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Whoa. There is so much to catch up on and I'm liable to forget something. I did have a concussion (or two) between blog posts, so there's a legitimate excuse there. I mean, there's a wedding that happened, got to meet some people from TA for the first time, and was gifted some new things ahead of Christmas too.

Of course, I'll go into more detail about all of that in a later blog. I had been working on something before all of those events -- about how bad things comes in threes -- so wanted to go ahead and get that out here.

And, yes -- I'm aware that is just a superstition, so lay off. :-)

But, it does make you wonder, "Why does it seem like bad things -- deaths, natural disasters, or tragic catastrophes -- always come in threes?"

I might go into detail about that phenomenon later on, but for now, this blog is all about me, lol!

As you all may already know, I sprained my wrist quite severely while training for the Savage Race 2017 -

Soon after that -- probably within a month -- I busted my head wide open in a freak accident: Mr Granstaff's blog post - Sprained Wrist, Staples in Head & Hurricane Irma

Two weeks after that, it was time to compete in the Savage Race and I was convinced that something terrible was going to happen then. Surprisingly, nothing did. I did cramp up something fierce with my calves and groin, but other than that, the experience was stellar. Can't wait to do it again and start having a collection of medals hanging everywhere.

At any rate, I felt as if I beat the odds and broke the curse of "bad things come in threes" once that obstacle course was over and done with. Nope. That was only temporary since within a month later during a foggy morning, a Dodge Ram pickup truck fails to yield to me at a four-way stoplight and essentially t-bones my Acura RSX Type-S hatchback.

External image

I know, right? Pissed me off. Whiplash effects lingered on for a bit, but that was expected. At the time of the wreck, I felt like the person who crashed into me was going to flee the scene, so I was going to hop out of the car and take a snapshot with my phone's camera: license plate and all that stuff.


My door was too jammed up for me to open it.

As if I wasn't mad enough, lol.

I then crawled through the passenger side and as I'm heading towards the truck, the owner is actually already outside with a genuinely concerned look at his face. He was also in his 70s, so I couldn't get that mad at an old guy.

Surprisingly enough, before I had the chance to call the police -- they showed up. As luck would have it, they were so close that they could hear the accident.

Fast forward: got things sorted with our insurance companies and the whole process actually went really well. The settlement was more than fair. Safe to say, things turned around shortly after that.

Due to the settlement, they replaced my Oakley sunglasses, paid for my chiropractic visits, and helped pay a huge chunk towards my new car!

External image

It's a 2017 Honda Civic Si. It's a big step up from my previous car. For starters, it has heated seats! While my previous car did have that option, it was only for the Canadian models.

Anyway, I wanted a car that was fun to drive and this new car fits the bill especially with its turbocharger. Of course, I would have loved to pony up another $10,000 and get the upgrade to the Si: Type R hatchback, but... I don't think it would have been ideal for me. It's all about opportunity cost.

For instance, you have people on this site that have no issue spending a fortune on games in an effort to increase their GS. That's all fine and dandy. All of that money you spend just can't be used on something else. That's why I didn't get the Type R. I'd rather put that money towards a bigger house or something more practical.

OK. That's enough of that political talk, lol.

Remember when I said things were turning around? Well, I do a little bit of gardening on the side. While I prefer to harvest vegetables that grow above the soil, I wanted to try something different: sweet potatoes. Needless to say, they were a huge hit:

External image

I think StaggerLee would be proud. wink

Outside of all that, things have settled down a bit and just enjoying life.

For the next blog, I'll discuss how gaming in 4K/HDR has changed the way I see things -- literally! How married life isn't all that different from before - just totting around this heavy tungsten ring on my finger and how Dawn could be a little bossier now.

I'm obviously kidding, lol.

Oh, and how meeting Chip and Sven from TrueAchievements for the first time was nothing short of awesome. They're both much cooler in person, by the way. rock

And, with that - take it easy, my friends.


