Anyone have Forza Horizon 3 for XB1 and wanna boost some cheevo's with me


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                Status change by react at 16:28 on 06 Feb 2021react status: Looking for someone to do the online in Race Pro with. I may have done the walkthrough but I haven't actually finished it...

                Status change by Xtowers at 16:57 on 04 Feb 2021Xtowers status: Isn't there a calendar that shows all the date-specific achievements I need, or am I missing it? I thought that was a thing...
Comment by Maliicious at 17:12 on 04 Feb 2021

There is. I’m not sure how to get to it though. I get messages 3 days before the achievement is coming up

Comment by Xtowers at 17:23 on 04 Feb 2021

Right, and three days is enough time for me to forget about it. It literally needs to remind me the day of or I probably won't remember. ^_^ A calendar would be handy tho

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                Status change by ShinUkyo at 04:29 on 08 Jan 2021ShinUkyo status: Watching the Xitilon game completions fill the friend feed the next few days. I'm not normally one for mook games, but I'm almost tempted to join.
Comment by ATCS at 04:35 on 08 Jan 2021

Its hilarious. I did the 10k for the punch card in literslly an hour or less, then just said fuck it and continued with the rest of them.

Comment by Rhyolitic at 04:36 on 08 Jan 2021

I'm tempted too, but after all this time, I still don't have Avatar or any other mook games (pretty sure, it's been 11 years after all) on my card. No reason to start now

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                  Summary available for ShinUkyo at 06:04 on 01 Jan 2021ShinUkyo earned 17 achievements in 2020 for 360 GamerScore worth 1,537 TA
Comment by RadiantViper at 14:02 on 01 Jan 2021

Perfect gamerscore!

Comment by ShinUkyo at 20:32 on 01 Jan 2021

Haha thank you! toast Totally planned that! laugh


                  Summary available for matdan at 16:02 on 31 Dec 2020matdan earned 1,365 achievements in 2020 for 33,722 GamerScore worth 81,021 TA
Comment by troyoy at 17:23 on 31 Dec 2020

Not too shabby, nice ratio too. Congrats.

Comment by matdan at 19:26 on 31 Dec 2020



                Status change by matdan at 21:28 on 24 Dec 2020matdan status: Merry Christmas!
Comment by xxxIsaiahxxx at 23:37 on 24 Dec 2020

Merry Christmas!!

Comment by AudibleGymnast6 at 00:20 on 25 Dec 2020

Merry christmas mate

Comment by Funnnkyyy at 04:42 on 25 Dec 2020

Merry Christmas mate!

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                Status change by ShinUkyo at 19:30 on 21 Nov 2020ShinUkyo status: Unlike when XB1 launched, I can afford the new console this time. And have reason to want it at launch. Too bad it'll be sold out until next year.
Comment by RadiantViper at 21:13 on 21 Nov 2020

No harm in waiting, there will only be more games and patches in a year.

Comment by Rhyolitic at 00:26 on 22 Nov 2020

Wait till the first hardware revision or the XSXPro/whatever comes out. Benefit of better hardware & probably cheaper cost.

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