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Hey everyone! wave

True story - I thought I had slept with Liara in ME1 - turns out I didn't. cry

Sorry for the lack of a blog yesterday, I was super-busy & didn’t have much to say beyond: Mass Effect 3! Mass Effect 3! OMG!!! OMFG!! Mass Effect 3!!!!!!! Arrrrgggghhhhhh!!! Mass Effect 3!!! clap clap clap

….ahem…. you get the point, right? I’ll come back to it later. wink

I’m still having a huge problem sleeping longer than 6 hours. I wake up & bang, I’m wide awake. No going back to sleep for me which isn’t a problem until it gets later in the night & then I’m exhausted. I don’t even have the energy to game, it’s becoming a bit of a problem especially as I’m going back to night shifts on Tuesday. cry

It’s been a busy old weekend with plenty of things to do! In my last blog I had wrote about my delivery of ME3 coming during the time I would be leaving to pick up Dan. Missing it would have sucked a lot but that changed quickly when I got a phone call from his school. He wasn’t feeling well & I had to go & collect him. I left straight away, grabbed him & headed home. 20 minutes later the game was delivered.

Dan has a cold which going swimming the day before did not help. An evening in front of our TV, wrapped in a blanket, in the bedroom with lots of drink kept him happy & he started to feel better soon enough.

Saturday evening Lou & I went trotting off to London to see The Destroyers of the Faith tour at the Kentish Town Forum. Of the 4 bands playing we were really only fussed about seeing 2 – Job For A Cowboy:

and Triptykon.

Tom G Warrior is a bit of legend in metal having formed Hellhammer & Celtic Frost & been part of Probot. We were super-excited about seeing them over all the bands on the bill.

We stopped off at one of our favourite pubs in London – The Hobgoblin around the back of Camden market. A grotty looking pub but with a great atmosphere, great music, great bar staff & great beer. If you ever fancy a drink up there, give me a shout!

External image

We didn’t get into the venue in time to see Job For A Cowboy sadly. I really don’t like that a band will be on stage 15 minutes after the doors open. It’s shitty for fans that are not at the front of the queue & shitty for a band that plays to a half empty venue. When we got in they were just finishing up on stage so we grabbed a beer & grabbed a place for Enslaved.

The beer was awful, Enslaved were not much better. It’s the 2nd time we have seen them in a supporting role & each time they have really failed to deliver. I found my mind was wandering during the set.

The same can’t be said for Triptykon – they were brilliant. We really enjoyed them & I got neck ache from the head-banging! Sadly they were not on for long enough & it was over before we knew it. After they had finished we made a bee-line for the back of the venue to watch a bit of the headline band – Cannibal Corpse. Now the thing about this band is I don’t get the love for them. I mean they are good but they are not brilliant. 40 minute set? Great. An hour & a half? No. It’s just too much of the same.

So we thought we would watch around half the set & then disappear without having to fight our way through the crowds. Also some of the fans in this place were super-aggressive. I hate that, I watched some people walking around the venue clearly looking for a fight. I feel sorry for anyone who bumped them, they looked ready to kill. This picture came to mind:

External image


CC were good, I wasn’t blown away. I came for Triptykon, they rocked, we were happy. We got home quick enough to avoid the late night crowds as well so it was a win all-round.

Today we headed up to our local Game stores to see what ‘going out of business’ sales they have going on. Alright, there not down & out yet but they are pretty much flat-lining by the reports I continue to read. This is sad news & anyone that thinks they ‘deserve it’ needs to take their heads for a shit. The store looked like normal except for the obvious lack of a certain big game. I had heard rumours that they were selling points cards for half the price but that wasn’t the case. They did however, have a Spring sale on with a lot of games at low prices.

I picked up:

Shadows of the Damned
Fear 3
Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures
Dragon Age 2
Deathsmiles – Deluxe Edition

I also picked up:

The Guinness World Records 2012 – Gamer’s Edition
Brady games signature series guide – Gears of War 3
The official Rage guide

External image

All of that for just over 35 pounds! Well that & the 17 quid left on my reward card. Confused Shelf got me interested in collecting guides. I won’t have his dedication but picking the odd cheap one up here & there looks like it will be fun. I ordered a few of the Game website when I got in & a few more on E-bay, I’m embracing my inner nerd! laugh

So sticking with the general rule of thumb here on TA – Mass Effect 3 is living up to expectations but I won’t spoil anything here. I’ve unlocked a fair few achievements & seen some spectacular moments. My ME1 & ME2 save files has offered me a perspective that has got me wondering what if? What if this one hadn’t survived in ME2? What if I hadn’t saved that race in ME1? What if I had slept with Liara? What an amazing job they have done.

