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Permalink127. Wiping Off The Dust
Hello All.

A busy week has passed by, Elimination hockey games, baseball league work, recruiting my umpires, making reference letters. And then of course gaming. But with all this stuff going on, I didn't really feel like blogging but now I'm back! laugh

I also finished reading another book this week. Christopher Golden's "Soulless". It's a pretty creepy book at the start but then the story gets killed by simplicity, I got pretty bored of it by the end. It also didn't help that I started reading this right after finishing Guillermo del Toro's "The Fall", which is set in the same area and the only real difference is vampires & zombies and the lack of a trilogy for "Soulless". Maybe I'd have found it better had I read a different story or two before this....

I've seen the critical reception for The Avengers is 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. All of a sudden, a movie I didn't really plan on seeing has now become a movie I'm willing to get sucked into but first I must watch the back story films. I already had Captain America before (still haven't watched), but now I've acquired Iron Man 1 & 2 to watch as well (and should probably start with them). Now I just have to get Thor, which I'll probably get by Tuesday. That should give me the back story I need going into this. And screw the Hulk movies, both of them apparently sucked and I will not get suckered into seeing that, especially with a new actor portraying Hulk in this.

My baseball practices have gotten a bit annoying to be honest. The young guys aren't taking it seriously enough... til now. I'm hoping Monday's practice will be a series of drills instead of being a 3rd straight practice of batting practice with no one really hitting the ball... on the bright side though, I did manage to get some instruction in last time, but I'm only the assistant coach so I can only do so much to start.

That's about all the thoughts I have so...

Wait, for all my Bruins fans out there - I should point out that Tim Thomas was beaten by a right winger... let the political puns begin laugh

  • WEEKLY Gaming Progress

1. RAGE:
RAGEObsessive CompulsiveThe Obsessive Compulsive achievement in RAGE worth 250 pointsReach 100% Completion in the Campaign

That's my 2nd playthrough of RAGE done, and as soon as I get started on some other games for a break, I'm gonna start cracking on Nightmare difficulty to 1000/1000 this game! smile

Halo: Combat Evolved AnniversaryBirth of a SpartanStevano61 PB2AThe Birth of a Spartan achievement in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary worth 15 pointsComplete every level of the game on Normal difficulty.

Done with a playthrough of this. Some achievements and levels really annoyed me in this to be honest. Maybe I'm just rusty at Halo though...

Assassin's Creed: RevelationsBest Served ColdThe Best Served Cold achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations worth 20 pointsComplete DNA Sequence 1.

Just started it yesterday. Haven't seen too much yet, so no opinion on it yet. Subject 16 as a guide deep in the Animus with a broken Desmond seems intriguing though, so can't wait to see where this plays out to.

Anyways, that's all I got. Thanks for reading! wave
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Permalink126. 116/130
Hello all.

Late blog for me, but as I go to type this, I've noticed I've lost a follower. I hope they come back. laugh

  • Gaming Progress

So straight to it. Yesterday's blog was sentimental to my hometown's sports teams so today it's all about some progress I've made.

Played more F1 2011 online yesterday working towards the 35 wins for that achievement. Thursday I had no success at winning, but yesterday I did manage to get a single victory that I was very happy with. Started 5th on the grid, moved up to 2nd after the first chicane (race was at Interlagos - Brazil) and on the fast turn in to the start line to start lap 2, I used my KERS to gain a huge burst of speed and rocketed to the lead which I kept. Most people in the game try to wreck you or cut you off when you try to pass, but this race was full of honest people (at least up front anyway) so I was very happy to come away with a win at one of my favourite tracks in the game. No achievements there though.

After that, I started my 2nd run-through of RAGE. I'm on the "easy" difficulty now because this run is all about this:
RAGEObsessive CompulsiveThe Obsessive Compulsive achievement in RAGE worth 250 pointsReach 100% Completion in the Campaign

This blog title explains how far I've come since yesterday afternoon in this run-through. Along the way so far, I've managed to get one achievement.
RAGERage CupStevano61 PB2AThe Rage Cup achievement in RAGE worth 109 pointsWin all Races in the Campaign

Happy with that. Next on the docket will be getting all the playing cards (currently 49/54 there) and doing all 7 jumps that are on disc 2. That will put me at 128/130 and I still have a job errand to run so things are looking up! I'm hoping to achieve it early tomorrow afternooon.

With those achievements out of the way, it will give me a completely straight-forward clean run on Nightmare difficulty, allowing me to do what I want, so I'll probably only do 25% of the side missions on that run. Enough to get me cash for ammo and such. The beauty of it will obviously be avoiding any side achievements along the way of that run and by the time that run is over, RAGE will be 1000/1000 for me and I'll be very happy at that point since I find this to be an enjoyable game! Money well spent that day at Rogers. laugh

Anyways, that's all I got tonight. Thanks for reading! wave
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Permalink125. And Then There Were 15... (Also How Many Outs Do You Get On A 3-6 play in Kansas?)
Hello All,

I was disappointed after my blog last night because I didn't get around to reading my book. In the 20 minutes after finishing the blog, I got so tired so fast that I just went to bed... it was crazy. I'd never gotten that tired so fast in my life ever. I hope it doesn't happen again now because I want to continue "The Fall" so badly.

