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  • What's changing?

So for those that may have seen in the comments for the latest round-up, things are changing a bit. The main reason being that the articles in the way I write them aren't as fit for the front page anymore. This isn't anything bad, they just have a way of presenting articles now, and as you can guess, walkthrough round-ups don't fit in that with how I have written them in the past. From what I know, they are still going to be done for the front page by Sam, but I wanted to continue writing them myself too, as it was a way for us to thank the community directly from the team.

I do however want to try and change up the round-ups to include more than just a basic round-up and introduction paragraph for the month, and that's where this blog comes in. What would you guys like to see in these round-ups? I'd like to hear from both the writers and the community.

One thing I will be trying to include going forward is walkthroughs that have been rewritten. This is harder to keep track of, so I need to make sure to make note of everything as it's finished and the new edits are made live. I'll also be making a thread in the walkthrough forums that I will sticky and link the blog in each month so these may get seen a bit more.

  • Link Dump

Since I won't be posting this months round-up since that only just went live on the front page, I'll leave the usual links here for anyone thinking about writing a walkthrough.

If you want to write a walkthrough for a game that doesn't have one set-up yet, please post here, or go to the games page and fill out the application.

If you'd like to port an already completed walkthrough to a different version of the game (extra work will need to be done if there are any differences), please post here.

If you'd like to take on a walkthrough that is in need of a new owner, post here.

If you'd like to improve a walkthrough on this list, please post here.

If you're a new writer and you're not quite sure how all of this works, please go to this thread where we've got all the information you'll need to know as a new writer, as well as the rules we have in place for walkthroughs on the site.

Thanks for reading, and please post any things you'd like to see in future round-ups. I'll reply to any of the suggestions in the comments, hopefully we can then get more things in these that you guys want to see and highlight all the great work the writers do on this site.
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