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Hello again everybody!! Hope all is going well on your end. I've been trying to get into a monthly blog routine but I'm bored so I thought I'd write a lil something a few days earlier than I planned :)

June was a pretty good month for me gaming-wise. I completed three games which is kind of a record for me, especially with them all being finished within about a week of each other.

I finally finished my first Guitar Hero game which was very exciting for me. I thought that damned Sampler Plate achievement was never going to pop but about midway through our second playthrough of the game modes, there it was. Huge thanks to Spartan MRC178 and Buckswana for their help, I couldn't have done it without you both :)

Battlefield 3 was next on the completion list. I was finally able to get that bastard achievement Bullseye with the help of Dark Resis7ance (thanks again, you rock!!) That was the last disc achievement I had left so I just had to wait for the dlc, which wasn't a very long wait after all lol. We ended up getting the Premium deal so we had early access to the Close Quarters dlc and finished it rather quickly. I liked the dlc for the most part, I'm just not used to the new maps yet. I get lost during Conquest Domination, there's always one objective I ignore since I'm too stubborn to try to find a way to it. The assignments didn't seem to be too bad either, although I admit I haven't finished all of them yet but I will eventually. I'm just nervous for the next dlc since it's pretty much vehicle driven, and anyone who's ever played online with me knows that vehicles are not my strong point...unless they need to be destroyed with teammates in them ;)

Last in my triple-play was Party Animals. I had rented this game about a year ago and got 80% of the achievements within the first 2 days, but this was around the time when my box was being a total bitch and at times wouldn't read games so I wasn't able to complete it then. When I saw that it was on sale for 400msp last week, I had to get it to finish it off. Thanks again to Buckswana for helping me with the mp stuff I had left.

I set a goal for myself to hit 90% completion by the end of the year. I'm hoping I can do it, I don't really see why not. I was sitting at an 87% until I started Bolt, which was also a 400msp steal. So now, my to do list looks like this:

1. Complete Bolt - Easy peasy, just dreading the collectibles...ugh...

2. Complete Gears of War - Currently working on this. I was in 2 sessions this week and am in another later today. The guys have all been great to chat with and I've already got 2 weapons done. Just have 2 weapons to go, curb stomps, revives, hosting and Seriously...

3. Get to work on GTA 4 - This was one of the first games we bought when we first got our Xbox, way back in the day before the achievement bug bit us. It's currently sitting on my card with 6/65 achievements won so that one is gonna help out my goal once I get motivated enough to get back to it.

4. Finish Red Dead Redemption - Ugh. I loved this game but there's just waaaay too much shit to do to get the 100% completion. But there's still mp I need help with so if anyone's interested, hit me up :)

5. Finish Bad Company 2 - I just have to get silver and gold stars on the Vietnam weapons and I'm halfway through the tank kills. This probably should be higher up on my list but I'm not too concerned about it right now.

I'm sure there's more I can work on but this blog has gone on long enough. Besides, the more I look at what needs to be done, the more I tend to procrastinate dance

Well, I guess I should wrap this up. Take care and thanks for reading!! Hope to game with you all soon!! toast
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Happy Thursday everyone!! Hope the week has gone great for you all so far :)

I've been working like crazy so I've missed pretty much all the E3 stuff so I honestly have no clue as to what's in store this year. I did see the Gears of War Judgment announcement....cannot wait for that!! I'm so glad another Gears game is coming out even though I don't know what to expect since it won't be an EPIC game, for better or for worse. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be complete garbage and yet another grindfest. I'm still not sure if I will ever finish Seriously 3.0, I kinda stopped working on onyx medals at the beginning of the year....when Battlefield 3 came into my life.

Speaking of BF3, the new dlc is coming out in a couple weeks and I cannot wait to jump into the close quarter action!! I know I've said before that I don't generally play first person shooters but I am definitely glad I gave this game a chance. It's one of the very few online mp I actually enjoy, although I was having a pretty rough time with it yesterday...ugh. But I don't get nearly as frustrated with that as I do with Gears mp, what a nightmare..

