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PermalinkRoad To #1 Day 119- That Special Day
  • Happy Father's Day!!

Hey guys! I want to say first off happy father's day to all them TA dads. Hope you're kids know what you have done for them and thank you for what you have done. I can't say that to my stepdad because I haven't been able to seen him for awhile while my sisters see him more than i do. Then my real dad i haven't see him since i was 12 and i honestly don't think he knows where i am right now. I hope they both are doing well so happy father's day to them both. But besides that today seemed off. I woke up late because of last night's gaming and noone was home except for my cousin. So i ask where was everyone and she tells me that both my sisters and my mom went out with my stepdad for father's day. Damn it. So i just sat home just playing videogames because i had nothing else to do and getting b*tched at by my cousin. So what did i do to get revenge? Change the password on the computer so she wouldn't be able to find it out. It was funny for about an hour and then when she said she would leave me alone and give me a dollar, i changed it back to the original. Next thing i'll block facebook or youtube just to piss her off more. Then once they got home and my grandma coming home right after, they said that they had a good time and got food along the way but not for me. What the F**K!!! Oh well i managed to get food anyway so at least i wasn't forgotten.
  • Gaming

Today pretty much my main focus was to continue earning achievements in Wipeout: In The Zone. I manged to get the remaining episode time achievements, and get the time averages from all levels. Both the 5:00 and 4:00. Somehow i also managed to finish a Hard Difficulty Episode without wiping out at all. Also some other surprising ones that i thought wasn't going to be able to get too! That totaled out for 12 achievements for 1866 TA points. laugh Pretty good i must say.
  • A-Z Challenge

[chart ][/chart
No completions today for the second day in a row. Hello, is anyone there? I hope you guys didn't forget about the contest! Well anyway here are the spreadsheets like i promised you.
If i missed any completions today or from any that are not on the spreadsheet, please let me know.

Well today seemed off but it was okay when i was playing Wipeout. I still hate this game because it's tiring as F**k but still managed to do alot today. I also managed to get a preaid visa card so i can hopefully use it for like ebay and such but i just want to make sure it actually works. So if anyone has any info on this please tell me!! Anyways happy father's day to the awesome father's on TA. Also to the mother's as well for helping their kids that never had a father. So thanks everyone for reading and i will see you all later!
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PermalinkRoad To #1 Day 118- 4 Times The Crazy
Hello everyone! My day consisted of going to job training and getting some serious gaming in. The job training i had to be there at 9:30 and my alarm clock woke me up at 9:25. shock Yes i know i F***ed up. But i managed and the teacher wasn't really mad at all she was just glad i made it. I still have to make up hours because i didn't go on Wednesday but she is going to try to give me a writing assignment so i can make up. Hopefully i will be able to manage to do that with finals coming up. My sisters wasn't home the whole day so that was relaxing while i played some games for my team in the GTASC. I also found out some cool lists for my retro gaming hunt that will help with the games itself. It's like a checklist if i have the Game, Box, and the instructions that cam with it. That way it will help me organize my stuff during the summer. I can't wait till school ends so i can start this.
  • Gaming

Thanks Finn for commenting on how to do this! Pretty cool looking. Well anyway I play 4 diffrent titles today just because to earn some points. Well first it was a new game and another Naruto game, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. I started this and managed to do the first two chapters in the game and get a S rank in the some of the fights that were in the first two chapters. Good progress so i might continue on it tomorrow. Then i went to go to another Naruto game but i already had achievements in it before, Naruto: The Broken Bond. All i did was do the tournament achievements for being solo and in a tag team. That was pretty much it. Then after that was Asura's Wrath. Did 2 miscellaneous achievements and did the first 2 chapters of the normal play-through. Got an A-Rank on both of them so i'm going to go back and try to get S-rank on them so i can continue on. Then finally since i saw my team in danger, is the worst F***ing kinect game i have ever played, Wipeout: In The Zone. I finished the easy episodes and managed to beat a specific time to get the achievements for those episodes. I also managed to get the two odd numbered achievements in practice mode and did a couple others as well in practice mode. I'm working on the medium episodes now and this game is the most tiring game i have played. I hate it and i get tired very quickly but i was able to manage. Surprisingly.
  • A-Z Challenge

I did not see any completions today but i'm not always right so if i missed a completion please let me know. I will give you guy a leaderboard update on Monday and i will show the spreadsheets tomorrow.

