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Permalink128: Concern is Growing
My goal has always been to complete FIFA, but never had I have the motivation I do now to complete FIFA 12. Unfortunately, this might be for not since the last achievement I need, play 100 matches with one player, does not seem to unlock for me.

I can't help but think I screwed myself over trying to forfeit just a few games to make things a little shorter, when it turns out I might have forfeited the chance to get the achievement doing so. I have played around 115 games with Sanchez, not starting in all of them, but coming off the bench, and nothing has popped yet. I would say at maximum it was 15 games I forfeited, and I PRAY that it unlocks sometime soon and I don't have to play another 100 games with a fresh player for it to unlock. If it came to that, I wouldn't do it.

--- Start FIFA ---
I kinda already started talking about FIFA, but I figured I would go into my detail about my squad. I can feel myself getting better at FIFA in general as I test myself on World Class difficulty with my FUT. The last few matches I have won, mostly all of them holding clean sheets. I have won 2 tournaments so far (1 nation max from starting 11) and gotten a 1,250 coin bonus. The first one I played AC Milan, it took me till extra time, but I piled on 4 goals with a final score of 6-2. I only lost like two matches today, and some of the ones I have won comfortably, or the ones that were 1-0 I had a lot of chances, and it wasn't even that close as the score indicates. World Class difficulty is something that I struggled with (Barcelona vs. Real Madrid play it now), but now I am winning more than I am losing and to that it makes me feel good about the progress I am making.

I still need to make some transactions out on the auction market. My wants are LB, CM, and ST. It will be hard to find a good (85+) LB from spain, but I have other options too. CM I would like to go with Iniesta if I can muster up the money, and ST Ill probably drop some coin for Villa. I have a good front line, but Villa would seal the deal and allow me to rotate players better. Same with the mid-field if I found Iniesta on a good price.

I currently have around 19k which would be enough to find Villa on a good deal, thats about it. Still loooking to win a few more of those tournies to get my coin up so I can go after some nice targets!
--- End FIFA ----

I played some Sniper Elite V2 with Greenman and we finished the co-op missions and got the achievements for them. I ask myself if I am going to play the single player again any time soon or if I should just mail it back and wait till they have it for 5 bucks and play it then.
Specially since this is a "realistic" sniper game.

Work was pretty usual, really boring, and my dad took up most of my free time today because he somehow put yet another virus on his machine. This one was really dirty and pretty much janked windows after I told him over the phone how to remove it. All the program shortcuts were deleted from the desktop and the all programs area had nothing in it.

Proxies were enabled on the browser, and of course tried to block everything I threw at it. All this done over the phone, and I was able to get his computer back up and running, so I was pretty proud of myself.

Thats all I got. Thanks
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PermalinkDay 127: Cause for Concern
Back by popular demand! The FIFA Seperator!
--- Start FIFA ---
After I got home from school + grocery store I decided I wanted to get Alexis Sanchez to 100 games played and hoped that the achievement would unlock. As of this post, Alexis Sanchez has 103 played game for my squad (viewable from the FUT web app). Now, a few of these are forfeits, so I would say at maximum it would take 110-115 to truly play 100 games with this guy. I am starting to get concerned that this isn't going to pop for me for some stupid reason like forfeiting a few games. I don't mind playing FUT a little more, and I have grown to like the game mode a lot (not the part where I spend a lot of IRL money to get packs that don't give me anything good).

As a FUT update, I gathered enough money to grab another player, and I got Gerrard Pique for my back line. I had noticed the 3-4-1-2 wasn't doing very well in the final third, so I moved to a 4-3-3 which seems to be fairly stable, and I can support it well with Puyol and Pique holding down the center of the pitch.

My new target is one of the following. I had said yesterday that I wanted to get Villa for my attacking player, and that is still an option, but I am playing Pedro in the midfield where he should be up front. So I am thinking about another midfielder that would go well with Alonso and Cazorla. Obviously Xavi, Iniesta, and Fabergas jump out to me immediately. Problem is Xavi and Iniesta go for 50k+, so unless I have over looked some other Spanish midfielders, I am left with Fabergas. He is rated 88 and goes for around 20k, which is what I paid for Pique, and what I expected to pay for Villa. Having an extra midfielder would allow me to rotate my strikers better, and get rid of Negrado. I could put Pedro up front to give Reyes, Silva, or Mata a rest, and Falcao and Rossi are there if I need them. I am at 12k coin now, so the jump to 20k is going to be a long one.