I'm still working on Bad Company 2 as well. We started playing the Onslaught mode earlier in the week (I think?) and I just have 2 more missions to go. Hardcore is definitely no joke, the AI appeared out of nowhere on us quite a few times, and not being able to see the minimap or how much ammo you have left really makes it a challenge. But we'll soldier through, enemy helicopters be damned!!

It may not seem like a big deal but I am 3 achievements away from completing my first Guitar Hero game. I'm very excited about that, I never thought I'd be able to actually finish a music game. I'm so close now, all I need to do is get 15 more stars in career, play 25 matches online, and figure out how to get the Sampler Plate achievement. I have played every game mode but no achievement. I'm not sure if it has to be done in a certain order or what. I hope it's not glitched and if anyone is willing to help me with it, please hit me up so I can finally put GH5 in my trophy case :)

As I said earlier, I missed all the news so what from E3 are you all excited about? What games are going to take over your xbox this summer? Borderlands 2 is the main game I'm looking forward to and as silly as it is to admit, so is Lego Batman 2 lol. I'm not sure about the Legos be able to talk in it but we'll see how it goes.

Well, I guess that's about it for my monthly rambleblog. Hope I didn't bore you all too much lol. Take care and I'll talk to you all soon wave
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So... Music Mayhem. I loved that TA decided to do this. I have so many achievements in music games that I just couldn't get for any number of reasons, from not having a full band to not knowing 3 other drummers and so on. I was in quite a few sessions this past week and most of them went pretty well. I met some really cool people and got most of the achievements I was going for, though one session couldn't even start because of 2 no shows but it was all good. I was able to get the achievement I was after the next day. All in all, it was a good experience. I haven't been put in anymore sessions but if any of my TA friends ever need an extra person for theirs, I'm down to help out. Just hit me up here or on Xbl and as long as it's a game I have, I'm there.

I finally finished Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone. Huge thanks to Emmortal87, Thrash Forever, and Cosmic Duck. I wasn't sure if I was gonna ever finish that one. I tried the 4 player co-op once before and fell into 2 glitches that pretty much made me hate the freaking game, but since it was the last achievement I needed, I made myself try again and thankfully we all made it through. Suck it zombies :P

I'm so close to finishing Battlefield 3. All that's left is the Drop Em Like Liquid co-op mission. God, I hate that one but it'll get done sooner or later. I'm really looking forward to the Close Quarters dlc and I'm so glad I gave the game a chance as it's become one of my favorites. I'm also making good progress on Bad Company 2, I'm hoping to finish that one this summer, or at least before Borderlands 2 comes out :)

I guess that sums up my gaming as of late. I think I may start blogging a lil more, though I don't ever have too much to say anyways. Maybe I'll make it a monthly thing....hmm...

Anyways, thanks for reading!! Take care and hope to game with you all soon!! wave
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This has been such a long and exhausting week. I gotta give props to everyone out there who works morning shifts everyday...that shit is hard and I am definitely not used to working like that. I feel like I haven't had a day off in ages and yesterday I had the worst headache of my life and didn't even turn on my box, despite buying a new game :(

But thankfully, I went to bed early last night and had a decent amount of sleep to get myself ready for my short shift this morning. After I got home, I took a lil nap while I downloaded the Vietnam mp update for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I didn't play it for too long but it seems pretty good so far. I love BF3 so while it feels kinda funny going backwards and playing an older game, it's not too much different from it and the enemy team seems a lil easier to spot. And when I first saw the guys in the grassy camouflage, it really cracked me up. They reminded me of sea monsters laugh

So after playing BC2 for about an hour or so, I hopped onto BF3 and played with Cherry and Mr. Finn for a lil bit. Good times as always. Their skills are impeccable, so if you've never played online with them, you're missing out ;)

That's pretty much all that's been going on in my lil world. Tomorrow at work, I get to take my respect/ethics/harassment training, that should be interesting...

Hope I didn't bore you all with my nonsense...being tired and bored is apparently not a good combination. Take care and thanks for reading!
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