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In recent months people have been complaining about Capcom cheap way to milk its fans. By re-releasing games. Its been done more then on one occasion. The most recent is Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Me, being the big fan of Street Fighter (I play its online like most people play Black Ops), ended up giving in to Capcoms demands and bought the 15 dollar update. Which didn't give me any costumes, just the four characters. 2 Akuma like characters and the 2 Yung and Yang brothers. Even thier names sound alike! Sure it gave me four new characters to master, but it seemed like a bit of a strech for 15 dollars.

The only re-release that made a real difference for me was Super Street Fighter IV. It had a great amount of new characters and stages at least. But at this point I don't know what to say about my favorite publisher. I'm glad that thier raking in the big cash flow, but I don't approve of the ways in which they obtain that cash flow. Just come out with the game once with all the characters. I swear if Capcom comes out with another Street Fighter IV edition (They even said that Aracade Edition was the last update for SF4), I'm going to lose my mind and go moondiving in the Pacific Ocean. Seriously Capcom needs to find a quick solution to this problem.

However, I'm just as much to blame for this delimma. I keep buying these products and it's not getting better. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom is what made me write this blog. I saw it coming but like a religious moron, I kept telling myself it wouldn't happen, but it did and I felt Capcom slither its way into my wallet. This is going to be the last Capcom re-release i'm going to buy. At this point, i'm starting to get annoyed. Bad Capcom! warning
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What does it mean to be a gamer? Does it mean that the bigger your achievement score, the better you are? I don't believe so. I think what makes you a gamer are the experiences. I think when you play a game like Super Mario Bros. or Halo or Street Fighter II, it allows you to experience a whole new art form. Sure i'm not the best at getting achievements. Sure I have a decently sized number, but it really amounts to the fact that I only play games to play them. Not to gain some petty ego trip. And hey, I love my fair share of "crappy games". For example: Duke Nukem Forever, Bloodrayne 2, Shadowrun and hey even Bionic Commando gave me a few chuckles. So everyone needs to relax. Just because not everyone thinks and acts like you doesn't mean that they're bad. music
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What does it mean when a "decent" game comes out? I'm sorry but with the current technology there is no excuse for crappy games like Medal of Honor and Brink to exist. Can developers really expect people to pay full price for a game that is rushed or just plain bad? Hell No! I think that if games are going to be sold at 60 bucks a pop they should be excelent. Bad games are just plain old annoying. And copycats are no excuse. Why should we have to suffer throug game like Homefront? And hey if you liked those games well I am sorry. Those games just felt like CoD ripoffs to me. This is why we need more games like Bulletstorm and Portal.
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