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I may have mentioned this one time I went to a party at my friends house over the summer. There were a lot of fat chicks there. And I avoided talking to them because my buddy in Saskatchewan randomly started texting me about the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time.

Yeah, I left my hat there. And I still haven't gotten it back.

Now, is it so wrong to bail on my OWN Red Faction session to go to the other side of town to get my favorite hat back? I don't like wearing my Guitar Hero hat in the meantime. It's not the same.

Oh, and there's something about me hanging out with my buddies ex girlfriend in there too. But hey, she's told me some pretty funny stories about my "friend."

Nothing compared to the time he got wasted and chased me with a screwdriver, but I digress.

The moral of the story? Fuck bitches, get achievements. Or something like that.

Oh, and I finished Hail to the Chimp. No biggie. I'm being totally humble about it, remember?
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PermalinkThe last Hail to the Chimp related post
This is it. All challenges done. All recounts... almost done.

That's right. 9/10. The one challenge seperating me from an all-time self esteem high, and seperating this game from the "pile of crap" I have on a cabinet nearby.

Where to go from there though?

First off, and some people have mentioned this, but I have NO intent to finish Bomberman Act Zero. I'll shoot for 900 in that, tops. Maybe 950. I just don't have that kind of time to piss away. I'd rather focus my attention on more important things, rather than being a Master of Modern Bomberman.

(Oh, I'm sorry. I meant PRIME ELITE of modern bomberman. My bad.)

Too many of my games I've done a significant amount of the SP and have only the annoying multiplayer left. I'd like to finish em, but I need friends for that. And sadly, my fanbase and my friends are two entirely different groups.

Examples of those games? Kane and Lynch. Medal of Honor Airborne. Riddick. Red Faction Guerilla. Wolfenstein. I could go on.

Or the bullshit games that require I have a local friend. All my Xbox friends are in cyberspace and therefore don't actually exist. But if they did exist, they could help me finish Guitar Hero III, Kane and Lynch (this one AGAIN?), and Rock Band Classic Rock Track Pack (and the Country one too).

OR I could get a better location for the Kinect I have (that's mostly just used by the local dust bunnies) and play gems like Kinect Adventures, Yoostar 2, and Rabbids Alive and Kicking.

(Okay, so I don't have that last one. But I know for a fact I'm getting it for Christmas. I'm the only male over 18 that loves the Rabbids.)

What was I talking about again? Oh right, Hail to the Chimp.

This one was a ride. A ride of frustration, LOTS of f-words (many of which I probably made up), questioning of sanity, and questioning of the game itself (what the hell kind of name is "Ptolemy" anyway?). But you know, I paid 8 bucks for it. What the hell was I going to expect? I sure didn't expect to finish "one of the hardest, if not IMPOSSIBLE TO FINISH games on Xbox 360" in TWO FUCKING WEEKS. One of the guys (if not the only guy, and even then I'm skeptical. But I'm also paranoid so it's okay.) took him THREE YEARS.

Am I gloating early? I'm not even done yet! Well, if I don't finish tonight, I'll finish it tomorrow; two weeks after the Friday I purchased it at the game store for 9.99 with a 20% discount. It was either the "piece of shit nobody bought" discount or the "it's doominator and he loves this shit" discount. I don't know.

The BIG question now, is how can I top myself? Monster Madness was still harder (difficulty/ratio wise) but this is WAY up there. I've done MK vs DC. Rabbids. All the Tony Hawk games that aren't motion controlled crap. I thrive on challenge.

It's just too bad the highest ratio games on this site are all kinect crap. Those aren't justified. You people are just lazy.

WHOA. Don't get offended and send me hate mail. I'm just as lazy, if not LAZIER.

But now the BIG question. How do I wrap all this shit up? Something to uh, close off the night, if you will. An epic quote people will remember for ages? Ah!

Ca ca poo poo fart fart snot.
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I overtook 925/1000 in Hail to the Chimp. Why is this a big deal?

Because for the longest time, this was the "supposed" highest gamerscore. There were two achievements, one 50G and one 25G, that were considered impossible due to cheating AI (primarily).

Two things I can say there. First, it's way, WAY harder than it looks. And second, boy howdy did I prove that theory wrong. Was it my experience with hard-ass games? Maybe. But moving on...

4 Recounts left until I hit the 1000/1000. One of my holy grails of accomplishments. Would I be first to finish it? That's debatable. One guy appears to have done it, but I have my suspicions. alklein92201 said that policing my high ratios had made me a tad paranoid.

I won't deny that. When you have super high ratio games under your belt, you tend to notice when their ratio plummets. Usually through dishonest means.

But whether or not i'd be first or not isn't important. What IS important is that i'd be first to finish it ONLINE. No offline achievements, I mean.

Doominator 1 Society 634.5

Oh, and I'd have it done in record time too. It took that dude 3 YEARS. I don't think it'll take me more than three WEEKS.

Shit I've been on an ego trip recently. Maybe I'll take that momentum and finish Bomberman Act Zero and Quake 4.
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PermalinkBlow me, THQ
TWO FUCKING WEEKS. It takes TWO FUCKING WEEKS to ship Saints Row The Third?

I'm not ordering shit from you again. If I didn't get the season pass for free, I'd be complaining like a motherfucker to you.

(Though I find it kinda odd how you give my buddy a refund after 8 days of waiting, but you essentially tell me to fuck off.)
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Fuck Hail to the Chimp. Seriously.

"Animal's Choice" wasn't enough, was it? Now you gotta do the re-counts, which are different challenges at the same level of difficulty that goddamn Crackers challenge (the last one) was at. "Infurating" doesn't even begin to describe this.

But what's a guy to do here? Contain my rage and keep going, or just throw in the towel now, just complete all the recounts (which apparantly unlocks the achievements for winning them. Lol) and move on?

I'm thinking about it.

Hell, I'd be at 975/1000. Who in the world has 975/1000 in this game? Fucking nobody. Who has 925/1000? About 50 people. Who has 1000/1000? Like one dude.*

*Who hasn't responded to my message. It's called common courtesy, you jerk.

Besides, 50G for beating the main game without losing beats 25G for re-beating the game at an even more infurating level of difficulty. Right?

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