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Well this week has been pretty eventful week. On Monday, I went into EB Games and pre-ordered and And of course two days later I hit a car redface So I'm not sure how badly that's going to hurt my wallet. It was a very minor accident. But nonetheless, It's going to cost me something. :(
Also, the past couple days I've had a nice break away from the xbox to enjoy the nice weather, going to the drive-in with some friends and spending time with family as it's both my birthday this weekend and Fathers Day.

Gaming Activity:
I decided to sign up for a session for this game and got one of those tournament achievements. And afterwords, I decided to try and survive playing the horrible single-player. I ended up getting the last 2 achievements to complete the main game. But I still have a lot of the DLC to go. I'm going to have to do it a little bit at a time though because it's just way to repetitive and boring if you're doing it by yourself. Plus, the ridiculous amount of loot is annoying as well because of how limited your inventory is. I really hope they improve (on what I think are flaws about the first Borderlands) in Borderlands 2.
I earned 3 achievements, worth 65G, which brought me to 1195/1750.
Game completion: 69% --> 74%
Had a session with HamsterExAstris and Maxpayne1080. It was more fun because we were playing legitimately (until a certain person has their 10 wins) However, I suck at Scene It games so I never ended up winning any of them. I had a nice talk with Hamster the whole session, as Max accidentally muted himself through the session laugh. I earned both:
Scene It? Box Office Smash!It's a LIVEThe It's a LIVE achievement in Scene It? Box Office Smash! worth 16 pointsPlay an online game.

Scene It? Box Office Smash!Online QuizThe Online Quiz achievement in Scene It? Box Office Smash! worth 54 pointsWin one round of Pop Quiz while playing online.

Those 2 achievements brought me to a total of 760/1250.
Game completion: 66% --> 69%
Decided to attempt a little zombies with Redodua and Maxpayne1080. And it wasn't the most successful attempt shock but I did end up getting:
Call of Duty: Black OpsOne Small Hack for a Man...The One Small Hack for a Man... achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops worth 8 pointsIn Moon, hack something.

...So at least that achievement brought me to a nice round number of 1300/1700. laugh
Game completion: 82% --> 83%
*sigh* this game is starting to frustrate me. It's online aspect is fun, but it has given me so much problems. As you might have saw me mention earlier this week, my ranks for each of the three classes were brought down two levels, which frustrated me at the time because I was going for the "crosstrained" achievement (see below). But I guess the good news is, it popped when all of my classes hit level 8 instead of level 10. So at least it worked I guess...but Ubisoft needs to sort out these stupid bugs. So I earned:
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future SoldierCross-trainedThe Cross-trained achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier worth 25 pointsReach Level 10 on one Rifleman, one Scout, and one Engineer character

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future SoldierMod ProThe Mod Pro achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier worth 99 pointsSpend 50 Attachment Credits to add attachments to various guns

And those 2 achievements brought me to 565/1000.
Game completion: 54% --> 58%
I didn't think I'd be playing this game anytime soon but Redodua needed someone to boost with for the online achievements. So I played and earned 3 of the online achievements in the process of helping him out. And then afterwords did a search for the 50 EDIT: 60 collectables there are in the game. (Yes, collectables in a racing game...stupid, in my opinion) And a big thanks to Ed again, for helping me find that last collectable. So aggravating! angry
I earned 5 achievements, worth 120G, which brought me to 240/1250.
Game completion: 18% --> 27% (Trenched)
I started this game the other day with both Bears Scare Me and HamsterExAstris. It's a pretty fun tower defence game. I hope we continue and play more of this in the future.
I earned 5 achievements, worth 30/250.
Game completion: 22%
For Brink! shock
I decided to join Manifest95's sessions this week and play this terrible game. I really have nothing different to say about it than what everyone else says. It just an overall disappointing game that didn't live up to expectations, also with very flawed gameplay, such as the ridiculously hard bots.
I'm not going to really get into a huge thing of how much I hate the game although, it's very tempting...
I earned 3 achievements, worth 70G, which brought me to 710/1250.
Game completion: 56% --> 63%

