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RedmptionDeniedPupperazziRedmptionDenied completed the game Pupperazzi and is the 245th gamer on the site to complete it
RedmptionDeniedPupperazziRedmptionDenied won 23 Achievements in Pupperazzi for 2427 points
RedmptionDeniedPupperazziBlep achievementRedmptionDenied won the Blep achievement in Pupperazzi for 105 points
RedmptionDeniedPupperazziRedmptionDenied started the game Pupperazzi
RedmptionDeniedZombie Army TrilogyRedmptionDenied completed the game Zombie Army Trilogy and is the 2,243rd gamer on the site to complete it
RedmptionDeniedSuper Bomberman R OnlineRedmptionDenied completed the game Super Bomberman R Online and is the 869th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by JBIoves at 08:13 on 24 Jan 2022

Is this the one that’s easy to complete if you buy their pass?

Comment by RedmptionDenied at 08:42 on 24 Jan 2022

yeah only need one person with it to host and you can get all but one pretty easy with just 2 people/consoles

RedmptionDeniedTanknarokRedmptionDenied completed the game Tanknarok and is the 48th gamer on the site to complete it
RedmptionDeniedTanknarokRedmptionDenied won 28 Achievements in Tanknarok for 1178 points
RedmptionDeniedRedmptionDenied has reached a new milestone: 2,465 Completed Games
RedmptionDeniedStar99RedmptionDenied completed the game Star99 and is the 88th gamer on the site to complete it
RedmptionDeniedTanknarokRedmptionDenied started the game Tanknarok
RedmptionDeniedStar99RedmptionDenied won 6 Achievements in Star99 for 907 points
RedmptionDeniedStar99Emperor achievementRedmptionDenied won the Emperor achievement in Star99 for 233 points
RedmptionDeniedStar99King achievementRedmptionDenied won the King achievement in Star99 for 166 points
RedmptionDeniedStar99Legend achievementRedmptionDenied won the Legend achievement in Star99 for 131 points
RedmptionDeniedStar99Master achievementRedmptionDenied won the Master achievement in Star99 for 130 points
RedmptionDeniedStar99Expert achievementRedmptionDenied won the Expert achievement in Star99 for 126 points
RedmptionDeniedStar99Veteran achievementRedmptionDenied won the Veteran achievement in Star99 for 121 points

                Status change by Stallion83 at 19:26 on 23 Jan 2022Stallion83 status: Streaming Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition Live now |
Stallion83Demon Hunter: Riddles of LightStallion83 completed the game Demon Hunter: Riddles of Light and is the 231st gamer on the site to complete it

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