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PermalinkContest reinstated- for Lone Heroes readers only
1600 points available to the person who reaches 40 accurate references. There are curently 36 references spanning chapter 3 to chaper 6. Obviously this wil takesome time to get, but there will be more than enough chances by the time chapter 7 is completed.

There are aot of crazy hings up ahead. I think it's crazy that some of he most fucked up ideas come from my mother. She's been a big help is progressing te story and I hope you guys enjoy whats to come.

Good luck
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Permalinksomewhere between headaches and justified- a lone heroes update 6-18-12 (Plus I need your help!)
The last couple days I've been having trouble writing at work, no trouble, but just keep getting distracted watching justified. I've now watched so many episodes today that I'm getting a headache. For some reason I feel that I write more, and needing less rewriting with a headache. can't explain it but just do.

as for the update to the story though, part 2 is nearly complete,should have done by tomorrow by the latest. If you get a chance to read it, one minor question from chapter 5 gets answered. That question being, "Who's beating the shit out of the scientist?" The only problem to the answer is even though you will now know who it is, you don't know anything about him except he works for the shadow council, his brother is dead, the scientist is in fear of him and that he is an absolute prick.

This is the part I need help with- This man who goes out of his way to fuck up Snake's life needs a name and I'm drawing a blank. I want the name to be something very sci fi but not sound like a gang member or rapper.

Now for the incentive- obviously you all know that in the past I've offered msp for help and I'm doing so once again. The person who comes up with the name gets a code for some points. Those of you that have my cell number can text med their ideas, everyone else can send suggestions through xbox or messages on ta. Thanks in advance for the help guys.
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PermalinkOh Snap- another Lone Heroes update 6-12-12
As mention yesterday, the sixth chapter will be shorter but within minutes of posting the blog yesterday jumped right into writing. just a few minutes ago the first part of the chapter is ready. jumping right into part 2 now, just wanted to update everyone and I hope you like it
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PermalinkF#*@%G called it (+ a minor spoiler)- A Lone Heroes update 6-11-12
As I had mentioned in the previous post I anticipated it taking two weeks to finish the chapter and it is now complete with two days to spare. Chapter 6 is already underway and right away things are kicking off with a bang. I had hinted in the past about a new enemy but I was unsure of when this enemy would appear, well, the wait is nearly over. with part 1 of the chapter we're jumping right into the scene with the new unseen enemy.

This enemy is part of a secret group within the Federation (not really a spoiler since it is one of the first things stated when the character is revealed). The group operates from the shadows and is aptly named the shadow council (also the name of part 1).

Don't be surprised but this will be another shorter chpater like 4 was. The shorter chapters don't have the team and are only to tell the stories of what else is happeing at the same time.

Wait...........I should stop writing about writing it and get back to writing it. Peace, I'm out!
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Permalinkknockin shit out- A Lone Heroes update 5-31-12
been a little while since the last update, but as any of my friends will know how busy things are with work school and family not to mention gaming. Glad to say that within the last few days I've not only knocked out part 3 of chapter 5 but part 4 as well. One final part to go and the chapter will be finished. I'd say no more than 1-2 weeks as long as I'm not super busy.Hope you guys enjoy.
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