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                  Status change by cnirvana at 09:20 on 23 May 2017cnirvana status: Thank goodness the sales are tame this week. Last week's awesome Backwards Compatable sale broke the bank. Got 35 new titles smile
Comment by cnirvana at 09:22 on 23 May 2017

Now..... Just to find the time off of work to play them...... Guess I'll be starting the next bean dive whenever that event kicks off again laugh

Comment by neeker75 at 10:11 on 23 May 2017

I only bought Puzzle Quest for $3.22 in my currency. Apparently I've a thing for cheating AI. :)

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                  Status change by cnirvana at 07:38 on 21 May 2017cnirvana status: Last achievement in Gems Of War is broken/unobtainable right now..... They have a great support team so I'm sure it will be fixed soon.
Comment by neeker75 at 07:39 on 21 May 2017

I've waited all week for this, and they managed to screw it up. I just raised a ticket. Lol

Comment by AgentZachMorgan at 07:52 on 21 May 2017

Everyone grab your pitchfork and head for the forum!

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cnirvanaGems of WarOlympus Has Fallen achievementcnirvana won the Olympus Has Fallen achievement in Gems of War for 171 points
Comment by neeker75 at 15:27 on 18 May 2017

Finally. :) I got beat real bad today. Won only once.

Comment by cnirvana at 23:19 on 18 May 2017

I've been getting slaughtered. The AI drops / spells have just been unrealistically lucky.

cnirvanaGems of WarTitle Update 3cnirvana started the Title Update 3 DLC for Gems of War
cnirvana won 10 Achievements in Gunscape for 640 points
cnirvanaGunscapeSlice-n-dice achievementcnirvana won the Slice-n-dice achievement in Gunscape for 60 points
cnirvanaGunscapeBurninator achievementcnirvana won the Burninator achievement in Gunscape for 57 points
cnirvanaGunscapeTrapper achievementcnirvana won the Trapper achievement in Gunscape for 56 points
cnirvanaGunscapeFlag runner achievementcnirvana won the Flag runner achievement in Gunscape for 59 points
cnirvanaGunscapeStonemason achievementcnirvana won the Stonemason achievement in Gunscape for 195 points
cnirvanaGunscapeVeteran achievementcnirvana won the Veteran achievement in Gunscape for 92 points
cnirvanaGunscapeDino Hunter achievementcnirvana won the Dino Hunter achievement in Gunscape for 40 points
cnirvanaGunscapeExpendable achievementcnirvana won the Expendable achievement in Gunscape for 21 points
cnirvanaGunscapeTerminated achievementcnirvana won the Terminated achievement in Gunscape for 35 points
cnirvanaGunscapeNewbie achievementcnirvana won the Newbie achievement in Gunscape for 26 points
cnirvana shared the  in Gems of War achievement list at 04:01 on 12 May 2017Gems of WarTitle Update 3cnirvana shared the Title Update 3 DLC for Gems of War achievement list
Comment by AgentZachMorgan at 07:37 on 12 May 2017

This was a welcome surprise, I didn't expect them to add more so soon after the last update considering how difficult they kept saying it was to add achievements

Comment by neeker75 at 08:50 on 12 May 2017

Wondering what's that special enemy you need to defeat for an achievement. Looks like you need to fight all battles in a week (5 per day x 7?) too.

Comment by AgentZachMorgan at 09:24 on 12 May 2017

Paragon is the name for the highest rank, not a troop. 30 fights a week, Monday is your day off.

xll DVSTALK llxxll DVSTALK llx has reached a new milestone: 230,000 TrueAchievement Score
xll DVSTALK llx won 4 Achievements in HAWKEN for 680 points
xll DVSTALK llxHAWKENxll DVSTALK llx started the game HAWKEN
xll DVSTALK llxTrove
xll DVSTALK llx won 3 Achievements in Trove for 93 points
xll DVSTALK llxTrovexll DVSTALK llx started the game Trove
xll DVSTALK llxBen-Hurxll DVSTALK llx started the game Ben-Hur
cnirvanaMicrosoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10)
cnirvana won 19 Achievements in Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10) for 589 points
cnirvanaMicrosoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10)cnirvana started the game Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10)
Comment by Shadow Kisuragi at 11:50 on 08 May 2017

Nice. Had this sitting in the backlog?

Comment by cnirvana at 21:52 on 08 May 2017

Only got the invite email on 04/26 Shame they have those medal achievements. I'll never have the time / patience to do the daily/monthly stuff.

cnirvanaGunscapeTeam playa achievementcnirvana won the Team playa achievement in Gunscape for 19 points
cnirvanaGTASC 2017cnirvana has been eliminated from GTASC 2017 - Team
Comment by cnirvana at 21:24 on 07 May 2017

Stupid work.....

cnirvanaLies of AstarothKing of Dungeon IV achievementcnirvana won the King of Dungeon IV achievement in Lies of Astaroth for 310 points
Comment by cnirvana at 00:37 on 06 May 2017

Maybe someday I'll have a strong enough deck to push out those final 10....

cnirvanaClicker HeroesThe boss achievementcnirvana won the The boss achievement in Clicker Heroes for 1231 points
Comment by TheNickOfTime at 01:28 on 03 May 2017

Damn. You're making real good progress! I'm been stuck at zone 1300 for awhile now.

Comment by cnirvana at 04:51 on 03 May 2017

The calculator is your best friend. I got to the point where I could speed run to around zone 1000 1-hit killing everything. Farmed some souls.....

Comment by cnirvana at 04:53 on 03 May 2017

Decided it was time to make my run.... shuffled gilds to get them where I wanted them and I'm abusing the date adjustment Dark Ritual method. Working good.

cnirvanaThe Walking Dead: Michonnecnirvana completed the base game The Walking Dead: Michonne and is the 16,022nd gamer on the site to complete it

                  Summary available for cnirvana at 05:00 on 01 May 2017cnirvana earned 146 achievements in April 2017 for 8,510 GamerScore worth 13,427 TA
Comment by cnirvana at 10:26 on 01 May 2017

Well... That's that for a while cry Looks like I have maybe two days off work in May??? Ugh.

Comment by SciKo at 14:45 on 01 May 2017

I feel for ya man. We'll try to cover for you best we can ;)

Comment by TheNickOfTime at 17:10 on 01 May 2017

I'm down to only being able to game 3 hours a day but I'll do what I can to cover :P

xll DVSTALK llxxll DVSTALK llx has reached a new milestone: 145,000 GamerScore
xll DVSTALK llxClicker Heroes
xll DVSTALK llx won 2 Achievements in Clicker Heroes for 135 points
cnirvana won 3 Achievements in Gunscape for 117 points
cnirvanaGunscapeSuicidal achievementcnirvana won the Suicidal achievement in Gunscape for 47 points
cnirvanaGunscapeMr Assist achievementcnirvana won the Mr Assist achievement in Gunscape for 55 points
cnirvanaGunscapeSlip-n-slide achievementcnirvana won the Slip-n-slide achievement in Gunscape for 15 points
cnirvanaBean DiveBean Divecnirvana has finished their Bean Dive as part of the Bean Dive event - 487 games dived for a completion %age drop of 6.04
Comment by cnirvana at 20:25 on 26 Apr 2017

Not done... but done. I'm tired of it. I'll start it back up again when the event rolls around. But my life is just one constant dive. dive

Comment by No Politics at 03:54 on 27 Apr 2017

Nooo! You've only managed to bean dive 85% of the games I've played, just a few more and you'll be on every friend board for every game I own.

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