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Did you know theres a limit on your characters in the blog title? Fascinating. Had to change my title a couple of times to get it right. But yeah, I am bored as hell right now, and I've eaten more today than I usually do. (Unless someone else buys the meal for me wink)

So I was supposed to go home for the week because my parents wanted me to go camping with them in the U.S of A. They just want to be able to bring an extra $400 of cabinets back with us. But my dad forgot me so I'm trapped in London today, I know, terrible. So I'm watching We Bought A Zoo...again. Why? Because Scarlett is so beautiful in it, and Matt Damon is a amazing actor. I don't know why but I can see Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon being brothers since they look like each other (though they don't at the same time.

But I'm at a predicament. Hopefully this works because I just worked on this for like 50 minutes. This is a life or death question, which lace goes better with the shoe?. If that link doesn't work I'm not going to blog anymore. (Yeah thats a joke) And also these are the shoes I got since Radiant wanted to see.

Anyways I've had more completions, yeaaahhhh. Transformers: Dark of the Moon Achievements is a easy game, it reminds me of the Call of Duty series, why? Because the missions are relatively easy and achievements are straight forward. Just have to finish Revenge of The Fallen for Transformers games to be finished, though it will be hard. And my other completion this week is which was hard due to Spec Ops since I don't really like it, I loved the Survival missions though, they were fun. And I'm probably going to do Halo: Reach for my next completion (hopefully) and will make it 90th Game Completion.

So Reborn Gaiden blogged about this awhile ago and I'm with him, the bow and arrow is an amazing weapon. I mean, everyone has a gun these days, but if someone robs you, they wouldn't expect you to pull a bow on them. laugh When I go home for the summer I'll probably go to Wal-Mart to see if they have any nice compound bows that are within my price range, if not then I'll have to wait until I'm older to get something like this. I know, its bitching.

Anyways going to pay attention to my movie now, bye peoples.
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Think its just you mate. One of the highlights from my Friday session. Alright so I'm doing something different this time and whenever I thought of something that bugs me or is funny I wrote it down before I forgot it. smile But I'm writing this Sunday and going to publish it Monday so an excellent coder...I think thats what he does, can read it after every line of code. This is a LONNNGGGG blog btw.

Theres a couple of annoying stuff and other stuff, but before that Cheers Choskie thats right, rocking SunnyD and Tequila like a b0ss. smile And yes its a little late but I didn't have any SunnyD earlier.

Before anything else, thank yous. First of all and I'll like to thank for the motivation to finish it. Next is Transformers: War For Cybertron and kudos (in my world that means thank you) to DaveKinetic even though it cost me $70 bucks (first disc got ringed 2 days after buying it) facepalm. is next, good game, for a kids game anyways, and thanks to Se4nzZ WoRLd for the motivation since he finished it awhile ago, and yes, finally a Canadian clap. And finally Halo 3: ODST hmmm, first since he was my friend first =( sorry, he also helped when someone from my session didn't show so we wouldn't have probably done it, or we would've and had difficulty, or not since he didn't really do anything the first match. laugh And finally RadiantViper who has helped me with Firefights.

That was a long list, doesn't help that some asshole is attack TrueAchievements at the moment. So I'm almost done Smallville, well, almost. Have Season 9 almost done and am just close to downloading Season 10, have to wait until my data resets since I've hit 100% facepalm. But I'm impressed so far with Season 9 and can't wait to see what happens in the final season.

So for the weekend I went to Toronto since my brother and dad were going on the Edgewalk which is allllll the way up there. While they did that I went shopping with my mom and brother and got some new shoes -squeal- anyways these are what they they look like. The high tops are different shoes than I'm used to wearing but whatever, I needed a pair of Pumas and those were the only ones that were nice to look at, and majority had Velcro. angry

After that we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory, yes, the food you order is Spaghetti. But before that I had some soup, from the first bite I was tearing up because it was so good I don't know how I never had it before. I forget the name of it now though =/ I think it starts with a M. Anyways for the Spaghetti they used about an 5cm of sauce which was WAYYYY to much but I finished it though my tummy hurt afterwards. Than we went to watch Safe, the new Jason Statham movie. Pretty awesome movie but would've preferred The Avengers because you just can't beat Robert Downey Jr.

