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PermalinkWhat happened to the Demo's?
Is it me or is it that game developers and publishers these days don't care about releasing demos to help sell their games anymore?

If I were a betting man I would have to say that most of them now have the bright idea that the hype of a game alone should be enough to sell it and if you are that curious you should pay $60 US to find out if its good or not.

I wanted to see for myself if Resident Evil:ORC was crap like the critics say or if CAPCOM just didn't pay them enough.

Sad to say there is no demo and I can't find out.


There should be a FREE way to find out.

As is the case with RAGE when the devs and publishers realized that sales sucked for obvious reasons they decided to finally release a demo hoping for more sales.

That is poor taste and sales in my book.

I guess we are now only going to have a venue to those who are young and hungry or those who fucked up or those who want to squeeze every last cent out of an IP.

Gone are the days of a demo prior to release.
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PermalinkAbnormally high TA Ratios
As I found out Just about any game out there with a 3:1 TA ratio has something up with it.

I know this isnt news but as I came to find out games like Monster Madness with an over 5:1 ratio has it not because it is hard but for how glitchy it it.

I played a few levels over and over again only to find the next objective wouldn't load.

I have decided to give up on Fashion Show and live with 900/1000 in this game.

Word to the wise: If you see a game with an abnormally high TA ratio here do your research before letting the game on your tag!

We all know M$ and the devs don't give a shit and never will so it is up to us to do the 'true' QA work for them which in my opinion is better than what they claim to do.
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PermalinkGovt regulated training
I wish that if the Govt forces people to take classes then they take into account that the people who work nights should have a night class option.

Going from a Night to Day shift really sucks.
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PermalinkMy response letter to Dog of Thunder
As I stated before I agree with Dog of Thunder minus two exceptions.

I sent him a letter in response to his recent article copied below.

I may disagree with the content but minus the two exceptions I agree with him 100%. Please read it.

Dog of Thunder,

I hate to say this but I disagree with your recent X720 article.

You are right on the fact that rumors should not be reported on without a valid source with two exceptions: Corporate Greed and Government Persecution.

Those two topics need to have any rumors reported because only public outcry will keep prices stable and prevent the govt from taking our rights away!

This is because the bean counters and politicians are always cooking up new stuff to screw us.

We need to create public outcry with or without evidence immediately to stop them in their tracks.

A prime example is the Patriot Act!

Do you know why they rushed it through Congress? Because the powers at be knew if the public caught wind of it there would have been massive outcry on the amount of freedoms that were taken away with it. Hell even half of the people who signed it regretted it.

I know the world of video gaming is a luxury and it is not a need, but we need to take an immediate stand on anything that related to corporate greed or govt persecution.

I was also happy to see Google, Wikipedia, etc take a stand against the SOPA and PIPA acts, it about time. Trouble is they were too late, the should have dealt with this kind of crap 12 years ago.

The problem was that their own corporate greed got in the way and clouded their judgement. Guess what the govt, RIAA, MPAA, etc managed to legislate and get away with murder and the majority managed to accept this crap as the norm because people did not take a stand then.

DLC always used to be free, then M$ in their vast glory started charging and charging and charging more and people were buying into that crap making it the norm. Now they have gone as far as Online and Season Passes!!!! A stand should have been made in 2006 but alas this crap is the norm too.

The point is that these people will go as far as we let them. It's a real shame that people keep getting screwed and the next generation accepts it as the norm.

Please keep this in mind when you write your next article, anything that will screw us the people whether it be a company or the government needs to be reported immediately. Valid or in-valid, sourced or unsourced, the masses need to be banded together to take a stand and create public outcry and outrage immediately to prevent these people from even thinking about it.

Anything else I agree with you 100% on.

-Titanus Ferrum
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PermalinkMy daily rant against TA on thier non-rumor article.
Personally any rumor about corporate greed should be reported right away!

This is to catch companies like M$ off guard and stop them from pulling any of this shit before any bean counters get a bright idea.

So I agree with TA's means on most subjects, but any rumors pertaining to corporate greed which will screw us the consumers needs to be reported immediately.

I also enjoy the fact that websites like Google and Wikipedia are taking a stand against shit like the SOPA bill.

Problem is that they are too fucking late, just like IGN and the rest with the XBOX 720 rumors.

This should have been dealt with 12 years ago when the RIAA and MPAA were filing suit to have file sharing sites shut down.

And when the whole DLC concept and online passes were coming out. All that used to be free we should have taken a stand then too.

It's nice to see people taking a stand now and you should stick to it.

In the end TA, you are wrong!!

Anything about corporate greed or govt persecution should be reported immediately despite a valid source or not. Only public outrage will stop them and we need to do it before they even think about it.

P.S. Oh speaking of which TA, you better get rid of the god damn ads that block us from viewing a page we want even with the skip ad option present. Or you will be finding TA users will be taking a stand against you!
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