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Got knocked down with food poisoning late Saturday night and couldn't get out of bed yesterday other than to puke and shit... good times. I did manage to keep my streak alive, crawled out of bed and started Level 22 as it has a cheevo for just starting the game and then went back to bed.
Feeling a lot better today, maybe 80%, haven't felt like eating anything, have had 2 apple juices and a fruit pouch. Not hungry at all. Still a little of the poisoning moving in me... I don't wish this shit on my worst enemy.

Gaming news. Not much. Killer of Unicorn Killers got the most cheevos last week. We should have also gotten the team bonus for the week, but one of our team mates had the elusive unlocking not unlocked cheevo pop on him after he thought he reached the #. Oh well, again MS fucks you over somehow LOL... We are doing decently in the GSTAC. I like how we are working together, boosting games, and working on bonuses if we care too or not. I am enjoying it, I don't expect to win, but I expect we will go deep.

I miss football.
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I just typed out a big long blog... my PC decided to lose wifi the moment I pressed publish blog and I lost it all... fuck you fuck you fuck you...
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So I just read a Riconblasts blog, I might have spelled his gamertag wrong... but WTF is going on is Scotland? Cheaters and haters, that's about what I can see.
Go check it out, seems like a waste of typing and a rant oh and there is no comment section... I want to rant but I don't want to talked back to... typical.

Anhyow I give 2 shits.

Dogs put a hole in my fence today, that wasn't on my list of things to work on today you little fuckers.

Wildlands is really awesome, I only played one level. I am looking forward to some co-op action on that for sure.

Ok, what is your favorite conspiracy theory? Recently I have been rabbit holing the firmament... I get really baked and then just watch video after video of these people on youtube trying to convince us all of a flat earth and we live under a dome, every last one of them goes back to God in the end, always. But, I like conspiracy theories, they can be fun. Until they aren't conspiracies anymore... I like to believe nothing unless that shit is undeniable. I figure none of us know whats really real and true anyhow. Who knows, we could all be being lied to in some strange construct, or we are a simulation, or some petri dish in a lab. Fuck I'm enjoying whatever it is we are. Just roll with is people, stop trying to define it all.

So thoughts...
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So its like I turned on the faucet in the sky, its been raining so hard all night, its not going to stop till Thursday prolly, maybe if we are lucky.

I have 2 freaking errands to do today, a very lightly dirty kitchen to clean and then I BOOST today, haven't gotten much done this week. But cheevos will be had.

Time to go do a dab and start this day off right.

What is your favorite game all time?

I am still torn on mine. Real close tie between Halo 2, Gears of War 1 - 3 and ME2. Course The Walking Dead TaleTell made me shed a tear when Duck died... I liked that little bastard...

I played A LOT of MP for Halo 2 when I first got into MP/XBL, I was working swing shift and would play all night from like 1am till 6am daily... it was fun but it burned me out for MP for a long time. I can only take so many 12 year olds telling me to suck their dicks before I have had enough. I do though miss how much fun it was.

Anyhoo gotta get the midgets to school. I hope you all have a great day... the 2 of you who read this.
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So, its really foggy today. I really don't have much to say this morning. I will be working on Hour of Victory, Rock Band 4, DOA4 and Clicker Hero crack-a-thon. I cant stop playing that game, I leave my X1 running, running and accumulating $ so I can upgrade. I think I am going to wait to ascend though.

Went to the Home Depot last night, about to get my gardening on. Bought a new kick as wheel barrow and black magic peat. Growing tons of veggies, fruit and flowers this year. I usually keep it small, but I might go a little crazy this year. I just bought a 8x8x6.5 pop up green house and I have a 3rd of an acre of land. I do love gardening, I think everyone should do it. I firmly believe that
1 its therapeutic to put your hands in the dirt
2 food you grew yourself will taste better than anything you've ever purchased
3 it gets your ass outside
5 it helps bees

Go grow something.
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