Other than that? Err… that’s it. I guess that’s not so interesting. Well I plan to start playing some of my other games soon, I don’t want to become too focused on 1 game even if it is Mass Effect 3.

Until next time.
Keep it heavy. toast

I’ve grown up with this band which makes the sorry state of affairs surrounding them now-a-days even harder to swallow. One of the greatest voices in rock alongside one of the greatest guitar players in rock – a match made in heaven!

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Permalink#192 - This is what glory looks like.
Hello wonderful people! wave

You’re getting a second blog today just so I can share my excitement over finally getting Mass Effect 3.

I have it!! clap

The N7 Collector’s Edition looks something like this:

External image

Oh yeah, 4 hours played – lots of shit going on but no spoilers here!

Keep it heavy! toast
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Permalink#191 - So glad for the madness....
Hello all you beautiful people! wave

In the wonderful land known as the UK, a certain game has been released here today. Finally, Mass Effect has come back to….. whoops, excuse me, I entered catchphrase city there. wink

Seriously though Mass Effect 3 has landed but not with me yet. I’ve just checked my order tracking & it is due to be delivered between 1:52 PM & 2:52PM. Random numbers huh? Well it better be delivered before 2:39 PM as that’s when I have to leave the house pick up Dan! Fingers crossed!

External image

Either way I’m not going to get much time on it today except later tonight when Dan & Lou have gone to bed. Boo to real life. laugh

Not much to say today, I had an early night again last night, still suffering from the after-effects of nights. I did get lots of time in front of the x-box during the day though & unlocked a fair few achievements as well. First up was finishing off The Darkness 2:

The Darkness IISkeet ShootThe Skeet Shoot achievement in The Darkness II worth 15 pointsThrow an enemy into the air and kill him with gunfire before he lands

The Darkness IIOne Man ArmyThe One Man Army achievement in The Darkness II worth 16 pointsKill 25 enemies while being dragged from the restaurant, without dying or restarting checkpoint

The Darkness IITechnical DifficultiesThe Technical Difficulties achievement in The Darkness II worth 31 pointsKill the NewsWatch 6 team of Tom Dawson, Bud Langley and Sara Stephens

The Darkness IIDon of DarknessThe Don of Darkness achievement in The Darkness II worth 174 pointsFinish the game on Don difficulty

Doing new game + as my Don difficulty run made the whole experience much easier as I was able to bring all my talents with me. The game overall is really good but way too short – a straightforward 1000 points.

Other than that I decided that it was time to move on in the world of Fallout: New Vegas so set about completing all the DLC packs I’ve have starting with the Honest Hearts pack. An ok set of missions set in a different area not really affected by the nuclear war. It didn’t blow me away & was very easy compared to what it first looked like. The location was nice & the decision made at the end felt deep enough to make me think twice (and try twice wink).

Fallout: New VegasWhen We Remembered ZionThe When We Remembered Zion achievement in Fallout: New Vegas worth 28 pointsArrive at Zion.

Fallout: New VegasRestore Our FortunesThe Restore Our Fortunes achievement in Fallout: New Vegas worth 43 pointsResupply Daniel and the Sorrows.

Fallout: New VegasIn a Foreign LandThe In a Foreign Land achievement in Fallout: New Vegas worth 29 pointsScout the Zion Valley for signs of the White Legs.

Fallout: New VegasMay my Hand Forget its SkillThe May my Hand Forget its Skill achievement in Fallout: New Vegas worth 66 pointsEvacuate Zion.

Fallout: New VegasO Daughter of BabylonThe O Daughter of Babylon achievement in Fallout: New Vegas worth 45 pointsCrush the White Legs.

Today I’ve started The Lonesome Road DLC & it is so much better than the one before. For starters it’s actually set in a wasteland far from The Mojave desert. The location is excellent & the walk across the ‘high road’ fighting off Deathclaws was fantastic. How scary are these dudes when their leaping at you! shock

External image

Alone they can kick your ass so when there is more than one it becomes a desperate fight for survival. I’ve unlocked a few achievements so far & I get the impression that I’m near the end sadly.

