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Eh Yea.. I guess...
I got a notification for something on this site and I went to check my messages. I guess I sort of disappeared on everyone. My last blog said someone close to me died. But, then it just got significantly worse. I don't wanna get into details but 3 people that I loved very much died within 5 months of each other - 1 of which was shocking and horrible and... yeah.

I am still trying to grieve. So... I am here. I'm just trying to do other things in order to keep my head busy and not think of... certain things.

Um, let's see. I started a new blog. Its for video game news, reviews, pre-order info etc. I have been doing it for a few months so far, but unlike these **other** sites its just me, 3-5 times a day posting stuff haha. Its a lot of work. But its super fun and it brings together 2 of my favorite things; Video Games and Writing. Hopefully down the line I can start making really good money and hire folks to write for me. In the meantime, its just me, because, well, no one wants to write for free (and I don't expect them to!)


The website is shit in mobile. I am still trying to figure out how to fix that. But if you look at it on PC it looks pretty good.

I also have started to pre-order some games. They include:

Destiny 2
Call Of Duty WWII
Zombie Chronicles (already picked it up obvi)
Need For Speed Payback
Crackdown 3
The Crew 2

I would LIKE to get the new Wolfenstein game and Metro, but both of these have made me really sick in the past from motion sickness sooooo I will just wait until A) a friend lets me borrow it or B) it goes down in price in a year or so lol.

I got banned for 100 days on Xbox haha. SMH. Not my fault. And I am officially unbanned.

Changed my GT. Got sick of the other one.

Anyway. That's about it haha. If anyone that I talked to before wants to keep in touch with me, add me on Facebook. I tend to be the most active on my personal Facebook account.

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I haven't really been around for the past few weeks. Sorry about that. I had a death in the family and it was someone I was really close to and it was pretty sudden and just not a fun situation at all. I don't even really want to write this right now, but I figured I should write something. I guess I've just kind of been in a funk. I keep telling my friends to give me a week, give me a week, give me a week. But, she died June 13th and I still want "another week."

So.. I am here if you want to send a friend request or message me. I probably won't get back to you right away because, like I said, I don't even really want to write THIS. But, I will make an effort to get back to you eventually.

Hope everyone is good and playing lots of games and getting LOTS of achievements.

Posted by xTheWarfighters on 04 July 14 at 18:17 | There are 5 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
Games I Want - 2014-2015
After seeing E3 and all the other conferences, here is a list of ALL the games I want as of now for a mixture of consoles and from 2014-2015. Soooo excited!

Uncharted 4 - PS4 - 2015
Metal Gear Solid - The Phantom Pain - Xbox (probably lol) - 2014/2015?
Battlefield Hardline - Xbox One - Oct 21st
Assassins Creed Unity - Xbox One - Oct 28th
Far Cry 3 - Xbox One - Already out duh
Far Cry 4 - Xbox One - November 18th
Tom Clancy's The Division - Xbox One - 2015
The Crew - Xbox One - November 11th
Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare - Xbox One - November 4th
Crackdown 3 - Xbox One - TBA
Sunset Overdrive - Xbox One - October 28th
The Master Chief Collection - Xbox One - November 11th
Enemy Front - Xbox 360 - Today (June 10th)
Sniper Elite 3 - Xbox 360 - July 1st
Hitman Sniper
Homefront The Revolution - Xbox One - December 31st
NFS The Rivals - Xbox360/Xbox One - Already Out
The Siege - Xbox One - 2015
Wolfenstein The New Order - Xbox 360 - Already Out
Titanfall - Xbox One - Already Out

Obviously this list could get bigger as time goes on but for now, there ya go.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love FPS and driving games. But, more importantly I love NEED FOR SPEED and I love Rainbow Six. It's the reason I own every single R6 game from the start of time lol. For that reason alone, I would get an Xbox One just to play that game lol.
Posted by xTheWarfighters on 10 June 14 at 22:24 | There are 4 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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I'm proud of you

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thanks what a pile of poop

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