Well today seemed relaxing but another clutch week for me and my team in the GTASC. Hopefully we made but i'm not entirely sure. We shall see and with that my friends, i will see you all later!
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PermalinkRoad To #1 Day 117- Finals Paranoid
Well hello once again my friends. How are you guys doing today? Well i'm doing absolutely GREAT! Well no not really just ok at the moment. Today seemed very slow because we didn't really do anything in class besides reviewing and taking pre tests before finals. I for one is ready to take the finals except for Chemistry. Probably one of the hardest subjects i have ever taken. Just all these equations are going to mess with my head! We can have a "cheat sheet" which is like a piece of paper that has notes on how to do these equations and such so i will make sure i write that very neatly so i can get at least a better grade on the chemistry final. Hopefully. I have others to make as well like math and english but i think i'll do fine in both of those with or without the "cheat sheet" and since i can't have one for History at all since that whole department is not allowed to, i'm just going to study like crazy a couple days before it. I honestly haven't studied for any tests in a long time and i think this time i might have to. I REALLY don't want to fail. No i'm not failing any classes but i just don't want to fail and make my last term grade look bad. Then after that i got a call from one of the teachers from the summer job program that i'm trying to be in and she said that i have to do a specific amount of hours before the actual program starts. So i will be going to that tomorrow morning and i will tell you guys how it was. I'm hoping i can get the job because i really want one and i will be able to get things on my own instead of feeling like an A-hole and asking my mom or grandma for money. Seriously, i do feel bad about it but they always say it's fine but i have a gut feeling that i'm just making it worse for them to be honest. I really am hoping i get itsmile.

My gaming day consisted of one game today and that was playing Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY. I didn't really play much of it but i just finished the first boss fight with Bane so i'm getting there....slowly. I might just start a couple new games that friends let me borrow just because they want them back before the school year ends and i won't be able to give them back. That might mean i need to play more https://www.trueachievements.com/game.aspx?gameid=3947.....F...!! I'll try to manage but i might throw my kinect out the window but maybe i might get lucky with this retarded game.

A-Z challenge featured a completion today and that goes to thebigbadtoph for completing the 100+ hour game Forza Motorsport 3. Congrats! I need to get that game again so i can finish it up because i don't want to start Forza 4 before i complete Forza 3. Racing games are too fun!

Well about the flashback game project(that's what i'm going to call it), i decided to ask a friend of mine Silent Dirge if he wanted to help me with this awesome thing and he said he would be glad to do it also. YAY!! Now we can hopefully have better chances at this. These are some systems i'm going to try and go for because some of the games on these systems are quite hard to find and i will definitely try my best to get them. Well anyway here they are:
-Nintendo 64
-Sega Dreamcast
-Playstation(still debating on this one though)
-Nintendo Gamecube(surprisingly some of the games are quite rare)
That's all the consoles for ya! It might get easy to get some games here and there, same thing goes for the system, but once you try to find the top-notch games for that system then it starts to get harder. This will probably last the whole summer and it's just a pretty cool idea for the Summer as well! Can't wait to get started!

Well i for one am nervous about getting the job and finals but i have a feeling i can push through it. I'm just hoping my grade doesn't drop like it has the past year with the same exact scenario. Then it's just one more week until school ends...HURRY THE F**K UP ALREADY!!! laugh Anyway, i will see you all later!

P.S- How do you the titles within the blog? Always wanted to know how
P.P.S- 30 followers Again!!! WOO!!!
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PermalinkRoad To #1 Day 116- Bringing Back Memories
Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a good day! Well mine was...interesting. My field trip that i went to for health for was going to a F***ing Babys 'R' Us. Why you ask? Well we were checking to see how much it would cost for the first year of having a child(project we were doing it on) and OH MY GOD. I respect my mom SO much more when she had to do for when i was born. Also the fact that she did it 2 more times...damn. I'm still shocked that it usually costs the much that we had found out today. It's just crazy. 3,000-10,000 dollars on just the first year? HOLY S**T! So i just want to say a quick shoutout to all mom's on TA and my mom also. All of you are amazing for being able to spend that much for the kids you love. I have major respect for everyone of you. So i hope you're kids know that someday and hope once they get older they would actually thank you for all the things you have done. I sure thanked for my mom. But mainly that was the main thing today and since we got back to the school about an hour early, my teacher said that we could just stay in her classroom for the remainder of the day. Nice! I also came up with some pretty intresting i want to try and do over the summer just a little type thing. But i will say something about that later.