Fallout: New VegasRocket's Red GlareThe Rocket's Red Glare achievement in Fallout: New Vegas worth 44 pointsAcquire all upgrades for the Divide's signature weapon.

Fallout: New VegasCondemned to repeat itThe Condemned to repeat it achievement in Fallout: New Vegas worth 30 pointsDecide the fate of all the Divide dwellers.

Lastly I hit a nice big milestone yesterday – 300, 000 TA score. Pretty cool huh? It made me momentarily feel like this dude:

What a guy….. laugh

Keep it heavy. toast

This band is hated by so many people in the metal community & I will never understand why. Sure the singer is a bit of tit but he writes such wonderful music. They remain of the UK’s best metal bands & I have loved them for many years.

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Permalink#190 - In the begining there was the word & the word was.... what?
Hello everyone. wave

I’m back to normal blogging today! The 3 part series was good to write but it’s not something I want to get caught up doing regularly. So the last few days have been a busy bunch. Trying to get back into a normal sleeping pattern has been a problem; I’ve struggled to sleep more than a few hours a night which in turn has exhausted me during the day.

Thankfully it’s been inspection week at work so not too hard of a week. It’s been exhausting walking around all week but I’ve managed! I took a few pictures of some parts of the underground that are even more rarely seen because of the locations. Inspections get me in areas that even night shifts don’t allow! wink

First up is he just a sign but a scary one at that. A wire fence is between me & my death. I’m always fascinated by that. shock

External image

This next one is up by the Thames at Canning Town. There is an area off limits to customers (padlocked) where we are right on the edge of the river. When the tide is in the river is no more than a 2 foot drop. In the distance you can see The O2 Arena which is over on the other side of the river.

External image

This one is of the Canning Town Portal – it’s named as such because of the floodgates that it houses. The track from Canning Town slopes down towards North Greenwich. As Canning Town is on the river the idea is that if the station was to flood the floodgates would be turned on to stop the water going down the track & flooding North Greenwich. Pretty cool huh? Well it’s never had to be used yet & I can’t help but wonder if it would even work should it ever happen. roll

External image

The next one was taken from the roof of West Ham station looking down towards the track that heads in the Canning Town direction. We are not big fans of going up here but we have to as there are a few switch/battery rooms hidden away.

External image

Lastly, yesterday we had a huge amount of rain – Stratford was a mess of leaks everywhere. Really shit stuff so I snapped this one standing on the bridge that goes over the Jubilee platforms – miserable day. sleep

External image

So yeah, even on my inspections I’ve been thinking of you TA! Not much else going on, I’m going to enjoy my days off now. Mass Effect 3 should be on my door mat tomorrow morning after coming back from Dan’s school (meeting). I won’t get loads of time on it tomorrow during the day but I will get more later on that night & on Monday! clap

TA has turned into a game of dodge the Mass Effect 3 spoilers! My pals on here have been pretty good at avoiding giving anything away but I know they really want too! Stay strong! The same can’t be said about random blogs on here though. Normally I would check a few out during the day, see what people I don’t know are saying in the hope of finding something good. Not now though, every other one is related to Mass Effect 3 & while gushing about a game you like isn’t a bad thing, dropping spoilers is. The thing about a game this loved is any little thing can be a spoiler, someone who is still alive, what someone looks like, what planet’s you visit etc.

I even saw a blog titled Mass Effect 3 ending…. I know it was probably just attention-grabbing but why? Still less than 24 hours until I get my hands on it – woo hoo! smile

My tiredness & another night of broadband failure meant that I let FPSDeath down twice on Far Cry 2 boosting. Sorry mate, will make up for it next week! wink

I’ve had a successful week in gaming starting with Aliens vs. Predator XP boosting on Sunday with the usual gang. It was as fun as always & finally resulted in my first achievement towards the XP total!

Aliens vs. PredatorWelcome to The PartyThe Welcome to The Party achievement in Aliens vs. Predator worth 115 pointsGet 6000 XP in Ranked Matches

We still have a long way to go though but it’s really nice to see we are getting somewhere. Split/Second was another game where I unlocked a few more significant achievements by finishing off the season & ending it in first place.

Split/SecondSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Split/Second worth 40 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Split/SecondMade The PodiumThe Made The Podium achievement in Split/Second worth 72 pointsComplete the Season Championship.

Split/SecondSeason ChampionThe Season Champion achievement in Split/Second worth 146 pointsComplete the Season Championship in first place.

