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A long time ago, February 28th 2013 to be exact, the now defunct Achievement Hounds Podcast issued a challenge they dubbed "The Potentially Endless Bean Dive Contest".

The specifics of the contest can be seen at http://achievementhounds.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1702 but in essence this is an endurance contest where the contestants have to start a new game every day, and if you miss a day you are knocked out.

It's going to be 6 years in February 2019, and believe it or not three people are still going. I've been friends with these three for years, and we're often in touch about this particular challenge.

I'm rather fond of Bean Dives myself (if you're not sure what a Bean Dive is, look here: Bean Dive 2018 FAQ) and I've issued various related challenges to myself over the years (such as my unfinished B.A.L.R.O.G. challenge), so I thought, with my incredible backlog of games - why not try and catch up with the endless bean divers?

So what would that mean?

Ok, let's work out how many games they've actually dived, to date (August 31st). There are 2010 since Feb 28th 2013, thus: 2010 games.

Now, how many games have I personally started since February 28 2013? That's a little trickier to work out exactly, but I can get a rough figure, which I will err on the side of a lower amount. On the 5th March 2013 I hit a milestone of 225 games played. As of right now I've played 1506 games.

1506 - 225 = 1281
2010 - 1281 = 729 games I need to dive to catch up to the Endless Bean Dive guys.

That's quite manageable. This is gonna be fun. laugh
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