This week I also joined a couple of's sessions this week and was hoping to join the more recent one's that were set up but it interfered with other stuff that's going on. The couple sessions that I did join were pretty successful. Knocked out all the "kill # of people with this move" achievements. Now all that's left is the achievements where you have to play/win a certain game type a certain # of times.
I earned 12 achievements, worth 205G, which brought me to 325/1000.
Game completion: 14% --> 38%
Played some more of the single-player and quickly earned these 2 achievements:
Assassin's Creed: RevelationsA Friend IndeedThe A Friend Indeed achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations worth 37 pointsComplete all Faction Creed Challenges from a single faction.

Assassin's Creed: RevelationsPyromaniacThe Pyromaniac achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations worth 38 pointsComplete all Bomb Missions.

I was hoping to play some online to hopefully get a few of the online achievements but I've not been to lucky when it comes to Ubisoft this week. Every time I tried to access it, it told me to check my internet connection.
With those 2 achievements I earned, they brought me to 990/1490.
Game completion: 68% --> 71%
So since the Assassin's Creed multiplayer wasn't working, I switched over to this game and played some of the multiplayer on this and ended up getting two "efficiency" achievements:
Battlefield 3Infantry EfficiencyThe Infantry Efficiency achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 48 pointsObtain all 4 weapon efficiency ribbons

Battlefield 3Support EfficiencyThe Support Efficiency achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 55 pointsObtain all 4 support efficiency ribbons

I was surprised when I got them both because I wasn't even going for achievements, more so just playing for fun. smile
So those two surprising achievements brought me to 660/1240.
Game completion: 52% --> 56%

Statistics Change:

Starting Gamerscore: 139,112
Starting TA Score: 202,394
Starting Completion Percentage: 47.78%
Starting TA Ratio: 1.4549
Starting # of Achievements: 7,145

Current Gamerscore: 139,792 (+680)
Current TA Score: 203,815 (+1,421)
Current Completion Percentage: 47.95% (+0.17%)
Current TA Ratio: 1.4580 (+0.031)
Current # of Achievements: 7,183 (+38)

Backlog Additions:

(Probably won't be a big looking backlog from now on, due to accident)

Milestone(s) Earned:


Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers on TA! smile
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PermalinkWeekly Gaming Activity (June 3rd-June 10th)
This week really shows how much I can't focus on one game very well. I was all over the place. Although it was partially due to the different gaming sessions I signed up for.

Gaming Activity:
Pretty easy game to boost because of how dead the online is. I obtained all the online achievements except:
James Cameron's AvatarBring On All Comers!The Bring On All Comers! achievement in James Cameron's Avatar worth 77 pointsComplete 150 Multiplayer games.

but the guide says that there's a way of doing it solo anyways.
I earned 7 achievements, worth 140G. It makes the game now at 150/1000.
Game completion: 3% --> 21%
Definitely not my favourite music genre game but it's one of the easier for getting achievements. I got about half of the "Secret notes" achievements and I was going to get the rest of them but then I saw that getting all of those achievements would make me earn:
Band HeroTreasure HuntThe Treasure Hunt achievement in Band Hero worth 768 pointsCollect all of the Secret Notes

I didn't really want to earn that just yet...because of the amount of TA score there is from just that one achievement, I'm going to wait until our GTASC team gets further into the competition. I'll earn it when we really need it. smile
I earned 19 achievements, worth 160G, which brought it to 180/1000.
Game completion: 6% --> 45%
Played...well more like boosted a little more of this game with a couple friends. Not much I like about this game. It has a little original things but besides that, I really don't enjoy it.
I earned 4 achievements, worth 60G. That brought it to 145/1000.
Game completion: 20% --> 28%
Finished up the co-op section of this game on normal difficulty, which a friend. Only earned these achievements this week:
SyndicateInitiation CompleteThe Initiation Complete achievement in Syndicate worth 24 pointsComplete all Co-Op maps on any difficulty

