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Best achievements

Gamerscore TA
Outriders Been Everywhere, Done It All Been Everywhere, Done It All
Reach Accolade level 20.
80 336
Outriders Squaretasking Squaretasking
Complete all side quests.
70 300
Outriders Gravedigger's BFF Gravedigger's BFF
Kill 7500 enemies.
70 233
Outriders One Last Chance One Last Chance
Bring down the Drop Pods.
80 211
Outriders One for the Books One for the Books
Fill in 300 journal pages.
30 115
Outriders Inventor's Almanac Inventor's Almanac
Unlock 125 unique weapon and armor mods for crafting.
30 80
Outriders Leave Humanity Behind Leave Humanity Behind
Reach character level 30.
30 80
Outriders Multitasking Multitasking
Complete 25 side quests.
30 68
Outriders Legacy of Enoch Legacy of Enoch
Equip a character with epic or legendary items only.
30 63
Outriders One Way Ride One Way Ride
Prepare your truck to enter the Forest.
30 55
Outriders The Burdens We Bear The Burdens We Bear
Complete "The Outrider's Legacy".
20 55
Outriders Patron of the Past Patron of the Past
Complete the Historian questline.
15 52
Outriders Clash of the Altered Clash of the Altered
Kill 5 Elites using skills only.
15 49
Outriders Classy Classy
Complete the highest tier of 4 class-related Accolades for any class.
15 49
Outriders Big Game Hunter Big Game Hunter
Complete the Hunter questline.
15 48
Outriders Hard Bargainer Hard Bargainer
Sell 300 items.
15 44
Outriders Hand of Death Hand of Death
Complete the Wanted questline.
15 44
Outriders Surpassing the Tempest Surpassing the Tempest
Master a branch of the class tree for any class.
15 38
Outriders Spoils of War Spoils of War
Equip a legendary item.
20 37
Outriders Descent to Fury Descent to Fury
Unravel the Ferals' origins.
15 37