Now, NHL Playoff hockey has concluded for the night. And we have our first series WINNER!
External image

NASHVILLE PREDATORS have defeated the Detroit Red Wings 2-1 tonight and won the series 4-1. I'm so happy!!! I hate the Red Wings with a passion (along with the Senators & Canadiens - automatic being a Leafs fan). I'm also a big Nashville fan though and I think they got a really good shot at moving further along in the playoffs. In fact I might be so bold to suggest that they can actually get to the Finals now, that's how good I think they are right now. I hate Detroit and all, but they're a good playoff barometer at least, and Nashville just passed with flying colours. Can't wait to see who they take on next, which will likely be Phoenix at this point. And I don't see the Coyotes beating the Predators in the playoffs.

The Predators series win makes me really happy right now, which is good because I was pissed for a bit tonight that I was watching playoff hockey. Today is the first day I haven't watched the Blue Jays this season, and surprise surprise, they actually did something INCREDIBLE today. They turned a TRIPLE PLAY! smile Hosmer with a hard liner right at Lind, who then steps on 1st and tosses to Escobar and 2nd to complete the play. I believe they would score that 3-6 on the score card laugh

Oh how I wish I saw this live. It's the Blue Jays first successful triple play since 1979. We should really have another, except the umpires screwed us big time 20 years ago...

Still though, none of these moments will ever compare to this one:

I wish this would sync up and all over the video, but there is no video on youtube sadly of this awesome moment with Toronto's commentary so listen to this clip from former Jays broadcaster Tom Cheek. One of the most memorable clips ever in Toronto sports history. Touch em' all Joe!
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Permalink124. It's A Tough Community Out There.
Hello all.

Nothing really interesting to blog about today, was a bit of a quiet day. So this blog will be pretty short.

Seinfeld on TV to me will always be funny. Especially with 2 episodes back to back a day on our Comedy Network. Found it quite funny how George tries to get himself fired to become head of scouting for the Mets and fails miserably every time, and then in the next episode he acts like a tourist to go out with this woman, makes up some back story to go with it and ends up screwing himself out of his Yankees gig and no real alternative laugh. Always funny, always will be.

Now for a funny picture that's pretty much true nowadays anyway:
External image

Come on lady readers of my blog, admit it. laugh

  • Gaming Progress

Shocker! No achievements for me today, though I tried to gain progress towards one today.
F1 201135 OnlineThe 35 Online achievement in F1 2011 worth 123 pointsWin 35 Online Races

The sad part is that while I'm a hardcore fan of F1, I'm no gaming master at it with set-ups and I'm pretty slow compared to the guys who reach level 50 and win all the time. But most are cowards anyway when they barge through you, ruin your race and then go on to win. Happened to me a few times. angry Did about 25 races, four 2nd places and another six 3rd's. No wins though. My progress has been stalled at 12 wins.

However, the achievements in this are really easy to boost, all I need is for someone to willingly pick up this game and play it with me. If there is one game I would really love to 1000/1000 - it's this one!

Now with this blog out of the way, I'll be going back to reading Guillermo del Toro's "The Fall". I've neglected it over the last week or so and can't wait to continue.

So that's all I got. Thanks for readin'! wave
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Permalink123. Sequence Much?
Hello all.

So I just finished watching the Penguins/Flyers game and I'm glad to say that the Penguins have avoided being swept and the unfortunate title of being the first team eliminated from the NHL Playoffs. (Pressure's on you now Vancouver - and it's currently 1-0 LA) The best part of the Pens win tonight was how they did it. 10-3 was the final score. I'm glad the Penguins won because I hate the Flyers. They are one of the dirtiest teams in the league (up there with both Boston & Vancouver) & I'm still pissed that I lost a bet when I chose them to beat Chicago two years ago in the Finals.

In fact, I'm even happier the Pens gave them an ass kicking when the Flyers have such idiotic fans like this guy here.
External image

This guy is pretty much a representation of why I will never go to a sporting event in Philadelphia (unless I set a goal of watching of watching a baseball or hockey game in every stadium/arena - highly unlikely). For a city known as the "City of Brotherly Love" - they definitely don't show it in their sporting events.

I also just finished my 2nd practice for coaching in baseball. My thighs are really feeling the burn right now. I guess that's a sign that I should get back into shape again laugh.

  • Gaming Progress

Me and decided to get together online and knock out what we could on Disc 3 in RAGE. We were successful in every venture we did in the co-op and multiplayer. In fact, it was quite funny as we tried to win a race legit as one of us would focus on taking out other cars as the other would go over the beams to score points. Anyways, I won the first game pretty easily as we started with a bot and a 4th joined late so that was ok. Then in the 2nd game, my buddy struggled as he just started the game yesterday so he wasn't quite sure how to score and such. Anyways, this 2nd game wasn't won in the timeframe and went to sudden death... I'm not sure how that works, but me and some other guy were tied at 85 points with the other 2 close behind. Then out of nowhere I'm shooting a guy and I thought I blew him up and won by breaking the tie.... anyways the scoreboard shows up and it's my buddy in 1st place after he completed the triad which put him about 25 points ahead of the rest of us. I couldn't believe it! laugh It was what we hoped to achieve, but I was shocked we were able to do it so quickly, especially as it was a race mode that even I hadn't competed in before online.

Anyways, that's all I got tonight. Thanks for reading! wave
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