Then the next day my brother ran the Toronto Marathon and we went to Coras, thats right, he gets to run and we get to eat Pancakes and fruit, though they have been slacking on the fruit A LOT. 9 bucks for a plate of pancakes, glad I didn't pay for it, though my younger brother didn't eat his spaghetti or his breakfast so glad I'm not my parents. But after breakfast we went to the finish line and I felt so lazy and fat with them running beside us while we walked. =/ But now home and just going to watch some Smallville, with my alcohol in one hand and my di..I mean, my Kernels popcorn in the other. redface

External image

Yeah, this blog is mostly of my life, just what Big Eli hates. OHHHHHHH!!!!! Something else I learned is that I live close to a fellow TrueAchievement hunter. Going to save the planet together. laugh But other than that, something I hate is girls pictures on Facebook. So I don't make this confusing lets so the girl who posted the picture is Amanda and the next girl is...Julia. -Amanda posts picture- Juila: Omg your so beautiful. Amanda: No girl your beautiful. Julia: Aww thanks but your more beautiful. And it just keeps going on like that for a couple other girls.

Anyways thats about it I think...oh, assholes in movies. So during Safe I went to go get my beverage (well this is before) and when I came back there was a group of people beside my seat but I wasn't going to move somewhere else so I sat down. The guy beside me was high, could easily tell. Anyways during the movie, this is an action movie by the way, really no comedy in it, him and his friends start laughing for NO reason at all. And talking and shit. Than something happens (its a spoiler so not going to say it) and then they applause and high five and I'm just looking at them like, really?

Oh something else! Never mind. Oh gawd I love looking through random Facebook pictures, this one chick has just awesome ones, she has my sense of humour and its awesome.

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Apparently there was a protest in Montreal on March 22nd, I have no idea what its about because all the signs are in French but they did something awesome to the cops. Only Quebec would do that. laugh Alright its about Tuition increase, even though they would still have to pay less than the rest of Canada. angry

And to make it even longer I'll add in what I did last night. Which is
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Arms DealerThe Arms Dealer achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 worth 59 pointsBuy all items from the Survival Weapon Armory.

why is it special you ask. Well, because I said so. Only have 3 more achievements in the game left, 2 of which are campaign related so should be easy. And my final one is beating a mission on Veteran so I'll be able to send this game back and get a kids game and actually have fun playing on my xbox. =P And I've been looking for Condemned: Criminal Origins and guess what, its on my f******** game rental site (I haven't slept for a awhile so yeah don't get me angry because you wouldn't like me when I'm angry. But HEY, I GET TO START HALO CEA NOW!! Gonna flip my warthog onto comrades and do whatever else is fun in that game, oh yeah, the final level with the warthog. You see, everything fun in Halo is because of warthogs. smile

I wish we had like, a crown, to declare TrueAchievements King of the gaming community. Hes' been doing so much to stop the DDoS attacks and has brought us all together into one big happy family, well somewhat.

Anyways your probably tired of reading this so bye. Thanks again to DaveKinetic for getting me whitelisted.
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Yes, this is probably the worst blog title, it would've been worst if I used my original title but I would've probably lost my blog rights for awhile, just replace the J words in my blog with the M word and you know what it would be. wink But the video is at the end and you can thank JuicyJams for it if you want.

So this is going to be a quick blog, well maybe, I have 20 minutes of my show left than I'm back onto ODST to continue my legendary campaign venture.

Ahhh ODST. I tried finding someone on x360a for a legendary partner but people don't understand that if you post that you want have to use your actual gamertag!! I should've just hit up the other day when he asked if anyone wanted to do the ODST campaign with him. facepalm Only have about...5 more missions to do on legendary and hopefully I unlock the Good Samaritan achievement so that I can immediately do Naughty Naughty afterwards and than only have firefight achievements left. dance Then I move onto Halo: Reach. smile

Want to start Halo CEA but I first have to find Condemned Criminal Origins which is hard since its like 7 years old. It would be easier finding a copy of the first Halo (considering I have one in my room) smile. Will probably have to buy it off of ebay or Amazon if I don't get any e-mails back soon.

Anyways thats basically my blog except for the video right after this...wait, I forgot a picture!

External image

Pretty awesome cup eh? But for the video make sure you have the volume on, the music just makes it that much better, or maybe its just me and my sick sense of humour.

Oh gawd it just feels so wrong to post that but whatever. Peace. laugh
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Facebook is lame, until it shows you something amazing and I'll be posting the video at the end of my blog so if you just want to see what my titles about just go there, but if you want me to possibly chirp a cool "dude?" named _____ than feel free to stay. And remember, your beautiful.

