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Hello Soylent Green Ingredients!

It’s Rebecca Black day, but I know that’s not whats on yall’s mind. You all are really thinking about Scarlett Johansson.

External image

It’s ok, I’m with you guys and gals. Ever since seeing her posterior in Lost in Translation, I think we all feel just a little bit in love with Johansson.

(for the record, in all seriousness, Lost in Translation was an awesome movie and I highly recommend it. HIGHLY)

So when you all scamper off to see the Avengers today, keep an eye out for the lovely lady instead of the green dude. Me? Perhaps DieSchlinge1066 and I may catch The Avengers in the theatre – but the last superhero movie we saw was Iron Man 1 – so we got some catching up to do.

I am not sure what tonight’s plans are… maybe I’ll order a pizza to celebrate? Everything is looking up Rotor a little bit!

1 – Got a promotion and Raise at work! Went from Supervisor to Assistant Manager with a $4 raise. I’m salaried now, so no OT though. Not that I ever had to do much OT anyways. Hopefully this is a good thing – right now my duties are still pretty ol’ same-old same-old, but I wouldn’t mind having some legit managerial skills on my DV.

2 –One (of 2) people from my thesis committee emailed me and said aside from a few surface (grammar) errors in my new section, my thesis looks done to him. SCORE! Now I just need the main guy who is a bit more……. Stringent…. To say it’s ok too. Then it's submit and get that masters. WOO!

3 – 3 of 4 achievements in Record of Agarest War (more on this below). Yaaay!

4 – the weekend is coming up! And it’s cinco de mayo!

So what are all yall doing for Cinco de Mayo? Dieschlinge and I have a great plan for tomorrow. With all this talk about The Hunger Games, our friend Tyler wants to see it. However we told him he needs to see THE REAL DEAL first, and that is the Japanese movie Battle Royale. Battle Royale is just… amazing. It’s both fun and multi-faceted. Many layers going on in that movie.

So we decided to have movie day on cinco de mayo – he’s going to come over and we are going to watch Battle Royale. However, since it is a Mexican holiday and we are watching an Japanese film, I need a compromise on food. So I am doing, Mexican Stir Fry! In essence it’s stir fried vegetables served over Spanish rice and topped with lots of cheese.

I’ll take pictures. It’s nom-er-ific.

I had a copy of Battle Royale, a different region that was in a steel book and some film cells and stuff. A really nice copy. However it’s in storage, so practicalness weighed over frugalness, I just went and re-bought the movie at Fry’s Electronics. It’s a nice version, it probably is enhanced for 16 x 9 screens which I don’t think my other version was not.

So last night was massive Agarest Wars playing. Turns out I really, really, REALLY shot myself in the foot and despite picking all the proper choices during the “night-time-chat” sequence, Valeria can never be mine. EVER. I can’t get her to love or like me enough at all. So, kiss one achievement good by,

I proceeded to woo Yayoi which went way better. I feel kinda awkward doing the wedding and…er.. “post” wedding clad only in a blanket scenes because they really go out of their way to profess their love to you. It’s kinda romantic, but even a little too schmooozy for me. D’awwww.

Anywho, 2 achievements unlocked there:

Record of Agarest WarSecret AchievementrotorschneeThe Secret Achievement achievement in Record of Agarest War worth 45 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Record of Agarest WarThe SecondrotorschneeThe The Second achievement in Record of Agarest War worth 93 pointsClear Generation 2.

Finally I proceeded to wed Sherufanir. Since she was my second preference to wed and carry on to the second generation I spent some time leveing her up. After gaining her about 4 levels I went to the horoscope person in town to see what my kids stats would be – and they didn’t change. So all that leveling was for nothing. Doh! So I promptly beat the evil knight of generation 2 to end it and see the schmooozy wedding and post wedding sequence. She actually says something like “Oh! Please be gentle with my tail, I only let those special play with it”.

O M G shockshockshock

Well she rewarded me with an achievement.

Record of Agarest WarSecret AchievementrotorschneeThe Secret Achievement achievement in Record of Agarest War worth 55 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

So now I am in generation 3. My turn count for the generation is back to zero, my secondary characters are of decent level, so I should have a better run this time around. I’m feeling more motivated with the game so I think I am going to stick with it. Not a perfect 1000, not by a long shot, but I am re-gaining my momentum.


Anywho, you all have a great weekend ! Enjoy watching Scarlet Johansson.

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Hello Gumshoes!

We’re going to catch that Carmen San Diego!

Friday eve is upon us. The week becomes much more palpable when you say it like that. This has been a horrible, horrible week! Issues at work, dumbfounded by hospital stuff, and this gloomy, gloomy weather. It’s the first week of May in SoCal, where is the sun? Who stole it?


