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PermalinkRoad to 100,000 G: Day4 (Friday, June 22nd)
Another day, another blog....

Today I discovered that Dawguard (DLC to Skyrim) is set to be released this Tuesday. Thanks for the notice Bethesda. Tuesday, yes that is correct Tuesday. 4 days from now. It has also been priced at 1600 MSP which I think is cheaper than Shivering Isles for Oblivion, but still Shivering Isles was practically an entire game to itself so hopefully we can expect the same from Dawnguard. Not only do I feel the need to have this new content, but I sold Skyrim once I beat the main quest so now instead of spending a mere $20 I will probably be spending a total of $60 just to have this DLC. Like I said, it better be worth it.

For those of you that haven't seen the trailer for the DLC, here ya go

In other news, I bought three games from the amazing Games on Demand Sale. Blazing Angels, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and Surf's Up. I haven't started any of them....shock

For me actually playing games today, time hasn't been limited, but I didn't really feel like playing anything. I got up early this morning went to my school to write my final exam of the year then came home and watched Training Day which was a good fucking movie! Then I past out for about an hr and decided to finish up Blood Stone. Since I have now completely it, I can definitely say for everyone to give the game a shot. IT'S GOOD!
After beating it I unlocked 007 Difficulty which I had planned on doing, but after playing the first level I though to myself, "This is going to be another Black Ops disaster. Being stuck at one part for hours." Yeah I quickly learned that it doesn't take very long to dieangry

I am going to try and start 007: Quantum of Solace this weekend and try and complete it as well. Hopefully by my next blog I would have started it, but until then, here are some videos to enjoy!

Funniest shit ever!

Fastest Rap Stars On The Planet!

Goodnight Everyonetoast
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PermalinkRoad to 100,000 G: Day3 (Thursday, June 21st)
I am doing this for the second time because I may or may not be retarded. So anyways I got zero gaming done today. End of story. warning
I turned on my 360 only once just to see if I had any messages which sadly I didn't, but asides from that I was just too busy. I had to focus on studying for an exam tomorrow then I spent my night watching OKC/Heat Game 5. The Heat won the championship and Lebron finally got a ring that is well deserved, but I really wish the series at gone to 7 to make it an "epic" finals.

In other news, the TA Scanners are down until Monday.....This has made me, for some reason, have a lack of motivation to play any games at all although I am going to try and complete Blood Stone this weekend and possibly start Quantum of Solace. Maybe get a little 0 Day Attack on Earth online action in there too wink

Ok like I said in the blog that I messed up on, I was going to make this short and sweet so the remainder of this will just be my two videos of the day.

I hope you enjoy the song I chose and the video and after you watch them please leave a comment saying that you follow this blog or not since I can't tell who does, it would just be nice to know smile

Another UberHaxorNova video... Let me know if you wanna see a video from a different person. I watch a lot of different people, but I have been watching him a lot as of late.

Been listening to a lot of G-Unit lately probably just for some classic Young Buck

Goodnight Everyone toast
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PermalinkRoad to 100,000 G: Day2 (Wednesday, June 20th)
Ok I am posting this one a little late because well let's face it Magic 2013 is out and I have been extremely busy with that. Today has been a very successful day in the world of gamerscore. Got about 10 achievements in 007: Blood Stone and another 13 with the new release of Magic, including what I believe is the toughest two achievements: Challenge Master and Praetor Slayer thanks to AmTheBroseph01 on YouTube.

Now let's get into just how good the new Magic game is. There are many improvements to the game that make the game easier, but at the same time the opponents you face are way more difficult than the previous title. There are also two new game modes(Encounter and Planechaser) that are only campaign based. These two modes add a deeper experience to Magic, but they are not needed and are boring to play. To make matters worse there are achievements for each mode which sucks because for someone like me that wants to be able to 100% it makes it not fun. I was able to experience the online aspect to the game for the achievements, but since the achievements are so easy to get, I only played for about 5 mins. All in all a good game for returning Magic fans, but for newcomers it is challenging to pick up.

Ok back to James Bond......
What to say about this...
I am loving every aspect of the game. I have yet to be frusturated by the game which is rare to find me not rage at some point while playing any game. I have come to learn that the game for achievements is extremely easy which confuses me because the game has a 2 TA ratio facepalm
I played some online for the game today as well which was surprisingly fun and I am actually pretty good at it.. I only played I think 6 games, but it was fun to goof around with and not to mention the 4 achievements I got today roll

That pretty much wraps up all the gaming I did today.
Now I want to integrate something to my daily blog, my favourite video of the day and song. I watch a lot of YouTube throughout the day and just thought it would be nice to share with you guys. All the videos of the day will be gaming related and the music will be whatever I was enjoying that day. After the two videos will be my gamerscore in each game for the day.

