Sale

NBA2k13 | $30 (GS$= N40 U38)
+Platinum Jewelry Collection | 400MP
+Gold Jewelry Collection | 200MP
+Blue Diamond Jewelry Collection | 1000MP
+All-Star Add-On | 200MP
+Spanish Commentary | 200MP
+VC Currency Packs 50%off (ingame-store items)

I been playing the HELL out of Dark Souls lately so I'm TOTALLY getting the DLC right after I finish posting this all here and on LIVE :D.
And now speaking of Dark Souls I'm gonna go back to playing it later tonight. ...After I get done doing some chores around the house and watching the new uploads for the day on my YouTube Subscriptions. :P :D LAter people, see you next week!

May24(21?)-26(27?) | XboxLIVE Disney Publisher Sale & Alan Wake Sale
I noticed today that there is a couple sales going on. I'm not sure if these have been added today or if they were going on since Tuesday. Either way they're at least for the weekend, if not till new sales/deals on Tuesday. I'll start with the Disney sale :)

Disney Publisher Sale

__On-Demand Games & DLC__
Split/Second | $10 (Gamestop$= New$20 Used$18)
+Deadline Pack | 160MP
+Survival at the Rock Pack | 240MP
TRON: Evolution | $15 (GS$= N20 U13)
+Multi-Player Map Pack | 240MP
PURE | $10 (GS$= N20 U2 / packed with LEGOBatman= U15)
Disney Universe | $15 (GS$= N20 U18)
+Phineas & Ferb Level Pack | 240MP
+Villians Costume Pack | 80MP
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two | $20 (GS$= N40 U35)
Toy Story 3 | $10 (GS$= N20 U18)
Cars 2 | $15 (GS$= N20 U18)
+Tall Tales Pack | 120MP
+Road Hazards Bundle | 80MP
__Avatar Items__
Fantasisa Enchanted Broom | Free
Agent P | 80MP
Wreck-It-Ralph Wrecking Hands | 80MP
Toy Story 3 Spider Babyhead Toy | 80MP
Kermit playing Banjo|160MP
TRON Light Disc | 80MP

Now they also have a DAMN GOOD sale on the two Alan Wake games. Dirt cheap in fact. Perfect for me :P

Alan Wake Sale

__Games & DLC__
Alan Wake | $5 (GameStop$= New$20 Used$20)
+The Writer | 280MP
+The Signal | 280MP
Alan Wake: American Nightmare | 320MP
__Avatar Items__
Flashlight | 80MP
Book | 80MP

So personally I'm of course gonna get both Alan Wake games. For that low a price you kinda have to if you don't already have them. Seriously, $5? Damn right I'm getting it.
And Even though TRON: Evolution didn't get good reviews I still feel like I wanna get it. Cause I love the TRON films & animated series. So I'm getting that one too. It's only two dollars less if I get it at GameStop. So I think I'll fork over the extra two to have it on my console now rather then if I decide to spend the money on it at a GameStop. Which I likely wouldn't do over some other game or not spending it at all at the time.
So see you guys and gals Tuesday. And until then get back to gaming :P ^)^ LAter!

Cyber D

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