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PermalinkWhat a F@#*$*#G B@$7@R0- a Lone Heroes update 5-15-12
So as I mention in the past, with my new job I get alot more free time to write as well as catch up on some shows. I've completed about 10-15 more pages as well as nearly finished part 3 of chapter 5. The big highlight of 5 is the fact that you get to see why Snake hates General Xan so much and why he hasn't killed him yet after about forty years. The general is a real prick, and the story friom the past explains why Snake was so pissed when he read the letter about his family. New characters are added, some characters died and a bunch of new songs have been added. Hope you guys enjoy
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Permalinka quick moment- a lone heroes update 5-2-12
Just a quick update here. Several pages have been added, close to 10, and another enemy is introduced. Simulataniously while writing, I've also been watching big bang theory. Damn good show, so dont be surprised if I end up including references from that as well- even though not many I'd want to use have happened yet, but you never know.

Enjoy the addition. Catch you guys later
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PermalinkOn a roll- A lone heroes update 4-27-12
Thanks to my many hours of sitting in front of a computer with nothing but watching tv and writing to do at work I'm pleased to announce several pages were added this weekend to the book. compute Already getting feedback from a couple people on the new stuff and they can't wait to read more. Saddly you gotta wait till I write more. Never enough time to get all of the gaming in that I want PLUS reading all of my comics each week, PLUS reading the multiple novels I'm reading, and editing and writing the Lone heroes. I'll keep you posted as things change in the book department.

There is alot of bad blood between the team and the General and I'm finally able to tell that story. It's some crazy and heavy shit. Hope you guys enjoy it. toast
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PermalinkWell that's unexpected- a lone heroes update 4-12-12
Recently with the new job I was given a new laptop and phone. Without going into details of the job that I'm not actually at liberty to talk about, most of my shift is typically spent sitting on my ass. Because of this, I have alot more free time to write, so expect more additions to the story more often.

In other news, while at work this week and during classes last night I got more writing done. Only added about two pages but made a bunch of corrections through out.

Once again, I wanted to say thank you to those that helped me with the story recently. I know the date changed as far as getting it finished by, but all of the input was greatly appreciated.
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