SyndicateSuper SoldierThe Super Soldier achievement in Syndicate worth 21 pointsComplete a mission without going down

This was probably one of the only games I enjoyed playing this week, and like I said before this game's co-op is a lot of fun. So it keeps me coming back.
Those 2 achievements brought me up to 300/1000.
Game completion: 38% --> 42%
This was probably one of my first 20 games I owned. And back then, I remember playing the online for fun, and I actually laugh at that now because now the only is quite the grind, when it comes to the achievements you have to get. I earned:
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double AgentUSS WISDOM ExpertThe USS WISDOM Expert achievement in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent worth 99 pointsGet at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play 25 sessions in this map

There are 7 more achievements exactly like that one, but for the other 7 maps. And then there are the 3 "trophy" achievements and the last stupid average character statistic achievement:
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double AgentCOMMANDERThe COMMANDER achievement in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent worth 213 pointsObtain an overall characteristics average of over 95%

And that one really is a bitch to do, because it doesn't seem like there's much of a method. You kind of just try different ways and hope the % will raise. My overall has been at 91% forever and no matter what I try and what guide I follow, nothing is making it go up any further. shock
That one achievement brought me to a total of 760/1000.
Game completion: 74% -- 76%
Played a just for fun session with some fellow patooners this week. Made me want to go back and get the animus fragments to earn:
Assassin's Creed: RevelationsCappedThe Capped achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations worth 39 pointsCollect all animus data fragments.

It was funny because i freaked out at 99 fragments because I thought it glitched on me, as I was looking at the map, there were no other fragments left to get. But the last one was hiding under the thieves guild icon. facepalm
I also attempted an achievement I gave up on back when this game came out and managed to actually get it this time:
Assassin's Creed: RevelationsMouse TrapThe Mouse Trap achievement in Assassin's Creed: Revelations worth 44 pointsKill 5 guards with a scaffold after they have been stunned by caltrops.

I earned 3 achievements worth 70G, bringing me to 950/1490. (why couldn't they just make it 1500?!)
Game completion: 64% --> 68%
Played a little of this with a friend online. And the whole rent-a-server thing makes it easy to boost the achievements. Made it super easy to get these 2 achievements:
Battlefield 3Most Valuable PlayerThe Most Valuable Player achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 42 pointsFinish as MVP in a ranked match

Battlefield 3Like a BossThe Like a Boss achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 61 pointsGet a kill with the skid loader

Those 2 achievements brought me to a total of 600/1240. (I would rage about this game not being 1250, but they're probably going to have at least one more DLC.)
Game completion: 48% --> 52%
Continued playing this game with Bears Scare Me, Das Kuhnen, and ToadStyleVenom. I'm guessing we'll finish our medium run the next session. But big thanks to bears for once again handing us:
Dungeon DefendersCatch 'em AllThe Catch 'em All achievement in Dungeon Defenders worth 26 pointsStore all Pet types in your Item Box or on your Heroes
(loved the pokemon reference)
Really looking forward to next session. smile
And that one achievement brought me to 20/200.
Game completion: 8% --> 17%
Continued to boost with the same host as last week's session. It was pretty productive. I'm about halfway through the achievement list now. It's really not that bad if you have a somewhat entertaining group of people to boost with. Looking forward to the 2 sessions I've signed up for this week.
I earned 4 achievements, worth 180G. I'm not at 505/1000.
Game completion: 40% --> 48%

Stats from beginning of week to now:

Starting Gamerscore: 138,392
Starting TA Score: 200,951
Starting Completion Percentage: 47.49%
Starting TA Ratio: 1.4520
Starting # of Achievements: 7,102

Current Gamerscore: 139,112 (+720)
Current TA Score: 202,394 (+1,443)
Current Completion Percentage: 47.78% (+0.29%)
Current TA Ratio: 1.4549 (+0.029)
Current # of Achievements: 7,145 (+43)

Backlog Additions:

PS3 Backlog Additions: <- redface
Little Big Planet
Little Big Planet 2


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PermalinkWeekly Gaming Activity (May 27th-June 2nd)
Hey all!