If I were to get the achievement for 100 matches, I think I would still play FUT, but just not as much. I would need to start EURO pretty soon just to make sure I don't miss out on any timed achievements having to do with the Euros.

After doing my homework, I decided to pop in one last game before I went to bed. I started a World Class Tournament where the requirement was to have a max of 1 nationality in your starting 11, something I can obtain with ease now. I drew Barcelona... Needless to say I lost, but not without some controversy.


Is that a goal or not? Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for my squad or for the 100 games achievement drop me a line by commenting on this post!

---- End FIFA ----

Aside from FIFA, I played some Sniper Elite V2 with Greenman v2. We were running through the co-op campaign and collecting all the goal bars and wine bottles. We were playing most of the game on the hardest difficulty to get the 100 point achievement when we found out with a few missions left that we had to do it in solo. This was disappointing, but we quickly switched the difficulty to Cadet and collected everything with ease and got all the story specific achievements a long the way.

It is kind of a bummer that we both have to play the game again on the hardest difficulty alone, but some of these achievements are going to require playing a level over and over to boost kills, so why not do that during another playthrough? Of course it is easier on cadet, but at least everything carries over from playthrough to play through. I still have some co-op to knock out, and a few easy achievements left before I start the journey through the game alone on the hardest difficulty.

In other news I notice my TV is really starting to nose dive faster and faster. White and black pixels are starting to take over the screen. As much as it bothers me to look at something that has that many imperfections, it also is so much bigger than my alternative TV, so I will just run this thing into the ground till I can't see anything on it. The good news is that I am getting a lot of hours at work (next week I work 6 days) so I might be able to afford a nice TV after a few paychecks build up. Assuming I don't blow it all on Barcelona jerseys.

Thats it. Hope you enjoyed.

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PermalinkDay 126: HOW NOW FALCAO!!!!!
So, Ill get my FIFA talk out of the way first, and explain the title.
---- Start FIFA ------
Thanks to LesserHuman and Smeddum07, I decided to completely change my squad up and go after Spanish players only. I was a little hesitant on doing this at first because I had invested a bit of coin into this current squad, and I ending up selling a few players without playing a single match with them (at a loss too), but it ended up working out in my favor.

For some reason, Greenman decided he was going to buy me Puyol, which I graciously exchanged him for Diego Lopez. Puyol is old and disgusting looking when he is sweaty, but he is SOLID in FIFA and in real life.

As much as I didn't want to do it, I decided to take Ramos at my RB position because he was just the best available. Same thing with Xavi Alonso. I would say out of all the starters at Real Madrid I respect Benzema and Alonso the most, so I was ok with pulling the trigger on that.

My last big purchase of the day was probably a tad on the pricey side, but I found a CF David Silva and just had to have him. He was buy it now 12k, and I see David Villa (88) go for 20k, so I did it. He scored his first goal for me today in my second to last match, and it was an absolute stunner.

I have a pretty solid line up now, 85 rated overall and a 93 chemistry. if I play around with a few things its 98, but I need to change around players and rest them to avoid injury. I was worried that pulling one person out would drop my chemistry a lot, but I subbed Carvalho for Ramos with little to no penalty on chemistry. Same thing for Falcao when I subbed him in for Pedro, in fact my chemistry went up!

Speaking of Falcao, he is an absolute BEAST!!! He is probably the smallest person on the pitch, but he had 3 headed goals in 5 games. One of them, was match deciding. I decided to take my squad for a test run and they held up real good. I just suck at defending. I started to hit my grove about the second to last match, but I could tell the opponents were much weaker. I went to play in the online tournament for gold players only and I made it to the semis so far, which is by far the farthest I have ever gone. I won 2-1 in the opener, and 3-2 in extra time off a GORGEOUS... wait for it... FALCAO goal :p.

Really loving on my team and can't wait to make a few more purchases. My short list is Pique and Villa. They both go for around 20k a piece, so it might take a little time, but I GOTTA HAVE THEM.

