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So here's how it is going
Hey everyone it's been eons since I did my last blog post on here. Lots of things. I got engaged to the love of my life Hailey on December 1st, 2016!! We are planning on getting married in the summer of 2018!! I'm still working just one job (many hats within said job) some of the tech stuff has picked up a bit so I'm a bit busy from time to time. I'm still autocrossing. I obtained a tune from Bad News Racing (BNR) as well as put drilled and slotted rotors and high performance pads on the front wheels and that has put me in the class known as D Street Prepared (DSP)

Here's a link to my latest Autocross video.

On a much sadder note

On January 4th, 2017 my father was hospitalized with pneumonia and with having a bad heart and several hospitalizations in recent months that wasn't a good thing. My father was transferred from the local hospital to St. Elizabeth's in Youngstown, Ohio the following day and his condition remained the same. On January 7th, 2017 at around 2 in the afternoon while I was at work I received a phone call from my father's nurse saying that dad was having trouble and he had been intubated and had agreed to it understanding that it would help him breath better. It caused me some concern but it had become normal when this happened. I finished my shift a little late and headed for home to pick up my fiance so we could go get groceries. I received my next phone call at 6 pm right after we got back in the car after leaving the store and this time it was the interpreter calling. The interpreter said dad was critically stable. I said "Critically Stable?" because in my mind those two words following each other do not make very much sense. We went home and I had made pizza for dinner. We were watching a show on Hulu when I got my next phone call at 8:02 pm from the interpreter again. This time she had said Dad had went Code Blue and they had resuscitated him. For those of you who do not know what Code Blue is, it means the person has went through cardiac arrest. We immediately hopped in the car and started making the almost one hour drive to the hospital. I wanted to drive as fast as the car could go regardless of law enforcement, however it started snowing right as I got on the highway and my fiance had made the point that it wouldn't do us any good if we were in the hospital too. So we arrived there around 9 pm and ran up to the 3rd floor where dad was in the CVIC unit (Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit) and I paged for dad's nurse. I asked the nurse if I could go back and see dad and that I would understand if I was not allowed in the room. The nurse took me back into his room. I was on one side of the bed the nurse on the other. I looked at the nurse and said to not sugarcoat anything and to tell me what I was looking at with dad because in my eyes it looked bad....really bad... The nurse then told me that dad had went through septic shock and when he went code blue that had to use the paddles to bring him back. He was on several blood pressure medications and antibiotics that were at the maximum does they could give a person. He told me that at that moment dad was looking at a 30/70 shot of surviving. If dad made it 12 hours it would go to 50/50 and if he made it a day it would 70/30 after two days it would be a full recovery but a very long stay in the hospital. I went back into the waiting room and told my fiance and mom what the nurse had said. I started making phone calls to family members and friends, calling my dad's older brother and pleading with him to no avail to get him to make the 5 hour drive here to see dad incase the worst happened. A little after 1 am on January 8th, 2017 my fiance and I were making a trip to a local sheetz to get snacks and coffee for my mother when we received a phone call from the interpreter telling us to come back to the hospital and the tone of her voice was very dishearting. We made a immediate uturn and I was trying to keep myself from going into a full blown panic attack. When we arrived the nurse had come to the waiting room and took us back to dad's room. He told us that dad's eyes had gone dialted and the he was not responding to painful stimulates. That a blood clot had went to dad's brain and that my dad was brain dead, his heart only beating because of the pacemaker/defibulator that was in his chest and only breathing because of the ventilator. I felt like the whole world had just come crashing down. I had just got engaged fulling one of his wishes and was going down the road to the others (getting married, having kids etc) I had to watch as my mother nearly collapsed losing the man she had been with since 1974 when they met in high school and got married in 1990 having two kids me and my younger brother. I watched as my fiance who's dad was never around and had gotten really attached to dad break down in tears. As I made the phone calls and the facebook posts, the hardest call to make was coming, to my younger brother who was in a correctional facility waiting to be put into the federal bureau of prisons. I had to speak to this supervisor, that supervisor, this lieutenant, that lieutenant, and finally the warden. When he finally got on the phone I asked him if he was sitting down and then I broke down as I told him. It's been just past 4 months now but it seems like it's still the morning after he passed. I know he's gone but a part of me doesn't want to accept that my father is gone.

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