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After some constructive sessions on Guitar Hero 3, I'm glad Sebvin and Tinoes helped me out on the 500 ranked wins. Sadly my xbox quitted a few times in the proces.

World at War is started to be a task. After a failed session (on my part) I was trying a few on my own but didn't really work out for me except getting 1 achievements there.

On the positive side of double xbox-boosting, Far Cry 2 is coming along nicely, done two more weapons, so I have 7 left for the 2nd "hardest" achievement. Also climbed to level 19 and a half, so when I get 17500xp I get my 4th "hardest" achievement. I was happy to help Jason 3535 get him a set of achievements in Far Cry what kind of stalled my xp-grinding. But I was glad I could have helped him :)

On a personal note, my new job is starting to look like session in the future are going to be harder. It's not a 9 to 5 job and during monthly closures I will have to work 60+ hours. Which could mean from 8 to 8 working days.
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After a week of drilling myself to get my online achievements done, I got a lot done.

CoD World at War now only holds a few online achievements I still need. After two sessions this last week I have 6 left. Thanks to Narvdude, Robbert DHT, Wes Coas Crippin and FPeters.

Guitar Hero 3: Only did one session in this game with Tinoes, And we got some wins under our belts. This week I only planned two sessions but these matches go so quick, that I will not be suprised if the 500 ranked wins show up in one of them.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam: After a weapons boostsession and a very poorly executed Huey boostsession I've 3 online achievements left. Only need 9 helicopter kills and the majority of the silver and gold weapons. Secretly I don't really want to boost this game cause I'm having a blast. This game is so much fun online. The music and settings are perfect. Nothing is more scary then running on a map and here comes a Chopper with music blaring out of it's speaker. I did the 100 tankkills myself, which was fun. Especially winning tankbattles.

Far Cry 2: Still Grinding away the weapons in this game. It's kind of my in between game right now. I'm really glad the weapons are coming along nicely. Only need to do a few Multikills with weapons I can't do by myself. I think I will grind it to level 30 pretty much by myself as well, cause I will never have 26 hours nonstop playing to get from level 20 to 30. The weapons kills already brought me up to level 18 yesterday.

Lost Plant Extreme Conditions: Colonies:

This is a dreadful game. It's almost exactly the same as the first one. The online achievements aren't hard but also the take up some time for me. Luckily I can boost this myself so the will save me some time. I have three of them left so I'll need to keep add it.

Things I did for the site this week:

I made probably the fastest way to get to 5000 kills on Lost Planet Extreme Conditions Colonies. Not many people have this game, but I hope it will at least help 1 person get the achievement faster.

Special thanks:

I'm really glad that my dummy raven1709 is always there to help me out. He never complains is always on time and has probably died 100.000 times for me already just to help me get my achievements. thanks buddy smile
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Surprise Discovery of the Year: Back in 2006 I bought Gears of War and, after completing all the campaign elements, I tried out the online multiplayer… and was disgusted by the nature of the people who habited that world. Arrogant, gobby fucks, the lot of them. So imagine my surprise when, returning to Gears for the first time in three years to do a bit of Achievement boosting, I discovered that the vast majority of people still playing the game were kind, fun-loving, and considerate… a delight to play with. Massive props to Lita, narv, beets, Bolch, Raven, Slash, Danger, and others who I’ve just offended by failing to explicitly mention… you guys (and gal) are awesome :)

Maybe I'm just a sentimental idiot, but reading this in Petee Moobaa's blog made me feel like one happy camper. I can tell people I will help them out when they want me to, but getting recognized for it still fills me with pride.

Your were and still are most welcome Mon Ami, you know where to find me wave

You can find his blog here: http://oc-gamer.moobaa.com/
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6 achievements Battlefield Bad Company 2

18 achievements Call of Duty: World at War

9 achievements GTA4

11 achievements Saints Row 2

1 Achievement Dante's Inferno

3 Achievements Far Cry 2

3 Achievements Lost Planet: Colonies

6 Achievements Perfect Dark Zero

1 Achievement Guitar Hero 3: Legend of Rock

I'll be doing these achievements as soon as possible so hit me up when you need these achievements too!!!!
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