This week I also whored out my final CSI game, CSI: Fatal Conspiracy. I’m not going to list all the boring-ass achievements that I gained in it; this one here will sum it up for me.

CSI: Fatal ConspiracyCSI: Fatal ConspiracyThe CSI: Fatal Conspiracy achievement in CSI: Fatal Conspiracy worth 106 pointsComplete CSI: Fatal Conspiracy.

As easy as they come in easy 1000 point games as long as you follow a guide but so god-damn boring. The things we do for some easy Gamerscore eh? Other than that the big hitter of the week has been The Darkness 2 & I’ve almost complete it now.

Deep breath: laugh

The Darkness IIThis Kid's Got PotentialThe This Kid's Got Potential achievement in The Darkness II worth 12 pointsMax out 1 of Jackie's Talent Trees

The Darkness II2 Guys 1 PoleThe 2 Guys 1 Pole achievement in The Darkness II worth 35 pointsKill 2 enemies with one javelin

The Darkness IISecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Darkness II worth 28 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Darkness IISecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Darkness II worth 23 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Darkness IIImpish DelightThe Impish Delight achievement in The Darkness II worth 12 pointsKill 15 enemies while playing as the Darkling

The Darkness IISecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Darkness II worth 23 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Darkness IISecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Darkness II worth 29 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Darkness IIDark AkimboThe Dark Akimbo achievement in The Darkness II worth 15 pointsKill 100 enemies while dual wielding 2 different guns while playing as Jackie

The Darkness IIExecutionerThe Executioner achievement in The Darkness II worth 12 pointsKill 50 enemies with Executions while playing as Jackie

The Darkness IIFree the MindThe Free the Mind achievement in The Darkness II worth 29 pointsFinish the game on any difficulty

The Darkness IIRomanticThe Romantic achievement in The Darkness II worth 7 pointsReal guys know how to dance

The Darkness IIThe Swarm KingThe The Swarm King achievement in The Darkness II worth 15 pointsKill 50 enemies who are swarmed while playing as Jackie

The Darkness IIThat's Why I'm the BossThe That's Why I'm the Boss achievement in The Darkness II worth 25 pointsImpress Dolfo in two different ways

All of those came from the main single player campaign. It was a blast playing through it but the game was way to short & the ending was a let-down, just a really abrupt ending. I had to check to see if I there was something I missed but no. Still it does set up The Darkness 3 nicely & it was a class act while it lasted.

Thankfully the Vendetta missions have added something extra to the game – who would have thought they could be so much fun? The few I did co-op with Thebigbadtoph was a huge laugh as well. I also unlocked a pile in that mode:

The Darkness IIWhipping BoyThe Whipping Boy achievement in The Darkness II worth 29 pointsKill Frank Marshall

The Darkness IIDark NinjutsuThe Dark Ninjutsu achievement in The Darkness II worth 14 pointsComplete a mission as Inugami

The Darkness IIBurned His MansionThe Burned His Mansion achievement in The Darkness II worth 28 pointsKill Luigi Palladino

The Darkness IICowardThe Coward achievement in The Darkness II worth 29 pointsKill Cedro Valdez

The Darkness IIEmbraced the DarknessThe Embraced the Darkness achievement in The Darkness II worth 39 pointsIn Vendettas, acquire all the talents for one character

The Darkness IIBonnie & Clyde WannabesThe Bonnie & Clyde Wannabes achievement in The Darkness II worth 30 pointsKill Jean-Luc Lambert and Amelie Dubois

The Darkness IISecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Darkness II worth 15 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The Darkness IIThe Brotherhood CrumblesThe The Brotherhood Crumbles achievement in The Darkness II worth 76 pointsComplete Vendettas Campaign

The Darkness IIHell Hath No Fury...The Hell Hath No Fury... achievement in The Darkness II worth 14 pointsComplete a mission as Shoshanna

The Darkness IIVoodoo is More Than DollsThe Voodoo is More Than Dolls achievement in The Darkness II worth 14 pointsComplete a mission as JP

The Darkness IIIt's 12pm Somewhere!The It's 12pm Somewhere! achievement in The Darkness II worth 14 pointsComplete a mission as Jimmy

The Darkness IIYou've Made My Hit ListThe You've Made My Hit List achievement in The Darkness II worth 41 pointsComplete 6 Hit List exclusive missions

Woooo! Lots of achievements unlocked huh? I should have the game finished by tomorrow I think but I’m not done yet. I also went back to my last Deathspank game, The Baconing. The formula is a bit weary now but I still enjoy the humour & gameplay overall. The achievements in this game ask a bit more of me but I made good progress:

DeathSpank: The BaconingBlade RuinerThe Blade Ruiner achievement in DeathSpank: The Baconing worth 17 pointsKill 100 Cyborques.