Eh. I wanted to go into more detail about "bad things coming in threes" and all that, but ran out of time and need to focus on the next blog. For now, I'll just copy and paste this article that summed up my thoughts, more or less. Hope you all enjoy.

In one article dating back to 1997, folklore professor Alan Dundes said the belief that bad things -- or good things -- come in threes is an ancient superstition that has stuck with us through the ages.

He said that all cultures focus on certain numbers as "magical," but Americans have a strong tendency to see things in threes.

If you think about it, that concept is very true.

Most Americans have three names -- first, middle, last.

Many commonly used phrases follow the pattern of three -- "Third time's a charm;" "Win, lose, or draw;" even, "Snap, crackle, pop."

In writing, there is a practice called, "The Power of Three," which suggests that a sentence containing three consecutive adjectives, or describing words, will be funnier, more satisfying, or more effective to the reader.

I find that I do this, unconsciously, quite often.

Some also say there are religious ties to the number three. In Christianity and other religions, the trinity -- Father, Son, and Holy Ghost -- represents one all empowering God.

Those who believe that bad things indeed do come in threes are said to suffer from Triaphilia -- the official name of this particular superstition.

In addition to the fear of triple tragedy, there are many other superstitions involving the number three such as, seeing three butterflies on one leaf, lighting three cigarettes on one match, and hearing an owl hoot three times. Each of these events is said to bring misfortune.

Is there scientific fact to support this belief? Of course not.

Is it much more likely just a psychological tendency? But in any case, Orlando just experienced three terrible events and I, for one, hope the bad streak is over.
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Since this site is all about achievements, I managed to snag a real life one last month and wanted to share it with all of you - completed my first obstacle course. All of the pictures are processed on their website (there are hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of them) from the event and I tentatively gave up on trying to find any of Dawn or myself yet. Heck, can't even find any of the others from the group we went with. It was mostly from Dawn's work, so it was cool to finally meet her coworkers and who she has to tolerate every night. wink

For the time being, I'll post before and after pictures:

External image

External image

Speaking of Dawn's coworkers, they're all actually really, really cool. A few are even gamers! They can't be all that bad in my book. They mentioned Destiny 2 and clans -- couldn't help but laugh when they asked me if I was going to play it. I really didn't get into achievement discussions with them, but they did comprehend the whole "completing games" temptation I have. At least they could somewhat relate and didn't look at me as if I had lobsters coming out of my ears.

Anyway, the whole race was quite enjoyable to partake in, with all things considered. It was very difficult, but pleased with Dawn and I grinding through the obstacles and persevering through. We didn't complete all of the obstacles and it might be easier to list the ones I personally didn't complete rather the ones I was able to get through.

External image

I learned that investing in gloves for some of these obstacles are almost a necessity for my soft, delicate hands, lol. It would have helped since my limited arm span prevented me from going far into this particular obstacle. I felt like I had the adequate upper strength, I just couldn't maintain a good enough grip to advance far. Plus, I didn't get to this obstacle until the last quarter of the race, so my stamina had already dwindled so far that I was probably on the fifth wind. My second wind had already been depleted a few miles back!


External image

Sounds funny when I say it out loud, but I should have climbed up this backwards. Unlike the last event, which was a new addition, I had researched this one prior and several people suggested to not climb up this obstacle in a traditional sense.

Doubtful it would have played much of a factor since my downfall was an outside element -- muddy water. The bars were incredibly slick from the previous event (HINT: involved muddy water). Managed to get about halfway until I lost grip during the transition going downwards - oh, so close! I'll get it next time, for sure.


External image

Technically, I probably didn't pass this one since I leapt towards the bell to ring it, but as I was hanging on the second to the last pole/rope, my calves cramped up, lol. Oh, it was bad. It was almost like being frozen in time; a paralyzing sensation. That said, I just skipped the last section by reaching out and smacking the bell with my fingertips. Whatever works, right?