So last night was hard core Record of Agarest Wars. First I have a 3 part battle which ended with me fighting a Dragon. A dragon! How cool is that! Now I know what you’re thinking, big deal, dragons are a dime a dozen. To which I reply….. that you’re correct. The magic and charm of dragons has been ruined with over saturation. I’ve always thought of (Western, not Eastern) dragons as venerable creature, ancient and mystical. But when you play Skyrim and walk down the street and are all like “Oh look, a Dragon. I seen one of those before. Yawn!”. I think back reading to The Hobbit where the entire book was build up to meet that dragon. That’s how you do a dragon! Lucky for me in Agarest Wars this was the first Dragon I ever faught, and they tried to make it sound mysterious, which is cool.

Anywho, I am down to I have 2-4 battles left of Generation 2. I am practically done with it. I’ve saved right before the “night time chat” scene so I am ready to wed and bed all the ladies. However the Lady I really want… doesn’t love me! She only likes me! Doh!

So the girl I want is Valeria:

External image

While I think she is cute (love the belly button!) I really want her because she is a fighter class and my main character I’ve been building as a fighter. However, despite answer all pro-questions to her during the “night time chat” scene, her soul guage doesn’t have her bursting with blushes to indicate she loves me. So I can still marry her, but my offspring is not going to have the best stats.


So for purposes of playing the game, that means the next girl I am going to marry and hopefully actually have her love me is Sherufanir:

External image

Dieschlinge actually likes her the best. She’s a rogue class, so her skills translate the second best over. To be honest, I think she’s really pretty. She’s also wearing garters and stockings so that gives her +10000000 points in my book. And her character is really funny too. However, I do not like those really large animal ears. If they were smaller, she’d probably be the best looking character this generation hands down. I don’t mind a little bit of cat ears on my Anime-cat girls, but that is a bit excessive.

The last person I have to marry is Yayoi:

External image

Yayoi is the meek, virginal spell caster. While she is very saccharine, I’d rather not have her be my successor characters mom due to the fact I am not going to spell caster route.

So there are my choices! While I prefer Valeria, but because I goofed on my turns this generation, and missed a lot of story and opportunities to woo the ladies, I am at a disadvantage. Le sigh.

So tonight is the night I get those Agarest Wars achievements! I am feeling more motivated in the game now, and instead of taking another respite, I’ll plunge right into Generation 3. Since my turn count kind of resets this generation (my total turns doesn’t), I can probably do a better job this generation at getting the story I been missing out on.

A preview of the cuties coming up:

Lavinia: (some odd reason this one doesn't show up)

External image


External image


External image

Faina is the cutest, but I don’t know who I’ll take. Lavinia is the warrior but Noah is an adventuer, so both could make a good character for the Fourth Generation.

Until next time gumshoes, follow the clues!

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Hello Radical Dreamers –

Wednesday, humpday. At 12:30 pm exactly we reach the peak of the week, and then a’la Calvin and Hobbes we coast on down to the metaphoric hill into the weekend. I always feel awkward saying “humpday” because I keep thinking will take it to mean something sexual. I have yet to find a person who does – but still!

So last night we had movie sign! We watched the Timothy Olyphant magnum opus, Hitman! Ok, it’s not really his magna opus (we got some Deadwood fans here, right?), but it’s decent for a movie, especially a movie based on a video game. Now I’ll confess – I’ve never played a Hitman game. Back in college my roommate played the heck out of the first one and I would watch, and I have seen enough videos, trailers, screenshots, over the years to know the gist of it. I can’t really compare the game to the movie, without having played the game, so I gotta take the movie for what it’s worth.

Regardless, I don’t think Timothy Olyphant was a good Agent 47. When I look at art depicting Agent 47, I see an older, gruffer, more silent looking man. He almost looks like a character from Brian Azzarello’s 100 Bullets (wiki = ) - one of my all time favourite comic series. Timothy Olyphant is too……. attractive to be 47.

Regardless, the movie was E X T R E M E L Y far fetched, but fun. Olga Kurylenko was in it looking very pretty, but I thought she looked prettier as the bond girl in Quantum of Solace. I do find this funny: dieschlinge and I were listening to the audio commentary for Max Payne when the director commented about working with Olga who said “no nudity!” and was adamant about it. What I find funny is Max Payne came out a year or so after Hitman, and in Hitman… lets just say nothing is left to the imagination. Nothing.

So while I am treated to many lovely views of this beauty, DieSchlinge1066 only gets a top up shirtless view of Olyphant in the shower. I feel for ya girl, I feel for ya,

Anywho, the plot is convoluted and Olyphant is unstoppable and really has no hindrances in his quest, (except for his morals which refuse for him to get it on with Olga), but the movie looks sleek, and a few of the action sequences are pretty good. The sword fighting scene on the train was pretty lame though.

