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LordMakanakiTotally Reliable Delivery ServiceLordMakanaki won 16 Achievements in Totally Reliable Delivery Service for 1316 points
LordMakanakiLordMakanaki has reached a new milestone: 925 Games Played
LordMakanakiThe MessengerLordMakanaki started the game The Messenger
CristiClash ForceCristi has rated the game Clash Force 3 out of 5
CristiClash ForceCristi completed the game Clash Force and is the 549th gamer on the site to complete it
Robotel RoWRC 8Robotel Ro won 8 Achievements in WRC 8 for 417 points
Robotel RoWRC 8WRC 2 driver achievementRobotel Ro won the WRC 2 driver achievement in WRC 8 for 92 points
Robotel RoWRC 8Splasher achievementRobotel Ro won the Splasher achievement in WRC 8 for 33 points
Robotel RoWRC 8Nostalgic achievementRobotel Ro won the Nostalgic achievement in WRC 8 for 49 points
Robotel RoWRC 8Scatterbrain achievementRobotel Ro won the Scatterbrain achievement in WRC 8 for 94 points
CristiClash ForceCristi started the game Clash Force
CosminiionMicrosoft Treasure Hunt (Win 10)Cosminiion started the game Microsoft Treasure Hunt (Win 10)
Comment by CrysisWarXX3 at 17:00 on 05 Jul 2020

Is this one also syncing?

Comment by Cosminiion at 17:18 on 05 Jul 2020

Nothing at all synced for me in this one. Gotta start it all over again from scratch. Complete crap.

Comment by CrysisWarXX3 at 18:43 on 05 Jul 2020

yeah that's sucks

CosminiionCosminiion has reached a new milestone: 250,000 GamerScore
CosminiionMicrosoft Bingo (Win 10)Cosminiion completed the game Microsoft Bingo (Win 10) and is the 847th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Cosminiion at 10:39 on 05 Jul 2020

Thank God for the sync with Win 8 version!

Comment by CrysisWarXX3 at 12:58 on 05 Jul 2020

Is Minesweeper and Solitaire Also using the sync ?

Comment by Cosminiion at 13:25 on 05 Jul 2020

I don't have the Win 10 update for Minesweeper yet and I haven't started Solitaire yet. I heard Solitaire does sync data, but I'm not sure.

CosminiionMicrosoft Bingo (Win 10)Cosminiion won 20 Achievements in Microsoft Bingo (Win 10) for 1822 points
GV LocGV Loc has reached a new milestone: 490,000 TrueAchievement Score
GV LocFeGV Loc completed the game Fe and is the 599th gamer on the site to complete it
GV LocFeGV Loc has rated the game Fe 3.5 out of 5
GV LocFeGV Loc won 7 Achievements in Fe for 1971 points
GV LocFeMy Enemy's Enemy achievementGV Loc won the My Enemy's Enemy achievement in Fe for 277 points
GV LocFeThe Longest Glide achievementGV Loc won the The Longest Glide achievement in Fe for 280 points
GV LocFeBack to Back achievementGV Loc won the Back to Back achievement in Fe for 281 points
GV LocFeCitizen of the Forest achievementGV Loc won the Citizen of the Forest achievement in Fe for 370 points
GV LocFeReunion achievementGV Loc won the Reunion achievement in Fe for 238 points
GV LocFeUtter Silence achievementGV Loc won the Utter Silence achievement in Fe for 301 points
GV LocFeGV Loc won 2 Achievements in Fe for 345 points
GV LocFe
            Secret AchievementGV Loc won the Secret Achievement in Fe for 234 points
GV LocFeShepherd achievementGV Loc won the Shepherd achievement in Fe for 111 points
CorkyMoGas Guzzlers ExtremeCorkyMo won 2 Achievements in Gas Guzzlers Extreme for 67 points
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Blackflame0729 1000+ Achievements Public 920 3,989 23.06
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