DeathSpank: The BaconingNever tell me the oddsThe Never tell me the odds achievement in DeathSpank: The Baconing worth 27 pointsPerform a 10 attack chain.

DeathSpank: The BaconingReflectologyThe Reflectology achievement in DeathSpank: The Baconing worth 28 pointsReflect 100 Ranged Attacks.

DeathSpank: The BaconingStay On TargetThe Stay On Target achievement in DeathSpank: The Baconing worth 19 pointsReach Level 20.

DeathSpank: The BaconingTake a #3The Take a #3 achievement in DeathSpank: The Baconing worth 19 pointsFind all 41 Outhouses.

DeathSpank: The BaconingGame Over Man!The Game Over Man! achievement in DeathSpank: The Baconing worth 26 pointsBeat the game on any difficulty.

DeathSpank: The BaconingWho wants to live forever?The Who wants to live forever? achievement in DeathSpank: The Baconing worth 19 pointsBecome a God.

DeathSpank: The BaconingAre you not entertained?The Are you not entertained? achievement in DeathSpank: The Baconing worth 19 pointsBecome the Tournament Champion.

DeathSpank: The BaconingBashing SuccessThe Bashing Success achievement in DeathSpank: The Baconing worth 22 pointsShield Bash 1000 Times.

I guess I’ve kind of killed it over the last 4 days huh? Last but not least though was the Resident Evil 5 boosting session last night. We last played it 2 weeks ago & I was glad to get back into it, however for around 30 minutes of the session both mine & my brother, TheOneAndOnly29’s connection went down! Thankfully it came back up but gave us less time to do everything we want. We all managed to get this one though:

Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360)The Team That Slays Together...The The Team That Slays Together... achievement in Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) worth 86 pointsWin 30 matches in Team Slayers.

So it’s the just the 30 wins in Survivors to go now. I also got this:

Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360)Ride the LightningThe Ride the Lightning achievement in Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) worth 21 pointsDefeat a Majini using the electric current from a transformer.

……..and that’s it folks. All my gaming over the week! Our position in the GTASC is golden this week, no issues but we are not going to get the ratio bonus.

I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow with Mass Effect 3!

Keep it heavy! toast

I found out about this band about a year ago. I didn't know what to expect but I didn't expect what this.

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Permalink#189 - Part 3 of 3 - The Movies Made Me Do It
Hello all.

So here we then, the last of the 3 part ‘made me do it’ series. I’m glad to have got to this point as when I originally wrote them I never planned them to actually go up nor did I expect them to take so long. Still here we are, tomorrow normal blogs will return so I hope you enjoy….

This last one is going to be about violent movies & the claim that they can damage people & can cause them to commit crimes.

Bear in mind that I am no expert & that the information is taken from research from the internet & personal knowledge. As a man who grew up listening to heavy metal, playing all types of games & watching horror/violent movies I find any accusation levelled at these forms of entertainment hard to swallow. I make no claims about each persons innocence or guilt, that’s up to you too decide.

I’m not suggesting that a disturbed individual couldn’t have been affected by a certain movie, that is all too possible but the important word there is ‘disturbed’. For someone to be influenced by a movie to such an extent that they commit a crime they are already having serious problems. So rather then blaming the movie they really should be looking at the root cause of this person’s problem.

A ludicrous statement in its own right, this movie made me go out & kill this person or people. It’s the kind of thing that should be laughed at but sadly is taken all too seriously. Normally it is the media who starts such idiocy off, they find out so-and-so kid had a poster of on the wall or just happened to have a similar style outfit & suddenly the headlines scream “movie inspired killer”.

If the movies cited below were the case of such crimes why have we not got thousands upon thousands of killers or does it take a special kind of person?

One of the more high profile cases concerns Oliver Stone’s classic Natural Born Killers which has caused a crazy amount controversy over the years, all of it unfound.

External image

It has been linked with 8 murders so far. This is a quote from the opinion of the Daily Mail (a Brit tabloid) & it referred to NBK as simply "evil". "If ever a film deserved to be banned," it concluded, "this is it."

