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Site-related: I'm most pleased with the option now to include owned DLC in the completion stats on this site. I was getting concerned when nothing was really said after the vote that overwhelmingly supported the concept, though given the decision to include the previous options as well explains much. I was ignoring all DLC (I find the notion that one is "expected" to buy all DLC for a title to be presumptive and inappropriate from the true logic of finishing a game), but bothered that it meant DLC was entirely ignored. Now I can enjoy the happy middle... though it didn't improve my completion score much.

I did, finally, get over 70% on completion, the highest I was ever able to obtain (got that before including the DLC, too, which probably helped by 0.1% or so), but I've sunk it again thanks to birthday games. I now need to win Rage, Crysis 2, Supreme Commander 2, Dragon Age 2, Hunted, and Virtua Tennis 2009. Got through Rise of the Argonaughts already. Then, in theory, I'll go back for more achievements in those games, but with Battlefield 3 out soon and Lord of the Rings right on its heels, that's looking like a long-term project. But it all really depends. Last year I only had one or two games on Christmas, and if this year is similar I can work on older titles at that time.

As the suggestive title of the blog indicates, I received a letter yesterday from Microsoft indicating I was one of the grand prize winners of the Xbox LIVE/Outback Bring the Fire Sweepstakes. I received a code for 1600 Microsoft points (that expire on January 1st) and a $20 gift card to Outback Steakhouse. I suppose the irony to me entering this contest is I don't really like Outback. I've never been impressed with their food, but free food is not something I turn down, even if they can't cook a proper steak to save their life.

While I'm sure there will be some Arcade sale I want before Christmas, I don't like having to remember I have expiration points in my account, so I've gone ahead and finally bought some Pinball FX 2 tables. I like pinball, but I've been waiting for a sale. A sale that has never come. I suppose the individual tables are so cheap that they really don't need a sale, but I would have thought the collections would have obtained a discount by now at some point. But, with free money, that's moot. I got the core table set and the Marvel set, thus eliminating my free points and getting me eight more things to play on top of my existing pile. Perhaps I should have thought about that more first, but I sure wasn't paying 1200 points for Bejeweled, even if it has a "3" beside it. facepalm
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