Swizzz - Hard in the Paint music

Very funny SvR 2011 video from UberHaxorNova laugh

Day: 2
Magic 2013 (115G)
007: Blood Stone (325G)

Good Day Everybody - Sirenz toast
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PermalinkRoad to 100,000 G: Day1 (Tuesday, June 19th)
Ok so I am going to attempt a daily blog discussing new games I have been playing on a daily basis or games I have been grinding out like 0 Day Attack on Earth(Oh GOD!)..I want to be able to mimic an entertaining yet informational blog the way StophJ does. Since it is my first daily blog there is not much to say, I just want people to understand what is going to happen. But on the gaming side of things, I am extremely excited for Magic 2013! Very rarely am I so excited for an arcade title, but this has my hair sticking up and my blood boiling. I guess I may just be way to excited for a game that may be nothing like its predecessor, but I will still be looking for it on the marketplace at 12:01 AM. Although this doesn't matter much to me with a game that I am excited, I looked at the achievements for it and I must say it looks like there are quite a few online achievement which puts a damper on my whole completion percentage, but maybe I will just boost for them. Aside from going insane waiting for this release, I have not accomplished much in terms of playing games since I had to work. I did however get the painful Ruler of the Universe achievement for 0 Day Attack on Earth for a whopping 50G and I also started a new game 007: Blood Stone. Honestly, this is the first 007 game I have played since Nightfire for either the Gamecube or PS2 and I must say that so far I enjoy the game. It makes you feel like a total bad ass with the mixture of parkour and great shooting gameplay. Oh yeah and the sweet takedowns :P. Now I am playing on the easiest difficulty so I can quickly run through the game to unlock legend difficulty, but so far the game is really easy to quickly run through. I think I am on the 3rd mission with about 1.5 hrs of game time into it. All in all its a good game to just play, but let's face it I wouldn't be playing this game if it weren't for achievement and since there are online ones for this game, it is going to take quite some time to complete unless there are other boosters. Not a very successful day with gamerscore, but I got done a painful achievement to do and comepleted Magic 2012 Expansion Campaign :)...
Here is how my day wraps up, showing how much score I got in each game by the day.
Day 1: 0 Day Attack on Earth (50G)
007: Blood Stone (60G)
Magic 2012 (20G)
Total - 130G
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PermalinkThe Walking Dead (Contains Spoilers)
So I have recently decided to sorta give my opinion of games that I either just beat, 100% it, or just out right played the shit out of. The game that is first on the long list to come is The Walking Dead. In this blog I will be giving what I thought of the game, is it worth the price, is it a must-have or a pass, etc. I would like to first off by saying that at 400 MSP it is hard to decline a purchase of any game at that price whether the game is or was terrible or not. And at 400 points The Walking Dead is the "jackpot" of games. It is easy to boost your Gamerscore and is a compelling story that leaves you wanting more. This game is only episode 1 of what I believe is 5 so the pricing on it is good considering after playing and beating this you will want to buy the remaining episodes. I have never read any of the comics and I have watched few episodes of the TV series so buying this game was a bit risking considering I didn't really know what to expect from this genre, but after playing it I find that it is easy for anyone to pick it up and have fun and enjoy the story and the entire gaming experience. The story, so far, takes place in a town just outside of Atlanta. You play a man named Lee Everett who we do not know too much about other than the fact that he is a murderer and he is very disconnected with his former family. Throughout the game Lee is forced to choose to save between two survivors frequently which adds intense story changes and character drama. Choosing one survivor from another will affect the way the story is played out so it brings the short XBLA game some good replay value to it. Even though the game is so short and there is not much action, collectibles, or exploring to be had, this game provides a deep experience to make it seem like you are in the same position as Lee. Be wary though that this game is very slow for a person used to playing through FPS or Action games, but I feel that the game does enough to make anyone that enjoys a good movie to enjoy this "interactive movie." For only 400 MSP you cannot do any wrong to at least try this game, to give it a chance. Aside from a few flaws in detail to graphics and some sequences that may leave you puzzled, I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for either a great story or easy Gamerscore. 9/10 - Sirenz
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