Firstly, congrats to Matrarch, on winning my little prize from last week's blog, for a free LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. Enjoy!

This week has been pretty productive. Earned a bunch of achievements from mostly shitty games, now that I'm looking at the games I played. laugh
I also decided to join a bunch of boosting session for this upcoming week. So I'm hoping I'll knock out a good amount of online achievements this week.

Gaming Activity:
I played a little more of this and finished off the campaign on Elite. I planned on playing the multiplayer but the servers were extremely bad the night I wanted to play it, so I temporarily quit. Hopefully I'll get back to playing it later on.
I earned 6 achievements, worth 180G, which brought it to 515/1000.
Game completion: 42% --> 54%
I decided to start this game, knowing that last week's bonus in the GTASC was to complete a game that was over a 1.5 TA ratio. However, after getting to the 75% point of the campaign, I found out that not every member of our team would be able to do it due to busy schedules. Since this game is terrible, I didn't think twice about moving on to another game. The game is extremely repetitive and boring as hell to play. The achievements aren't all that hard so I'm thinking the ratio is based mostly on how bad the game is.
I earned 28 achievements, scoring me 485G in this game.
Game completion: 58%

Alright, moving on to my 2 back-to-back completions this week. Now the funny this is about both of these completions is that I don't really remember completing them. I completed them in one night when I was really drunk. So, I guess the moral of the story is...if I want to be a completionist, I better get drunk more often. laugh *opens beer can*
The final achievement I had left to earn in this game was:
Rogue WarriorDecorated VeteranThe Decorated Veteran achievement in Rogue Warrior worth 58 pointsPlay 50 games online. (Multiplayer)

That last achievement (that I hardly remember earning) made this game compreeto! clap
Game completion: 98% --> 100%
The final and very annoying achievement in this game was:
Minecraft: Xbox 360 EditionLeader Of The PackThe Leader Of The Pack achievement in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition worth 38 pointsBefriend five wolves.

This one I somewhat remember completing. I remember that Redodua hoped in the game and was talking to me. Although, I have NO idea what we talked about. shock He probably ended up finding all the wolves for me and handed me the achievement. Who knows...
And that final achievement made this game compreeto as well! clap
Game completion: 95% --> 100%
For this game, I signed up for a session that is actually coming up this week on June 4th. But the host sent me a message on live, wanting to know if I wanted to boost a little bit before the session. So I knocked a few of the easier multiplayer achievements out of the way.
I earned 8 achievements worth 75G, bringing this game to 85/1000.
Game completion: 4% --> 20%
Finally "started" this game after playing it for a long time. It takes a really long time to get this game on your card. Anyways, I joined a session and played with fellow platooners: Bears Scare Me, Das Kuhnen, and ToadStyleVenom. Pretty much the session consisted of us relearning how to play and Bears quick-leveling us up and handing us all:
Dungeon DefendersMaster BankerThe Master Banker achievement in Dungeon Defenders worth 12 pointsStore 15,000,000 Mana in your Mana Bank

I'm really looking forward to continue playing this game some more with them, as it is one of my favourite arcade games I own.
Game completion: 8%
The achievements in this were due to another boosting session. I quite enjoyed this session, however it was probably because how lively the party chat was. It was an extremely productive session for me. I earned 11 achievements from just that one session. And then after the session was over I went on to get the final 2 "training" achievements I had left:
ShadowrunChapter 5 TrainingThe Chapter 5 Training achievement in Shadowrun worth 12 pointsComplete Chapter 5 Training.

ShadowrunChapter 6 TrainingThe Chapter 6 Training achievement in Shadowrun worth 12 pointsComplete Chapter 6 Training.

