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I went ahead and got the Calorie Challenge pack for Kinect Sports, given it was party to the one-day sale Microsoft had yesterday on select DLC. I probably should have actually checked the achievement list before playing it. I started on the hardest one, and then was amazed when it stopped at 30 minutes rather than letting me finish burning the requisite calories. What was the point of the games? They randomly choose what you do, and a lot of it is low impact stuff. Looking here, I learn that I'm supposed to just move and exercise and basically ignore the games if I want to win. Methinks Rare should have put more thought into the achievements. Like make them be about calories burned, not trying to do so within a time limit that may be unrealistic given the player doesn't choose the sports to utilize. Meh, I'll deal with it later.

I've been trying to check Amazon from time to time and see what older titles they are discounting. I went ahead and got FUEL and Don King Presents: Prizefighter. FUEL is an interesting blend of sandbox and racing game. It's alright. I think the exploration achievements are going to be more frustrating than fun, based off what few I've done. Winning races varies from very easy to very hard, depending on the style of the race. Given you can trick the game into letting you race with any owned vehicle, sometimes you can work around a problem (if, say, you just don't own any decent vehicles of the type the race is for, or you have trouble handling a particular vehicle's physics). I'd say overall it is a competent racer; the biggest thing that annoys me is the load times.

Prizefighter I ended up enjoying far more than I expected. Graphically, I think it's pretty disappointing for a title from 2008. I'd only tried Fight Night Round 4, which blows Prizefighter away graphically (I've read Round 3 also does, even though it's older than Prizefighter, but I've not confirmed that). However, once I got used to the mechanics I really liked its approach. Namely the use of a stamina bar to control spamming of power moves, the need to rest and be defensive (either by blocking or dodging). The AI on medium wasn't a total joke, and while I mastered the ability to win matches pretty quick I continued to lose the occasional round all the way through. The story approach it took confused me up front but eventually made sense. The occasional gimmick they pull in story mode (opponents that cheat, physical injury preventing you from doing certain things, etc.) was entertaining. I think I may try to play it on the hardest setting and see if I can hold up. I've never invested much time in a boxing title, so this is new to me.

Someone told me to check out the forum discussion regarding the move TA made from donators to a subscription service. I dismissed caring initially because I'm not in either camp, but I figured it would be interesting to read. A lot of people got pretty ugly in that thread, though it seems most of the site's staff abstained from the worst behavior. There is a feeling I've gotten in other threads here that there are a crew of active users who attack any who criticize the site. It's really a pity, because it puts a damper on any positive criticism. Every time I consider attempting to wade into the forums to try and initiate a discussion on the genre classifications currently in use here (and flawed, in my opinion), I decide it isn't worth dealing with the eThugs.
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