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PermalinkThis is what happens when you allow complete retards to game.
This evening, some friends and myself were attempting to finish this lame excuse for a game Shadowrun. Myself, WhataLump, FrankieVendetta, RICHPUNX, and II JayCub II started a public match for 5 mins to get Franks 2 achievements. This moron of a kid .............. ....x0 I GAMER I 0x ......not only start killing his own team, but feels the need to send private messages to a few of us, as if some how that would have any effect on anything other that getting laughs out of us. Get this, he tells us each in a different private message .... " You are the worst kind of gamer you dont deserve to play shadowrun and you dont deserve xbox live and im going to report you and you will get banned" Did you fail English class? Have you heard of proper punctuation? Try some periods or commas.

First off, right on brother. One person reporting anyone for anything, is some how going to get them banned. I fucking love it, we should all start reporting people, randomly, since that's obviously enough reason for microsoft to lose 100s and 1000s and 100,000s of dollors a year, because some child with no source of income has his parents buy him a $2.99 used game from Gamestop instead of something that's perhaps a little newer, say The Darkness or CoD MW. Haeven forbid you play something that isn't totally dead. You are spending your time playing a game, that you already finished, instead of the current trend MW3, Halo, GoW3 ... right .... and we are not real gamers?

What exactly is it that Microsoft would ban us for? Standing still for 5 mins? Boosting a dead game? Please point out to me in the contracts where it says anything close to " Boosting will not be permitted " And even if there was, the worst thing that could happen, is a ban from that game, such as in Halo, after 2 weeks your back on. Not a complete ban off Xbox Live, kid are you completely insane?

How about the comment made about not being a real gamer, the worst kind of gamer. Right, we took 5 mins out of your time, in a game that you joined in after we had started it, and we are bad gamers? Each of us had finished and shelved gamers you could never even comprehend finishing. I challenge you ever even touch Ninja Gaiden 2, Rumble Rose XX, Stantman, Quake 4, Turok, Farcry 2, UT3 .... should I keep going? A real gamer will play any game, not the same 5 FPS for the past 3 years.

Now since i am going to guess, that your about the age of 12, maybe I should not be shocked that you felt the need to send grown adults hate messages of you picking the lamest insults and threats I have heard yet, while you throw a tantrum because you didn't get your way.

Its people like you, straight up ass hole dick heads, that people boost games to begin with. Between your team killing, constant flooding the game chat, and random hate messages, its a wonder anyone will play with you. Or maybe you already spend most your time ..... playing with yourself. And since you know yourself so well, that's who you can go fuck. So this, is from all of us, to you, " Stop eating crayons, they are bad for your teeth. And a big Fuck you ! "
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