This is also another game I'm looking forward to continue boosting and have already joined future sessions with the same host and hopefully some of the same people.
I earned a total of 13 achievements, worth 235G. Making this game at 325/1000.
Game completion: 14% --> 40%

Stats from beginning of week to now:

Starting Gamerscore: 137,357
Starting TA Score: 199,080
Starting Completion Percentage: 47.31%
Starting TA Ratio: 1.4494
Starting # of Achievements: 7,044

Current Gamerscore: 138,392 (+1,035)
Current TA Score: 200,951 (+1,871)
Current Completion Percentage: 47.49% (+0.18%)
Current TA Ratio: 1.4520 (+0.026)
Current # of Achievements: 7,102 (+58)

Backlog Addition(s):

Milestone(s) Earned:

200,000 TrueAchievement Score (MySims SkyHeroes)

And finally, I leave you with two AchievementHunter videos that I left me laughing quite a bit. The first video relates to the second video. NOTE: the second video is a little over 23 minutes long. So only watch if you have time. smile

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PermalinkWeekly Gaming Activity (May 20th-May 26th) ...Might be worth your while to read! =D
This week has been pretty slow. I've mostly been playing GR:FS. I'll review the game more below. Received quite a nice paycheck this week....OT shift on a holiday was definitely worth it. smile Bought a 320GB hard drive. Trying to figure out how my gamertag will work with both hard drives though.

Gaming Activity:
Finished up the campaign. Like I said in previous blogs. I absolutely LOVE this game. I can't wait to play it again to get the remaining 4 more difficult achievements but it takes time, so I think I'll wait until the GTASC is over.
Earned 8 achievements worth 200G. Game stands at 900/1250.
Game completion: 80% --> 93%

Guitar Hero 5
Got a message from a friend this week, asking for my help with a Music Mayhem session because I believe there was a no-show. So I gladly helped out, it was a fun session. I miss playing music games. I might start again soon. Anyways I earned:
Guitar Hero 5Fest Quartet QuestThe Fest Quartet Quest achievement in Guitar Hero 5 worth 83 pointsPlay 10 4-Player RockFest Mode games of any type

So that achievement brought me to 660/1000.
Game completion: 76% --> 78%
Picked this game up this week and I was a little hesitant because I didn't much enjoy GRAW2 and stayed far away from GRAW, knowing that it's almost impossible to complete. But this game hasn't disappointed me so far. So much better than GRAW2. The campaign is very good so far. If you are going for the bonus objectives, (I believe they're called tactical challenges) it can be quite challenging. The online is really fun as well. I haven't played that much of it though, so I'm not going to say all that much about it. I did manage to get:
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future SoldierTrue GhostThe True Ghost achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier worth 26 pointsGet 10 consecutive kills in one Quick Match without dying

It was in one of my first few games too! I was really surprised when I got it because it was a game type with more than 1 round before the end of the game. And I only got 5 kills that round so apparently it will carry of the kills from the previous round.
Anyways, I earned a total of 335G this week.
Game completion: 42%

Stats from beginning of week to now:

Starting Gamerscore: 136,802
Starting TA Score: 198,057
Starting Completion Percentage: 47.26%
Starting TA Ratio: 1.4478
Starting # of Achievements: 7,014

Current Gamerscore: 137,357 (+555)
Current TA Score: 199,080 (+1,023)
Current Completion Percentage: 47.31% (+0.05%)
Current TA Ratio: 1.4494 (+0.0016)
Current # of Achievements: 7,044 (+30)

Backlog Additions:

Milestone(s) Earned:


And now if anyone managed to read this far, you're probably wondering why it said "might be worth your while to read". Well if you don't have the game LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, you might be in luck! I got a free code with the 320GB hard drive i bought the other day. But I already own the game. Sooooo....first person to comment on this blog, I will PM you a code for it. Enjoy your free game! clap
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PermalinkWeekly Gaming Activity (May 13th-May 19th)
So this week I haven't all that much time to game as much as I wanted to. I've been dealing with some ongoing issues at work. I'm hoping after my OT shifts are done with this week, I can game a little bit on my well-earned days off, but first I'll probably go buy another hard drive because my 250GB is almost full. shock

Gaming Activity:
Got back around to playing this game. I absolutely loved this game. It was quite a challenge on Hard mode, but I still had fun, despite the difficulty. I need to go back and mop up the remaining achievements. However, I know I'm going to have to play through it again to get:
VanquishLiving LegendThe Living Legend achievement in Vanquish worth 128 pointsComplete the game without dying, regardless of difficulty level.