But I am going to use this dialog about Hitman to transition to this little jewel that looks quite Hitman-esque:

External image

So over the weekend I was cleaning the flat, and there was this huge pile of Official Xbox Magainzes from the past few years. I went though them, cutting out articles I thought were kinda neat (there were not many) and throwing the rest away. Ditching the clutter!

Anywho, OXM I would wager is setup like many other mags: letters in the front, followed by industry news and previews, then main articles, then finally reviews. The industry news and previews section is always hilarious – every article is the same: “we were invited by xyz developers to try their new game out and oh man is it so awesome, we can’t wait for it to be released”. Of course when the game is released it gets abysmal ratings. I love it.

My favourite example of this is a preview for DefJam Rapster which the preview was all how this game was going to revolutionize singing – so of course the game comes out, the servers don’t even work, and retailers still want full price. Teehee.

This section is funny in hindsight because I get to see all these games that were supposed to come out, but never did! I had totally forgotten about Spies Must Die 3 until I was in the process of tossing this mag. I recall reading the blurb and thinking “I love the title! The gameplay sounds fun! I can’t wait until later in 2010 to play this bad boy”. And then *POOF* the game vanished. I decided to google the game, and it looks like it got cancelled, but not legit confirmation if it really did or not. So who knows, maybe it will be released unceremoniously at a budget price and be done with it.

The game did sound fun.

So there we go, my attempt to preserve this relic for future generations – a picture from my iPhone on a blurb about a game that was supposed to come out 2 years ago but never did. Bon appetite!

No achievements last night – it was all about the Record of Agarest War . I am definitely in the final quarter of generation 2. According to the walk through, I got 9 more battles before the “night-chat” scene I am oh-so-looking forward to. I spent last night doing battles and negotiating Burgund castle and finally getting Valeria into my party (the woman I intend to marry). I ended the night making lots of magic spells.

I should explain the shop system in this game, because it is the weirdest I’ve ever seen in an RPG. In most RPGs, as you progress through the game and come to new towns, the new towns have a different and better stock of inventory. Not the case in Agarest Wars. In this game the shops all sell the same weapons, armour, items, and spells. So how do you gain new stuff? What you do is go to a blacksmith or the adventurer’s guild. In those places you have the ability to craft new weapons and spells. So like to get a fireball spell, you need X, Y, and Z component. Once you craft an object, the object is then registered to the towns so then go forward when you got to a shop, the item that was crafted can now be bought. Another way to put it, in order to purchase weapon X, you first need to unlock the ability to purchase weapon X by crafting it first.


Regardless, I feel way more motivated getting back into Agarest Wars – I’m still miffed at being screwed on story, but being back into the game and seeing the political intrigue is nice.

So tonight more Agarest Wars! I predict I will clear generation 2 tomorrow night and have all the ladies wedded and bedded by end of Saturday.

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Hello Graduating Class of 2012 –

Oi, what a day yesterday at work. Lots of stuff is going down – bad files, unresponsive customers, system issues, and then today we find out our CEO has stepped down. THESE ARE ALL BAD PORTENTS OF THINGS TO COME!

It’s been a while since I updated my resume. I’ve been with the same company for 7 years so I haven’t given resume updating much thought. What have I learned on the job that I can use to present myself with? Perhaps I’ll take a gander at it later today to see what I can do.

After being so impressed with Shabu Shabu on Friday I have now begun the process of Google-ing how to do Shabu Shabu at home. A burner and a pot are the main costly things, but it seems quite doable! My mouth is already salivating at the prospect of doing Shabu Shabu at home. It would be a nice, welcome healthy food to do.

Plus I get rights to say Shabu Shabu as often as I can. It phonically sounds fun!

I got a bill-kinda from the hospital yesterday for my CT Scan. Since I am really new to this I have no idea how these things work. I recall being in the doctor’s office and the doctor saying you need a CT Scan – your insurance covers it. I say ok. So I get a notice of how much the CT scan is, and with an area saying how much my insurance is expected to pay with my pay a “to be determined”. So that was unsettling. I would think the insurance would cover it all, yes? I don’t think I would’ve gotten it if the insurance didn’t cover it in the first place. But I have this feeling I’ve been snookered and had something done that probably didn’t need to be done, and that’s lame.

But I’ll cross my fingers and hope my insurance really does foot the bill for it all! I feel odd for insurance – I been giving them money for 7+ years and now that it has come time to use it, I don’t think I am going to get what I really should get.

Anywho, not much else on the personal front – on to the gaming front!

Last night we had a session with checo316 and chihuahua91 . The company was nice but the session was horrible. We played Arcade style on RAAM’s shadow and after every chapter the game would lag us out. I don’t know what is going on, but GoW3 is really temperamental now. It takes a long time to get through all the loading screens, and at the screens between games it freezes as it keeps loading and loading and loading. No other game I play online has this problem. I’ve installed GoW 3 to the HD thinking it would help, but it has not. I was so embarrassed last night doing GoW3 with all the issues I just wanted to curl into a ball and die.