Now since i had no gaming whatsoever because of sleeping and doing homework all day(F**k you Chemistry). But in the A-Z challenge featured one completion today and that goes to DeathGuard 123 for completing National Geographic Challenge. Congrats and hope to many more in the competition. I just wanted to say something real quick about this and i bet about 4 or 5 followers are just for the contest but i'm sure if i will be able to do a second round of A-Z challenge once both sides are done. I probably won't be able to get the feed most of the time because of missing some game here and there but then again i will try. I promised it but i'm not sure if i can actually back it up. Hope you guys know what i'm saying from that.

Now onto the mysterious thing i wanted to do during the summer. What i wanted to do is to try and collect some memorable games and systems from my past. Mainly going to be Nintendo stuff because the console i started on was Nintendo 64. I had about 30 games for it but wasn't able to play the system because of the controller not working and missing a cable for the system. Then about 3 years ago i lost everything. Really...EVERYTHING. All because of a fire and that actually hurt inside because that system and the Nintendo Gamecube were my memories of past gaming. I want to try and see if i can some of the games i loved from the past and actually keep them safe and maybe make a shelf for all the awesomeness that i loved from my past. I might even throw in Sega Dreamcast in there because even though i didn't have the system when i was younger, i would always play it at my friends house over and over again. So hopefully i can try to get some games and maybe collectibles from all these systems. I know they are expensive if you're just going to buy them from Amazon but i know i couple stores around Massachusetts specifficaly my local area that has things like this. Sometimes flea markets have them too but i have to be careful with that because game might be in bad shape or they are just overpricing it. Looks like i'm going to have to get my game face when it comes down to prices from sellers at flea markets. Now i know they're are some people that do collect games or just modern collectibles. But i want to know how you really start? Did you have any tips for me because i really want to do this during summer. I'm hoping someone comments about they're collecting stories and i'm always interested to reading them. But would you guys ever get into collecting in general as well? I want to get some feedback but i will just wait and see. Well to end this long blog post, i will see you all later.
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PermalinkRoad To #1 Day 115- Tick Tock Tick Tock
Hello everyone! Have you all had a good day today? Well mine was considerably boring and very tiring. I was trying to battle trying to stay awake in each class and then about falling asleep for about 15 minutes during 2nd period and 5th period. Both of those we were either reading or watching a movie. I can't help it man i'm sorry! I'm just counting down the days i have left of school because i can't wait to get out of here. Everyone is just tired of school and they just want to leave. I'm actually surprised that i haven't seen anyone in my class be gone for the rest of the year to be honest. It usually happens alot in this school. Kids would always say that they are going on vacation and that they would miss the last 2 weeks of school. Well that's good for them but you're screwed because of Finals and review stuff like that. I wouldn't want to go to vacation just because of that reason. Even if it's somewhere i really wanted to go to. still wouldn't do it. You might think i'm weird but i need to get good grade in all of my finals. SERIOUSLY. I need this F***ing badly. Also besides all that i managed to hand in my resume for the summer job program i'm trying to get in and the teacher that is doing it all was impressed from my resume. Hopefully i can get the job so i can get these new releases. But i will have to just wait.

My gaming day consisted of just playing one game and that was Sniper Elite V2. I managed to finish the story in the game and it was actually pretty good. I need to mop up some achievements in the game like collectibles, kills, and online but i think i'll manage. Come to think of it, i might just not do the collectibles. Maybe the rest of it, just not collectibles. Seriously, i already have enough games that have collectibles and i don't need another retarded one...seriously.

A-Z challenge featured one completion and that goes to TXMOOK for completing the arcade title KrissX. Congrats to you my friend! Arcade side has been quiet and it seems like the Retail is starting too as well. Or maybe i'm just losing my mind and forgetting to add completions every day. Wow, i guess i really am retarded. Oh well.

Well today seemed a battle of boredom and not falling asleep. It definitely isn't working but i don't give a F**k anymore since it's the last couple days of school. Just clock is ticking.........oh wait, i forgot to say that i will see you all later. I will see you all later!laugh
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