And this looks like it's going to be an even bigger pain in the ass:
VanquishSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Vanquish worth 350 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Overall, I earned 22 achievements worth 455G, which brought me to 795/1000.
Game completion: 44% --> 88%
I think the only reason I chose to play this was because I decided to look at the 360voice challenge I was in, and I wasn't too far behind from winning, so I quickly popped a few of these quick, easy achievements just to take that win. Sorry all platooners! laugh
With the 5 achievements I won on that, it earned me 90G and brought me to 100/1000.
Game completion: 2% --> 15%
I actually didn't think I'd be getting back around to this game anytime soon but one of my friends had a session where they were missing a person so I hopped in their game and earned a few achievements by accident. I actually really enjoyed the multiplayer (And I rarely say that about games). It was a lot of fun and I'm hoping to set up a session soon for the other multiplayer achievements. I also decided to finish the campaign on it as well since I'd gotten used to the controls again so I may as well.
The 14 achievements earned gained me 240G and that brought me to 280/1000.
Game completion: 10% --> 38%
The DLC came out this week, so I played it on my single day off and quickly knocked it out of the way. Unfortunately, it really wasn't too much of a challenge, so I don't have much to say about it.
Earned the 6 achievements in the DLC pack worth 150G. That brings me to 1210/1310 (what a stupid-ass number...they better have another DLC to fix that angry)
Game completion: 84% --> 94%
I can't seem to put this game down. It is truly amazing, IMO. I only played the DLC this week. I completed it last night but it took a few days to do because like I said above, things have been getting busier for me. But hopefully, I'll get back to the campaign and finish that up. Then I'll need to go through it again to finish the harder achievements. I'm planning on doing them all in the same playthrough, however, I think I might wait until the GTASC is over though because it'll probably take some time. The achievements that will be leftover, that will be hopefully be completed are:
Deus Ex: Human RevolutionLegendThe Legend achievement in Deus Ex: Human Revolution worth 256 pointsComplete Deus Ex: Human Revolution at its hardest setting without ever changing the difficulty.

Deus Ex: Human RevolutionPacifistThe Pacifist achievement in Deus Ex: Human Revolution worth 279 pointsComplete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without anyone dying by your hand. (Boss fights don't count.)

Deus Ex: Human RevolutionFoxiest of the HoundsThe Foxiest of the Hounds achievement in Deus Ex: Human Revolution worth 314 pointsComplete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without setting off any alarms.

Deus Ex: Human RevolutionDoctorateThe Doctorate achievement in Deus Ex: Human Revolution worth 162 pointsRead all 29 unique XP books within a single playthrough.

It should be fun! headspin
Earned 11 achievements worth 260G, which brought me to 700/1250.
Game completion: 61% --> 80%

Stats from beginning of week to now:

Starting Gamerscore: 135,607
Starting TA Score: 196,406
Starting Completion Percentage: 46.94%
Starting TA Ratio: 1.4483
Starting # of Achievements: 6,956

Current Gamerscore: 136,802 (+1195)
Current TA Score: 198,057 (+1,651)
Current Completion Percentage: 47.26% (+0.32%)
Current TA Ratio: 1.4478 (-0.0005)
Current # of Achievements: 7,014 (+58)

Backlog Additions:
Prison Break: The Conspiracy
(went a little crazy on DoTW/Microsoft Sales facepalm)

Milestone(s) Earned:
7,000 achievements earned (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3)
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