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Currently running a group for the 1 billion chip achievement in Prominence Poker, if you have an interest please make sure to read the description and apply for the session:

Boosting Gaming Session for Prominence Poker

My TA improvement ideas:

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The Great TrueAchievement Score Challenge 2017:

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Leap Frog 2016:

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Best Video Game Characters of all Time (My list, opinionated of course)

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Reasons people Negative vote on solutions for dummies(listed in random order, not based on top reasons)

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Add me on Xbox One and we can play games together and if I don't have an achievement im always down to boost (If im on smile)

I ask for help and these are the friends who were there for me (Truefriends):

GTASC 2017:
Daeryoon (Terraria)
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