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PermalinkProgress may be slow for a while
Well I haven't been very busy on the gaming front. I've been trying but clever me has been spraining my joints with alarming regularity lately, and its really quite painful. I'm counting down the days until I go to see my specialist again (come on July 16th) but until then I have been going backwards and forwards between physiotherapy and orthotics with them trying to decide between them what type of supports I need, splints, calliper bars, that sort of thing. Its been quite a fast process jumping between them to be fair, never waiting more than two weeks for an appointment, starting to feel dizzy with all the backwards and forwards going on. It'll get sorted though...I hope.

I'll carry on trying to game where I can but I think it'll be a case of sticking to RPG's still, with my hands the way they are still I don't feel like getting frustrated with shooters right now, and my reaction times are definitely not up to Sonic's game right now. So I'll be sticking to finishing FF XIII-2 when I can and I have a couple of other RPG's sitting in the wings to give a go if I can. All my shooters are laughing at me from my shelf though I swear!

At least I finished Assassin's Creed: Revelation’s story mode. laugh
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PermalinkEaster was fun
Well my Easter was spent with family and friends, one of whom has borrowed Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. That was in no way a method of putting off finding all the lorestones. My family brought me Sonic Generations for Easter, which is awesome. Now that my extended family has gone home, and the younger ones will be back in school tomorrow, I'll probably give that a go at some point. I grew up a Sonic girl so I feel I have to. I'm also eyeing up a serious attempt at trying an FPS, maybe The Orange Box, which I brought ages ago, played for an hour and forgot about redface. I also have FFXIII-2 and Assassin's Creed Revelations story mode to finish.

Maybe if my hands cope well with Half Life I may even, finally, get round to Space Marine, its taunting me now from its wrapper I swear. It probably kind of will most of the year knowing me. I do tend to get distracted a lot, but I haven't really gone back to games I've finished so far this year (Mass Effect 2 doesn't count it was for a good cause laugh) so I'm doing OK on my resolution front.
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