The rest of the night was spent on Record of Agarest War . That’s right, I actually played it! Not since last year have I played any of it. I didn’t progress the story much – Rayner suggested I should have Winifeld in my party at all times. Well, I’ve never used him – so while all my other characters are levels 30 – 35, he’s a nice 7.


So a good chunk of last night was doing battles trying to get his level up. Of course this increases the turn count further making it impossible to get the story. Remember – many story events are based on reaching certain locations before a turn limit is reached. It’s really dumb – I don’t care if it robs me of achievements, what I do care about is it robs me of story and the dating/woo-ing elements that attracted me to the game in the first place.

Stupid P.O.S. . I really hope Record of Agarest War Zero doesn’t have this problem. I really want to love Agarest Wars, really, really bad. When I see the anime sprites and the overland map – I think of the days of playing Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete or Arc the Lad. I feel happy! The combat isn’t too bad either and the music is great! But missing a good chunk of narrative because I elected to work on leveling my guys (like you do in a real RPG) is flawed. Flawed real bad.

Needless to say, no achievements won last night.

One final note – Confused Shelf has put his blog status up yesterday which are always fun to look at. However it does give me a wee bit sense of melancholy in that other blogs are really good at generating user remarks and keeping the dialogs going, something I falter at bad. I am not sure why this is the case, it may be an issue of I am not as gregarious with the TA community both on TA and on Live as other are, so I may not have the established relationships. I’ll pose some rhetorical questions in my blogs which I hope generate some dialog, but they usually don’t get answered, which also causes me to scratch my head in bewilderment. So I am not sure what to change to make the blogs more engaging, but I’ll meditate on it some more.

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Hello those who think groove is in the heart –

Does anyone else think Dee-lite was kinda cute back in the day? I know I do.

So Monday morning has arrived, and what a black and dreary Monday. I got maybe 4 hours of sleep, hit with the ol’ insomnia. How did I attempt to remedy? Why, reading stories at Reddit!

Yesterday we went and renewed our lease and then took a walk to Best Buy to see what loot was available. I bought the Blu-ray version of The Wicker Tree. I had no idea it just came out, so I was excited! Problem is, we have no Blu-Ray player! Anyone wanna recommend one?

Tomorrow is May 1st and I always celebrate by watching the original Wicker Man. I’m talking the original with Christopher Lee, the very lovely Britt Eckland, (before she got plastic surgery and her face looks very trout-like), and the dude from The Equalizer. That’s my ritual, and it’s a very important movie to me. I was hoping to watch The Wicker Tree on May 1st instead, but I elected to get the Blu-Ray version.

So I’ll post more about my admiration for Wicker Man on May 1st.

Over the weekend with all the Skylanders action going on, I re-hit 83% and felt good. I need 50 more achievements to hit 85%, so I am going to have to start scrapping the barrel on some forgotten games. The Disc and I will get some quality Street Fighter 4 in in the future when I procure a copy. In the interim, it’s time to visit some older games.

I’ve decided I need motivation for Record of Agarest War . If I can beat Generation 2 I’ll score some mad mad chovins. I’ve decided the best way to motivate myself is to set some temporary personal goals to complete Generation 2 by the end of this week. I now have an incentive to complete generation 2 because if I don’t, I’ll fail my goals and everyone on my friends list and who follows me will point and laugh at me. I can’t have that!

So this week is Agarest Wars week! Perhaps I’ll get my groove back on and play the game some more. I also wish I could remember where I misplaced the soundtrack….

So the big big big BIG news is over the weekend I completed . That’s right, 1000 pointed last night. I gave the ending boss another go with some revised tactics (I shot my water cannon while at the same time lobbing fish grenades) and I also used some of DieSchlinge1066 ‘s items that came in her adventure packs. It was tough, but BAM! I made it!

Skylanders: Spyro's AdventureOne for All!rotorschneeThe One for All! achievement in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure worth 165 pointsDefeat Kaos without swapping Skylanders during the battle. (primary profile)

Skylanders: Spyro's AdventureTrue Portal MasterrotorschneeThe True Portal Master achievement in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure worth 239 pointsUnlock all other Achievements. (primary profile)

So I am very very pleased with myself and happy with the game. I think I’ve been inspired a bit to write a review on the game for TA, which I shall do!

Boosting session on AvP last night. Lots of randoms. Boo. But we all need about 6,000 more xp to get the final online achievement. If we are able to get 1000 a session, that’s 1.5 months left! We can do it!

Tonight a boosting session in Gears of War 3. Every little bit helps!

Yall have a good Monday!

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