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The MascalRift RacoonThe Mascal won 6 Achievements in Rift Racoon for 244 points
The MascalRift RacoonGem III achievementThe Mascal won the Gem III achievement in Rift Racoon for 82 points
The MascalRift RacoonGem II achievementThe Mascal won the Gem II achievement in Rift Racoon for 40 points
The MascalRift RacoonGem I achievementThe Mascal won the Gem I achievement in Rift Racoon for 20 points
The MascalRift RacoonThe Mascal started the game Rift Racoon
rafaelgrnrafaelgrn has reached a new milestone: 1,375 Completed Games
rafaelgrnRift Racoonrafaelgrn completed the game Rift Racoon and is the 44th gamer on the site to complete it
rafaelgrnBean Diverafaelgrn won 19 achievements in 2 new games as part of their Bean Dive
SECOUTINHOGems of WarUnknown PackSECOUTINHO started the Unknown Pack DLC for Gems of War
princitCartoprincit won 5 Achievements in Carto for 298 points
princitCartoQuick Learner achievementprincit won the Quick Learner achievement in Carto for 62 points
princitCartoNew Growth achievementprincit won the New Growth achievement in Carto for 58 points
            Secret Achievementprincit won the Secret Achievement in Carto for 89 points
princitCartoSet Sail achievementprincit won the Set Sail achievement in Carto for 40 points
princitCartoprincit started the game Carto
princitPikunikuToasted achievementprincit won the Toasted achievement in Pikuniku for 95 points
rafaelgrnHero Expressrafaelgrn won 4 Achievements in Hero Express for 193 points
Deco76BRThe TourystDeco76BR completed the game The Touryst and is the 10,983rd gamer on the site to complete it

                Status change by Stallion83 at 18:41 on 11 May 2021Stallion83 status: Live now! Resident Evil Village
Deco76BRThe TourystDo it! achievementDeco76BR won the Do it! achievement in The Touryst for 375 points
smrnovInfestorsmrnov completed the game Infestor and is the 417th gamer on the site to complete it
smrnovInfestorsmrnov won 12 Achievements in Infestor for 1054 points
smrnovInfestorLevel 50 achievementsmrnov won the Level 50 achievement in Infestor for 100 points
smrnovInfestorLevel 40 achievementsmrnov won the Level 40 achievement in Infestor for 99 points
smrnovInfestorJet Scouts achievementsmrnov won the Jet Scouts achievement in Infestor for 99 points
smrnovInfestorLevel 30 achievementsmrnov won the Level 30 achievement in Infestor for 97 points
smrnovInfestorOverseer achievementsmrnov won the Overseer achievement in Infestor for 95 points
smrnovInfestorLevel 20 achievementsmrnov won the Level 20 achievement in Infestor for 94 points
smrnovInfestorDroid achievementsmrnov won the Droid achievement in Infestor for 94 points
smrnovInfestorTurret achievementsmrnov won the Turret achievement in Infestor for 93 points
smrnovInfestorGuard achievementsmrnov won the Guard achievement in Infestor for 92 points
smrnovInfestorLevel 10 achievementsmrnov won the Level 10 achievement in Infestor for 91 points
smrnovInfestorWorker achievementsmrnov won the Worker achievement in Infestor for 70 points
smrnovInfestorColonist achievementsmrnov won the Colonist achievement in Infestor for 30 points
smrnovInfestorsmrnov started the game Infestor
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
GamerScore in Xbox One Games 50,805 View history chart 560,393 9.07
GamerScore in Racing Games The Americas (Not USA) 439 View history chart 9,434 4.65
TA Ratio in All Games Brazil 1,642 View history chart 5,186 31.66
TrueAchievement in Racing Games Brazil 291 View history chart 4,968 5.86
TrueAchievement in Xbox 360 Racing Games Brazil 298 View history chart 4,147 7.19
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
Brazilian Gamers Public 137 402 34.08
CantarzoBelmont Xbox - Caçadores de Conquistas Request 114 292 39.04
Lorde Varuna PXB Public 35 150 23.33
ArnaldoDK PXB - Portal Xbox Brasil Gamers Public 38 119 31.93
ll BLAIR ll TrueAchievements Brazil Public 80 110 72.73
Lorde Varuna PXB - Ranking dos usuários Request 17 54 31.48

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