Going back to achievements, by the looks of it, I should have my first shot for the last achievement in FIFA to pop in around 5 games. Sanchez is at 95 with around 5-10 forfeits if it doesn't pop then. If Valdez hits 200+ and Sanchez hits 115 and no achievement, I doubt I will bother and just start the EURO DLC. One of those things that if I play with the same squad singleplayer 1 game a day ill get it eventually. I just hope it pops on its own soon.
---- End FIFA ---
Starting playing Sniper Elite V2 with Greenman v2 <- See the connection there? It is a pretty fun game, and the hardest difficulty is so far pretty managable in co-op. We got off to a bad start when I was looking at the youtube guide for the wong level, but after that moment we only missed one wine bottle that was invincible after we triggered a cut scene. Going to continue to work on that tomorrow.

I bought 2 games from Gamefly's sale, Cabelas Big Hunt 2012 and Rage both were 8.99 and I used a coupon so it was pretty cheap for two games which is great!

Thanks to working almost 40 hour weeks and taking a summer class, the bank account has been doing alright recently, and I decided to splurge a little and buy some tickets for myself and two of my friends to go to the Passion Pit concert in Austin on September 15th. Pretty excited about it, turns out I also will be getting a vinyl + cd of their new abum autographed by the band since I purchased the tickets so early which is really cool. In case you haven't heard of passion pit, you should check them out. Their first Album is called Manners and their second album is due out at the end of July. Here is my favorite song of theirs:

I promised another robot chicken sketch (is anyone watching them?) so here it is:

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PermalinkDay 125: It just can't stop
I can't and won't stop till its done.

I recently (today) am addicted to ultimate team. After getting all my achievements tied to my club's worth other achievements related to coin, I have decided to take on the venture of making the best squad I can with my club.

After trading a majority of Gold players to Smeddum and Greenman, I will no doubt have a few cards left over to quick sell for some quick coin. Add that to the coin I get for playing matches anyways to get the 100 games played achievement, as well as buying/selling better players to fit into my 3-4-2-1 formation.

Throughout the day, I have bought a few good players for what I would say were relatively good prices. Here is what my starting 11 looks like:
Suarez - - Falcao
Matta - Pedro - Reyes - Cazorla
Kompany - Hummels - Lahm
Sub: Dzeko, Mourtinho, Sanchez, Lopez (GK), Nesta, Heranes, Sahin

To improve chemistry, everyone in my starting 11 needs to be 3-4-2-1 formation. So Pedro and Reyes will need to be shifted to the bench or be sold. Sanchez is my player (along with Valdes) that has the most caps on the team, so he will have to be injected somewhere to continue working towards that achievement of 100 caps. My side is rated 85 and my chemistry is 68.

It seems that in FUT chemistry makes a pretty big difference. When I played teams that I was competitive will skill wise, and had the better squad, the last 30 minutes of the match, they would steamroll me. As I have improved my chemistry, my results have been closer, since being over 50+ chemistry. With ~30 chemistry every other game would be 8-0...

As I continue to work on that achievement, my teamates grown with disapproval. I decided to pop in Madagascar 3 and I don't think I popped anything while playing it. I was trying to play it while recording, but I only managed to get a few levels in before I got caught up in the FUT Web App which is so cool!

I leave you with another Robot Chicken sketch. I will try to find a cool unique one that I like for the foreseeable future. Robot Chicken is so great! Enjoy.

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PermalinkDay 124: Looking For Points
I went looking for points for the first time in a few days, maybe even going on a week. It has all been about FIFA, but I finally started the road back to gamerscore addiction when I popped in Madagascar 3, which just came out this last week,

Unfortunately, the game didn't last long for me. I didn't have too much time after I rage quit FIFA before work, but I was able to complete a few missions in the story mode. Collecting items like we predicted on Achievement Hounds is going to be a pain, the game is boring, and really nothing is compelling about it.

The only compelling factor is that I have 85 points in it, and that can not stay that way. Hopefully I can find some more time before recording to get some points to evade some inevitable criticism for my lack of gamerscore gain over the last week.

As far as a FIFA update, I am inching closer to my last achievement in FUT. Even though I have "played" almost 200 games with my GK, Victor Valdes, about 60% has been forfeits. At the very best case, I would need to play 16 more games in FUT to get my last achievement.

Finally, I will leave you with one of my favorite TV shows. Created by Seth Green, Robot Chicken is an absolute masterpiece. Their creativity is amazing, and their Star Wars specials are fantastic. I ran across this clip a few weeks ago and it is one of my favorites. Check it out. I am pretty sure they bleep out any language, but watch at your own risk :)

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