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PermalinkStreet Fighter x Mortal Kombat (wishful thinking)
Well, well, what're you waiting for? In a world of gaming crossover galore, who wouldn't be interested in this?

With Street fighter x Tekken coming out later this year, it does bring up the endless possibilities. If they're bringing Poison back, anything's possible. With videogames becoming more and more sequel based, it's time to change things up. Nearly every game coming out this year is a sequel to something or another. The only non-sequel games weren't exactly gold and Catherine was interesting but not a game I could picture myself purchasing.

With the new characters in MK9 it seems that I'll be playing MK online for awhile longer. But a thought comes into my head: What if they touched back on all those cross-overs they did years back? Instead of Street Fighter x Tekken, how about Namco vs. Capcom? That would be a game changer. I'm glad fighting games have made an awesome return, but how long until it becomes same old, same old? I'm not looking forward to that day, but it seems almost inevitable. sleep
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PermalinkDo Zombies Make Games Better?
I'm not a huge Call Of Duty fan (anymore) but when I play Zombies on that one George map, I do have alot of fun. Sorry I don't know the name of the map because I only play that zombie map. I didn't even really care about the new multiplayer maps. All I played on that game was zombies. Now am I saying I was good at it? Of course not. After round 16 or 17 I'm outie 5000 my friends.

Now are zombies in a lot of game? Yes they are and they have since grown into one of gamings best genres. I think zombies are thier own genre. I mean they take up a good percentage of the games we play. Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare is one of my favorite zombie games. I haven't even played the original game, I didn't even bother with it because I get really bored of Rockstars games (lately especially). But when I rented the Undead Nightmare, I had such a great time that I was wondering why they hadn't done this sooner.

When I think about some of my favorite games that have come out the past few years had zombies in them. Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, Black Ops, Borderlands, and even Mortal Kombat had a few zombies.
Some people do say zombies are becoming overrated. I disagree, because zombies are one of my favorite genres and I hope it has a long life ahead of it. Well, that and fighting games. I hope those don't die out either. wink
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PermalinkWhat Are Achievements?
Do they define the gamer? When you look at a persons profile what's the first thing you look at? Gamerscore. Which is fine. It's the whole reason I'm sitting here typing this right now. When it all comes down, it's all about the score and the completion of said achievements. My completetion is less then 30%. What does that make me? I'd probably get shrugged off. I'm not as important as the person who surpasses me in achievements. Why is that?

I've been playing game for years. I literally can't count how many hours I plugged into Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and Killzone on my PS2 years back. Or how about Duke Nukem and Doom on the PC? Or even further when Super Mario Brothers came out on my Super Nitendo. OR do those games not count because the don't add up on my gamerscore? Was this the intent of microsoft when they thought of achievements? I wonder that sometimes. Since I couldn't find any other gaming websites I actually liked I went with TrueAchievements. But when I read blog posts, many people only complain about how DLC messes up thier gamerscore. Why? I mean I'm not insulting the bloggers, I'm just wondering why they thought that important enough to write about.

I like some of the users on this site but the whole point of site isn't even on my mind. I like to write so henceforth I like to blog and express myself through the computer when I'm not at school or playing Street Fighter with my buds (nice play on words, right?).

What Are Achievements? Just another way to put a collar on us. To show what we play and how much of our time the game gets. It's not even the game anymore that makes us play the game! But I won't lie I did try getting achievements a few times, but felt that it sucked the fun out of the experience and made it more of an ego boost. How sad.cry
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PermalinkDo Video Games Change Youth?
Of course they do. Did movies change youth in the 20's and 30's? Yes, they did.

Forms of "stimulation of the brain", otherwise known as art, have always changed the world around us. Some people point fingers at art for the worlds problem. Understandable. Some forms of art do inflict damage. For example, at the right viewpoint, the bible is a form of art. People have fought, debated, and even killed for this book. It's just that some people take art too seriously. It's a part of the human nature. Some embrace new ideas, whilst others believe in change.

I was 8 years old when I played Duke Nukem and Doom. And you know what happened? Nothing. I played the games and had a good time playing them. I didn't have a sudden urge to kill or dismember anyone. They say that games train youth how to kill. I won't lie, when you play FPS games like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor, you do have the ability to shoot a gun better then someone who has never played a shooter before. But the actual act of killing people is usually avoided by players of the genre.

I just needed to vent. Eveyone around my neck of the woods go batshit insane when I say things like "Bioshock is an experience that no book, movie or painting can copy". It not like I walked into a room and spouted: Abortion is AWESOME! People just need to accept that art changes, and mabye one day we'll see some form of art that we just can't understand and will hate. facepalm
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PermalinkThe New Arts
In our modern age, art is probably one of the more important of aspects of our lives. As we get older, art does too. Art has evolved greatly since the paintings in those cave when the first humans began to show up. We now have fully interactive environments like Megaton and Albion. Both of which have thier own unique quality.

Are video games art? It's a new statement. What started this arguement? Well most would mention movie critique Ebert. The "two thumbs up" guy. He said proudly: "video games can never be art". He's never played Orcana of Time. Art is hard to really capture. Some things can and cannot be considered art. It's a simple fact.

But who are we to debate what is and what isn't? How can we say that one form of entertainment is art while the other is just entertainment? At the end of the day we can all agree that it all amounts to personal preference. Some like being able to change and interact with the world around them.

The most important idea here is that in order to change and grow, you must first be willing to experience new things. It's there that most people stop cold. New things are scary and different. A little excitlment never hurt. Just remember that at the end of the day it's up to you to decide for yourself. I don't know as far as answering the question: "Are video games art". I think answer lies in how many people buy video games every year. music
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