Pathetic statement. How can a movie be evil? What does evil even mean? Is it not a religious definition? The are the same who suggest a child can be born evil. How good of them to take such a high moral stance for us.

A number of lawsuits have been brought against the movie’s creator with one claiming that it encourages ‘imminent lawless activity’. Thankfully sense ruled with this case & the lawsuit was dismissed.

Sadly this is not the only case that was brought against NBK & rather then list them all I found this well written timeline, check it out...

It’s disappointing that so many people & forms of media were drawn into believing NBK was some sort encouragement for a generation of youth to go on a murderous rampage.

Child’s Play 3 was cited as a possible encouragement for the murder of James Bulger.

External image

The connection? Blue paint which the doll Chucky is splashed with in Child’s Play 3 & the victim was splashed with it before being killed. Neither boy had ever seen the movie..... The Sun newspaper, better use as toilet paper.

Child’s Play also came under fire because of one Martin Bryant, however the Australian media was heavily criticised for altering images of the suspected killer to make his eyes look more deranged. If you wanted to read a much more sensible view on what may have cause Martin Bryant’s murder’s then I suggest you read this well-written article.

How about Barry Loukaitis then? He is responsible for the Frontier Middle School shooting which was linked to Natural Born Killers again, The Basketball Diaries, Pearl Jam & Stephen King! That is a scary amount of influences but of course it was all fabricated lies that ignored the real truth that he was a bullied child & was struggling to deal with his parents split. His mother even told her son she planned to kill herself!

So definitely the movies fault right?

One that I did not know about but have just found out is the link between The Matrix & murders including the Columbine High School Massacre. It has been suggested that because the two killers wore trench coats they modelled themselves on the main character from The Matrix, Neo...... but I used to have a trench coat (not leather – excuse me) & I didn’t think I was Neo.

External image

Well yeah, it turns out the movie has been linked with several murders, see here.

The Matrix.... really? I mean, really?

OK, what about Scream?

External image

Surely no-one would blame a film about kids who copycat film killings right? Wrong. It’s mentioned in that article but not often enough for my liking that these boys took drugs, a lot of them. Surely that could maybe have cause a certain level of paranoia & behavioural issues or is that too difficult to solve?

The last one I am going to mention concerns Nathanael White who claimed his first murder was inspired by the movie Robocop. He said this “The first girl I killed was from a 'Robocop' movie... I seen him cut somebody’s throat then take the knife and slit down the chest to the stomach and left the body in a certain position. With the first person I killed I did exactly what I saw in the movie”.

That he was up for the murder of 6 people while on parole & his case was cited by a New York governor in a push to get the death penalty reintroduced played a huge part in his insanity plea. The reality is when an insanity plea is entered there has to be proof, what better way then claiming a film influenced you? Or perhaps that he was a drug and alcohol abuser who had been imprisoned for robbery and then violated his parole by using an open razor to abduct a 16-year-old girl he met in a bar in 1991 helped shape these murders? The parole system was to blame here not a movie.

A lot of the above cases are all American based but don’t forget we in Britain had our own controversy surrounding movies that might do a person harm....

The Video Recordings Act 1984 or as it’s better known The Video Nasty Scare

I won’t go into much detail as I have done so in a blogs before (I am filled with rage over such a foolish act & I have made it my life’s mission to see every single one the banned) which I will link below. Suffice to say banning a film just makes it more sought after especially by younger people. Why has it been banned? It might damage me? Cool!

We should be so proud – here is the link relating specifically to the act.

So what have I pointed out here? That movies are no more so to blame then video games & heavy metal is. That an insanity plea is a far too easy way out of claiming responsibility for your actions. That in our society the media seems to encourage this thought process rather then dig deeper into a person’s past. That a man was a heavy drug user, had a history of mental illness is far less interesting then ‘zombie films made me eat my neighbor’.

The sad thing is we live in 2012 & the culture of not accepting blame for your own actions continues to grow. You only have to look at the huge number of direct claim firms that exist now asking to call them to sue someone after you walked into a wall that shouldn’t have been there. Now that is crazy....

I hope you enjoyed this series. I know what I wanted to say, sorry if it hasn’t come across properly but I am trying to not be dismissive of claims without a good reason & I’m trying to be respectful of the dead.

I’ll end with this: I love horror movies & would consider myself obsessed with zombie flicks. I love heavy metal & listen to very violent lyrics sometimes. I love video games particularly ones that involve me killing something.....

I turned out ok. toast
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