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Well, in a substantial blow to my confidence in Amazon, my pre-ordered copy of Halo Reach failed to arrive yesterday, despite my selection of same-day delivery. FedEx indicates it is to arrive today, and Amazon has already refunded my shipping cost (without me having to ask), but sadly this played right into my #1 fear on ordering online something I want at a specific time: can release date acquisition be reliably counted upon? My success rate in that via Amazon now sits at 50%. Obviously, this wasn't a big deal overall, but it makes me uncomfortable that something I ordered months ago couldn't reasonably be counted upon to arrive on schedule.

On the plus side, this left me open to try the demos of the four Deal of the Week puzzle games. I went ahead and purchased Puzzle Chronicles and Gyromancer. I was on the fence about Gyromancer, because it's only down to $10, but I decided to go with it given the number of levels it has and, based off early game play, I'm pretty sure it won't be too short for me (it plays most like Hexic). Puzzle Chronicles was an easier choice; bad graphics, not sure about the story, but the gameplay was addictive enough for me to invest $5 (it plays sort of like a sideways Tetris/Bejeweled cross). Tower Bloxx Deluxe I think is a good deal at $5, but I wasn't sure I'd play it enough to warrant a purchase (I've played it before). BUST-A-MOVE Live I thought was dull and frustrating, and was an easy "no" vote from me.

On the PC side, Dawn of War II has proven to be enjoyable and so far worth the $15 discount price GfwL was offering. RTS on the PC is rarely frustrating controls-wise, so I've been able to just focus on gaming (though I do hope we see continued advances in RTS gaming on consoles; Halo Wars worked well but was too simplistic for RTS veterans to label it "excellent"). This is a Warhammer 40k game, and it's my first experience in that world. There's a lot about the background I don't understand yet (don't need to understand to play, but I'm sure it will help my enjoyment of the story). I also have been playing the Waldo arcade game, as it was still on sale. The story is too cutesy for my liking, but the gameplay is enjoyable and I like that I can just invest a few minutes before bed and do a stage.

I imagine a lot of these games will shift to the back-burner when (if!) Reach arrives today, due to co-op commitments. Since Transformers I've only been "cleaning up" co-op items on past games, so it's been a while since I've started up a new one with a campaign I'm not familiar with, so I'm pretty excited to get that underway, given how much I enjoyed ODST's co-op. smile
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