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So 2019 is upon us. I'm writing this 10 days in, but don't expect to finish it until tomorrow. Either way, we're all definitely here by now. What will this year bring for us all.
Some of us will thrive, their d20 will land critical every time and they will have the year of their lives.
Some of us won't make it to the other side at all, with the carnage that is life, there's always the unknown waiting around the next corner, and for some unfortunate people, the year 2020 won't be a reality. It's a morbid way to look at it really, but it's a cold, hard reality. As for the rest of us, we'll drift through somewhere inbetween the two extremes, having the rollercoaster of ups and downs that the majority of people encounter in a day to day life as a peasant of the realm.

This year for myself and Lady Von Chimp can be very much summed up by a famous quote, I'm unsure who actually is credited to saying it, I just googled it, and I get results of both 'Anon' and 'Vivian Greene' :-

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain"

This is ringing very true already this year. If you've read some of my previous blogs, you'll know that Lady had a very bad year with her health in 2018. It could always be worse of course, but it's bad enough for us and it's definitely a life changer. We had our share of victories last year, but the battle overall was a lose. Instead of going out for a few drinks over new years, we settled to just stay in a play videogames together, which to be honest, I'm not much of a drinker anyways, would be fair to say I'm borderline tee-total and with the scroll of medications Lady has to take daily, alcohol is the last thing on the list of things to be consuming.

Looking ahead, it's gonna be a matter of saving my work holiday to get Lady to her appointments. Fibromyalgia is not (yet - there is a Parliament debate on 15/1/19 at 9am) seen as a disability here in the UK, unlike the US for example where help is available. So making headway in getting medical help in the UK for it is hard, and even harder where we live in Cornwall. For those who don't know, the UK is one of the most economically divided countries in Europe. Where goverment spending is so biased towards areas where MPs invest in and other places rarely get a look in, and the same is with funding the already underfunded National Health Service. Long story short, one could get the impression that the NHS in the South West of England would actually say Fibromylagia is a myth and won't treat it, and you wouldn't be far wrong. We'd have to travel to Bath i think to find a specialist medical professional that won't tell us to get out of their office if we mutter that longer, less satisfying to shout F word.

But that's our year, what we have to look forward to on the negative side of things. Our quest in this latest DLC of the RPG of life. There are ofcourse over positive things to look forward to, our intentions of getting married this year are still very much alive. Though far from the original plans of a young working couple of having a decent shindig, it's looking to be a much more reserved affair now, but the end result will be the same regardless and that's what matters, the destination is far more important than the journey, I'm sure I'll blog about that more as the year rolls on and things start getting paid for, a relationship that started and bloomed in the dungeons of Diablo 3 reaching the registry office, truly a modern day fairy tale!

Note - that is my idea, if anyone wants to buy the rights for the film or book, drop me a message and we'll talk numbers laugh

This is a gaming website though, and this blog wouldn't be relevant without some gaming stuff in it really? My last blog was titled 'The curse of 80%' and is no available in any good book shops, or any shops for that matter. I can confirm that over the Christmas period that curse came around once again. The gift of Vouchers are great, and the New Years sale was also pretty damn good. Long story short, I now have Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Spyro Reignited Trilogy on my card, and Battlefield V ready to join any day now. 80% just got further away again! It's an obtainable goal, just a goal with alot of bullets are are marked 'insert into own foot - repeat as necessary'!

On the flip side though, I am off to a fine start on the other side of that, where I've already managed to pry two backlog games off my card. As I declared post UHH4, both Battlefield 1 and So Many Me have been cleared and gone to the big deleted data cache in the sky. Hoping to end this year with a backlog of only 150 games, with the ultimate goal of getting it down to less that 100 and keeping it there. I know full well I'll never get to zero with unobtainables and time constraints, but 100 unfinished games I can live with, aslong as my completion percentage is above 80%,I'll be very content.

Looking ahead, I'm slowly grinding away at other titles to clear from the Hard drive too, Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator shouldn't be too far off, but I'm sure it'll be repleaced with Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast in good time. That's going to be akin to Life is Strange, once that's clear, Game Pass has gifted us Life is Strange: Before The Storm and Life is Strange 2 - It would be rude not to in all fairness!

Not to mention there's a host of things to look forward to going into 2019 game wise...
Resident Evil 2
Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster (and 7, and 9 when they come around)
and I'll probs jump in on Gears of War 5..

80% may have never been further away in all honesty.

we'll see how the year pans out I suppose and keep winging it as always.

But on a closing note, for anyone out there who watches streams, I'm may ask a favour of you guys soon, as spoke about at the top of this blog, Lady isn't well. She's pretty much housebound for the majority of the time at the moment, so she too has come out of the 2019 gates swinging and we're in the midst of setting up a stream. Might be completed in a week or two when our fibre broadband is finally installed, so if you're so inclined, please drop her a follow on Mixer. She's a rookie at this, only now starting out so could use all the support she can get, though she's doing an amazing job of networking and meeting people who are already established in the world of streaming. I would love her to make this a success and give her a way to be social from inside our four walls at Castle Von Chimp.


That's her link, it would be appreciated.

This is Lord Von Chimp, last surviving member of the walk to work this morning, cold and bored, signing off....
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