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PermalinkGames so close to completion it's not funny.
Here is my updated list is of games, from which I am missing either one or two single achievements:

1.) Civilization Revolution - Just need to beat a game before 1000 AD

2.) Dig Dug - One last chievo that's super-glitchy and I've done the requirement for at least 5x. Grr...

3.) Doom - Need to beat the whole game on the 4th of 5th difficulty. Don't know if I have the energy for this anytime soon.

4.) Doritos Crash Course - The two hardest chievos left...

5.) Earthworm Jim HD- I loved this game on SNES back in the 90’s, but putting a cheevos on here to beat it on the hardest difficulty without losing a life and another one in under 50 mins on hard is pure evil. angry

6.) Gears of War 3- The obvious missing cheevo: Seriously 3.0, which I don’t plan on getting anytime soon…

7.) Guitar Hero II - Never gonna get 5 stars on all expert songs or get 1 million on a song without a miracle.

8.) Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - One last chievo for getting an impossible score on a song I never want to hear again.

9.) Lego Rock Band- Just need to perfectly play the guitar solo on expert for ‘The Final Countdown’.

10.) New Rally-X - Just need some quick skillz to get the last one on this old-as-shit game.

11.) Scene It? Box Office Smash!- Just need to get 60 Pop Quiz questions about Best Pictures answered. The problem is that Pop Quiz 10 times out of 10 never gives me Best Picture.

12.) Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter- Two difficult cheevos left for beating levels on the harest difficulty.

13.) skate. – One left that’s unattainable one thanks to EA’s shutdown server magic.

14.) Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection- Two old Sega games left to deal with. The Mean Bean game, which is a hybrid of Tetris and Dr. Mario is not easy to beat.

15.) TC’s Rainbow Six Vegas- Two time consuming multiplayer leveling up ones left to get to Elite in the end.

16.) Wolfenstein- Two cheevos: Beat it on ‘hard’ and ‘Über’ difficulties.
Not including DLC:

17.) Dead Space 2- Hard to the Core. Screw this cheevo. Only being able to save 3x on the hardest difficulty is too stressful for me.

18.) Mass Effect 2- Beat the game on ‘insanity’. It’s those damn charging Krogans that kept me from getting this on my maxed out soldier.

I’d like to get 50% of these done before the end of the summer. From looking at these, I think I’d only be able to get only about half of them completed without wanting to break my TV and/or Xbox. :-)
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