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PermalinkThe Gamerscore Popcast: Episode #35
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PermalinkYoostar MTV complete! Watch A White Boy Dance!!!!!!
I'm not going to give it a number rating because it's extremely hard to do with such an unusual game. All those MTV shows really, really suck. But playing the role of a crying spoilt brat is pretty fun in my opinion. I like doing the musical performances much better than the reality show bits and there are only a handful of them to choose from. 50 cent's in da club, Party Rock, Weezer, Lady Gaga, and two or three more. Which is disappointing. It sums up what MTV has become. Serious question. Why do people watch the shit on MTV? Play music!

You can get the full 1,000 in around 6 hours if you want. But like I said, I made the best out of the situation and had fun messing around even for the short time I spent with it.

Below are some of the videos I uploaded to the comminity.

As promised: white boy dancing.

hateful girl who gets a sweet car

Mittens and I on TRL

Thanking the fans for the World Record on the VMA's.
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PermalinkPutting All Your Eggs In One Basket
Eggs = Silicon Knights Budget & Dennis Dyack's Credibility Basket = Too Human Trilogy
External image

Eggpic Fail!!!!

At least Dyack and company made a better trilogy than the new Star Wars trilogy. Sometimes less is more.

External image

I rest my case. This really didn't happen, did it? What. In. The. Fuck. George.

Eggs = Blind Clevelanders Basket = LeBron James

This still Cracks me up until this day. I hope the people in this video got nuked for cleansing purposes to give the city of Cleveland a chance of being below average in every conceivable way again some time in the distant future. Sorry for pouring salt on healed wounds Clevelanders. NOT!

External image

Eggs = Allen Iverson's Money Basket = Gold chains, fresh nikes, hoochie mommas, divorce lawyers, child support, cars, and large quantities of marijuana.

Iverson made over $150 million dollars just on the basketball court. $50 + Million more off endorsements. Sadly, Iverson now has less dollar-dollar-bills than practice sessions.

External image

Tyronn Lue got the last laugh then (a championship) and now (not broke). He earned 21 million over his NBA career. He didn't blow his money and lives in a sweet ass cribb in Vegas.

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Sure, Iverson threw down like a Rock Star and got instant gratification for many of years, but how in the hell do you go broke with over 200 million dollars? You could go hard as a mother by spending a grand a night. 200 million dollars would cover spending a grand a day for 200,000 days. 547 years! What. In. The. BuTT.

I'll give you a life lesson on how not to go broke. Don't listen to a goddamn word that comes out of Soulja Boys mouth. You have much better chance turning out A-ok.

What's the beef? Don't get me started on that guy.

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External image

The Easter Egg Cindy made for me. I'm trying to act as if the egg has special powers and will get me going again or at least that is what I said in my mind before I devoured it. Hopefully that works for me because It seems I've hit the maximum capacity for achievements unlocked over ones lifetime. I'm playing a battle of tug of war with myself, trying my best to keep moving forward even if it doesn't feel the same.

Happy Easter everyone!
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PermalinkTritton Trigger Review & Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Mini Review
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Mini Review!

It took 21 hours to get the 1,000 in.

Rating: 4.5 out of 10

Graphics: Fugly as a mother. It looks like a first gen 360 game to me.

Audio: Terrible! Audio hiccups found in almost every level. The. Worst. Menu. Music. EVER! I wanted to jump off the nearest bridge after hearing it for the first time.

The only saving grace is that it features 4 player co-op which makes it slightly tolerable because of the interaction you'll be having with friends (probably constantly talking about how shit the game is) It actually plays much smoother solo, you just won't want to. The game is too short as it only has 7 levels to explore. It recycles areas throughout the game even when each only takes around 25 minutes to complete. Do the math. Bad hit detection, enemies are no fun to kill,( the lickers can go to hell) and it is just glitchy in general. How would you like facing bosses that are invincible because of a glitch? Let me tell you, it sucks!

There are some cool ideas thrown in: Like shooting enemy soldiers until they bleed which makes the zombie horde focus their attention on ripping them a new asshole. Even the fact that your own teammates turn into zombies is a very good idea. BUT when they are just as easy to kill as regular zombies it automatically becomes pointless. A teammate zombie should be one powerful SOB, or at least I think so. It would've made things more interesting watching your character turn and then proceed to troll the hell out of your entire squad by munching every last one of their brains. Instant fear factor.

RE:ORC is a half-baked game that needed more time in the oven and is a very underwhelming attempt at a spinoff. You should stick to the RE we all hold dearly to our hearts; which you can find later on this fall in RE6.

Not looking forward to any upcoming DLC packs that will more than likely have achievements.

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Originally posted on my facebook page yesterday:

I'm going to post a mini review for every game I complete from here on out. And only the noteworthy or newer ones, no crappy double stacks or lame ass Kinect 50 pointers.

I got a nice hefty box in the mail yesterday that contained these bad boys.
External image

That's the Trigger, Detonator, and the Primer officially licensed Xbox 360 Tritton headsets.

I tested the cheapest model out first which are the triggers. They retail for $49.99

Full Review:
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PermalinkThe Gamerscore Popcast: Episode #34
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