Now, my favorite obstacle was actually this one, mostly because I didn't think it would be passable with my skill set initially. Turns out it actually wasn't all that bad.

External image

That obstacle was all about momentum. If you didn't implement that, you'd just get stuck, hanging, lol. Dawn learned that the hard way -- poor girl. I'm calling her out. Hope she doesn't see this blog. Eek!


All in all, it was a fantastic experience. Outside of the cramping -- groin and both calves -- and having a dry heaving fit due to snorting some of that nasty muddy water at one point, I got to say that it was definitely more enjoyable than what our original plans were going to be: waiting in line for hours on end for short-lived enjoyment, spending money on overpriced concession food and things like that. Ultimately, it probably would've been a forgettable experience and waste of our time. Totally glad we ended up doing this Savage Race instead. The group we went with certainly complimented that experience too.

Plus, we're going to one-up our original plan by going to Paris and checking out their Disneyland for our honeymoon. Man, I can't wait! smile For those of you that's been, anything in particular we should check out? Dawn wants to be all morbid and check out the crypts, lol. I just want to eat their food!

And, with that - oui, oui, Paris!
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Have some good news. That negative feedback I received the other week was adjusted by the host. Oh, it's still a frown face, but "panties" apparently couldn't unplug that deep wedgie and showed his age. Yes, I'm convinced he's only ten years old now from his childlike outburst. Anyway, it's not only hilarious, but he basically proved the point I made with this earlier blog:

Mr Granstaff's blog post - You Can't Untwist Someone Else's Panties

Now, what I'm about to copy and paste is not PG-13 material, so hide your kids. Here's what the llama-lover adjusted his feedback to:

Guy is major COCKSUCKER and REVENGE FEEBACKER. Guess gamer score doesn't make you cool. Stay away. Childlike COCKSUCKER on top of wasting everyone's time REVENGE FEEBACKER COCKSUCKER... Guy has so little life, he even proceeds to write it on blog LMA
I'm sorry to say that apparently anyone that post blogs has no life. And, here I thought my life had meaning by increasing my GS. I'll just stick to sucking on something, I guess. wink

He even changed up his notes from the session to this:

Mr Granstaff acted like a child and a cocksucker. Not only was there communication problems, he proceeded to kill spartans none stop like we were to his orders. Guy is a major COCKSUCKER. He is a real REVENGE FEEDBACKER TOO. Childlike COCKSUCKER..
Did he not know what else to say?


I'm starting to see how he received that communication ban on XBL. Those words are making me blush!

He obviously doesn't realize this, but he helped my case more than his.

I don't know, guys... It seems to me he had an aneurysm, stroke or SOMETHING to have him react that way. I mean, he acted so calm and collective from the messages we shared beforehand. He came off as a very cool person -- such a tough guy that didn't tolerate silliness. Something is clearly wrong with him to behave in that manner. So unlike him to act in that childlike manner. roll

In all seriousness, it's truly baffling on how this cretin has over 95% rating especially when you read feedback like this:

Im sorry but constantly asking am i there like the verizon wireless guy and being late and almost forgetting the session
Shows up 30 mins late, demands that we stop what progress we made. Then he give me bad review, with a unwarranted comment Do not let him join your session.
this fucking asshole leaves negative feedback when he gets negative feedback for not showing up, What a loser.
No show again. Finally messages halfway through session. No explanation. Revenge feedbacker. Barred from future sessions.
First time boosting with him and it should have been my last. Vulgur and disrespectful.
There are some others, but you guys get it. His responses to the negative feedback was class too. That's what I get for blindly jumping into a session. Oh, well. It gave me another opportunity to give you all some laughter this evening.

Now, listen. I don't go looking for trouble and I don't often lay the smack down when someone tries to puff out their chest, but this experience was comedy gold. It's all right though. He didn't know who he was messing with -- the undefeated, undisputed champion of giving out reality checks.

Oh, before I forget, enjoy these videos:

Take care all! smile
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