Yesterday Big Eli blogged about why people blog, so I'm going to reply him in this one since I know he reads my blogs and enjoys them. wink Wow, I think I've mentioned his name in the majority of my blogs. shock Anyways the reason I blog is that I get to tell people about my progress in games and what my goals are. Like at the moment I'm 1,500 points away from the final multiplayer achievement in Call of Duty 3. I also get to tell people funny stuff that happens to me in real life, like yesterday, at band camp. Nah I'm just kidding, I would only be at band camp if Dianna Agron was there, but on the bus we made a stop and a guys bus pass was expired so the driver told him to get off, they got in a argument and almost came to a fist fight. Than later he passed a girl that was waiting for the bus, don't know how he managed to miss her but he did. facepalm So Eli, Ell, Elliot, Ellen...Elmo, that is the reason I blog.

So in a couple days we are going to Toronto because my brother and dad are going to do the Edge Walk on top of the CN tower, if you don't know what it is its basically this. Better hope your straps don't break. wink But while they are doing that my mom, brother and I are going to go shopping and hopefully I get a new pair of Pumas because mine are like 2 years old and want to retire soon. And since we're talking about clothing/shoes, I passed a guy yesterday and he was wearing a really nice sweater and I wanted to say "Where'd you get your sweater from, its nice" and than I stopped in my tracks and was like, dear lord, thats what a girl would say about another purse! shock

Have to have something about games in here or else Elmo (thats my new name for you now Eli smile). So on Monday I had a gaming session for Halo Reach to get the Anniversary DLC achievements. Went on and waited till 7 minutes after session start and host was offline for like 30 minutes so was like screw this and started inviting people because I didn't want to waste like a 3 hour session. Turns out someone else was doing the exact thing but only had one in so we went into mine. Host never turned up btw. Anyways that night we finished the Anniversary DLC and a guy gave me the copy of a match for my last Defiant DLC and got 11 achievements or so from that session so was a good night. dance

But thats not all, oh no. After that session I went to sleep and got like 11 hours of sleep. And when I woke up (was around 2:30pm) I just wanted to sleep some more but I had damn class to go to.angry Than last night I slept for 6 hours but now I'm back on my ordinary sleep schedule, well I hope anyways. It will get messed again tonight since I have a session from 2-6am, why do people still have to be playing Bad Company!?

Anyways here is the video, hope you guys like it and will be using some of these pick-up lines on your ladies or on random girls at the clubs.

See ya everyone and have a good day.
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Permalink#47 - Gaidin Was Right And Eli Was Replaced By A Nice Person!!!
Well the first isn't that weird since hes always right (most of the time anyways). But he made a blog about The Cabin In The Woods and that it was an awesome movie, and I agree with him.

And the story begins.

It was a long dreadful night on that one night that wasn't tonight. mast3r 0r0m1s's friend and his friends girlfriend came over for the weekend and they decided to venture to the mall to see a movie, and I tagged a long. (Wow its really depressing story thus far) It wasn't a good night for mast3r as his stomach wasn't feeling good but he still went, we decided to go see The Cabin In The Woods at 7:15, but somehow they got the theatres mixed up (probably the woman) and we were there an hour early. So we went into unexplored territory...the mall. And lo and behold the second we entered the jungle we were met with a horde of teenage vigilantes!

Anyways onto the movie since I doubt you guys care for my shitty crappy writing.

We went into it thinking it was going to be a full gore horror movie. I don't want to ruin the movie, but I even got scared when the movie title came up. They had the music so damn loud I didn't expect. And it wasn't a full horror movie! There was comedy in it also which was awesome, you know the human race is progressing when we mix murder and comedy together. But the guy had an awesome bong my drug side of me is saying. Anyways I loved the movie but my friend and his girlfriend didn't, but they are both picky as all hell so I wouldn't trust anything they say.

And now for the high point of this blog! Hahaha, high.

Eli compliment me on something...I know right. I swear this is true but this is what he said - "Nice blog besides that". Now he totally ripped on me before that for my grammar and spelling, but it was a COMPLIMENT! smile It made my day.

So I am now closer to completing my goal of completing all Halo games, excluding Halo Wars because its a shitty crappy game. (Gotta keep the language nice for the ladies)...Waiting for my TA to update atm give me a minute or so...Only have the noble pack left for Halo: Reach than I'll just have the main disc to do and all that fun stuff. Than for ODST I have the campaign and Firefight and thats done, than onto Halo CEA until Halo 4 comes out! Anyways I have 3842 GS out of this series so far and 184/297, whew, thats a lot.

Anyways I haven't done this for awhile but I'm going to do song of the day (just for today until I hear another good song) and I'm only putting it up because I just saw it on a show which actually had an excellent spot for the song and helped make you feel for the characters.

But otherwise good morning (currently 3 in the morning) and peace my brothers, and sisters.
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