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Unplayed Games - 22/06/11
These are all games that I own, but have not yet started. Now you can see why I'm not buying any more games!! Feel free to message me regarding boosting ...

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                Status change by z RagnaroK z at 23:38 on 11 May 2021z RagnaroK z status: I wonder how hard the achievements for Mechwarrior 5 will be...
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Comment by DTI Spartan at 22:13 on 09 May 2021

Dude that kill a T REX blows, I've followed all the guides atleast 25 times and still can't get it. Any tips?

Comment by Baby Shibs at 00:58 on 10 May 2021

I did it with a full squad. Make sure you have the thumper ready to drop and lined up on the rex before he staggers.

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