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PermalinkWhat's Next For Shooters?
Shooters are a strong force in our videogame market place. Juggernauts like CoD and Halo have almost taken over the industry. Pretty astounding considering that 15 years ago people seemed to think that shooters were a stupid idea and the people didn't want that sort of thing. Boy, they couldn't be more wrong. Shooters dominate the Western Hemisphere, while games like Final Fantasy and Dark Souls, are really small around here. Kind of a shame considering that I grew up playing games like those. I wasn't until Doom and Quake that I saw the light, or at least the flash of light that would see before you'd hit the respawn button. But I thought (or hoped) that MW3 would fall flat on its face and the series would finally be done. Wrong again, the game would break all the records set by it's predecessor Black Ops facepalm
Perfect, now we can expect a sequel, and I haven't even played MW3. I don't see the shooter craze dying down anytime soon. The time of Swords and Spears is over. A new weapon is here, and I think it's going to be here for awhile.
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PermalinkThe End?
You know I see many series coming to thier ends lately. OR at least thier "supposed end" I remeber playing Halo 3 and thinking: it's really over. But I should have held on to that considering now they are making a complete new trilogy. With Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 coming later this year, its a wonder if any series will ever actually end. Thats the beautiful thing about video games. A series never has to end. Marios been saving Peach for a long time. How much longer? Can these games really survive? To me, the most important idea of any story is to have an end. But I guessing I'm alone in that catagory. No one wants a series to just "end" They want it to go one forever. After finishing Gears 3, I was told that a 4 was inevitable. However When I finally finished the actual game, I got the impression that it was over. But how knows, maybe in a few years they'll just remake them for the sake of remaking them. But one things for sure: nothing lasts for ever. And thats well known. But how long before the gaming insustry goes through a revolution? How long before shooters go the way of RPG? I'm not saying RPGs don't have fans (for I am one of them) But we can all agree that Shooters bring in the cash cow, otherwise they wouldn't be so bloated in marking ads all over the country? This is just a ramble I know, but whats the next big thing? All we can do is wait and see what happens next.
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