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PermalinkScoring Lots & High Ratios
I raised the bar last period by ending the scoring period by unlocking at least 5,000TA. Wasn't too terribly difficult, especially in the midst of my MMA training. Actually overshot it, which was fine. You never know with the cut off nowadays.

For this period, the team has to end the scoring period with a team ratio over 4.0 and that won't be an issue whatsoever. I'm probably going all in for Kinect and if that somehow isn't enough, I still have Rare Replay, Halo MCC and I'm sure there are other games out there I can dive into.

Now, it's been a minute since someone made me feel the urge to dish out another reality check, but here it goes. I realize this won't accomplish anything other than this blog being an enjoyable read for you all because actually getting through this person's thick skull just isn't possible. They are content on feeling agitated, apparently. Truth be told, they seriously need to learn to just let things go and take a chill pill. Anyway, for starters, I'm just going to leave this link here:

WARNING: Proceed at your own risk!!!

WTF. Enough is enough, lol. What is their end game here? They are always mad about something. Their blogs are consistently compiled of complaining about how society should be better with no viable solution, how their way is the only way and just a bunch of stuff that I ultimately find silly. I think most of their problems are self-inflicted, but that's just my take on it.

It was odd that I couldn't leave a comment to their post as I'm pretty sure we used to be "TA friends" once, but I suspect why that's not like that anymore. I suppose whiny, entitled brats tend to stick together, somehow. That almost seems like an oxymoron, am I right?

OK. That was a little harsh. I'll stop. wink

I mean, if he truly wants to make a difference, do not block people's ability to leave a comment. Other people's ideas could compliment their approach, like this Viral Event, for example.

GASP! Hopefully their head doesn't implode since that concept probably never occurred to them, lol. I know it might come to a shock to them, but it's a real possibility. Additionally, don't be so narrow-minded. Quit being so pessimistic all the time. Remove that big boulder up your butt and be a bit more logical with your mindset. Try smiling once a in awhile. It's not a normal way of conducting yourself. It's crazy!

Real talk: there are worst things that are going on in the world to be pissed off at, like this shooting at this high school in Texas that left 8 people dead. Don't get me wrong, a few of the things he brings up are true, like the d-bags on this site. A certain llama comes to mind, but I don't hold their stupidity against them. Admittedly, I was mad at this person for a whole ten seconds, but now - I'm sort of glad the "negative feedback" situation happened. This whole "no drama llama" thing has developed into something hilarious among my peers, so I'm thankful life tosses us a curve-ball. Makes life more interesting and I made lemonade.

Wait a sec - that's not how that saying goes, is it? wink

Back to Lumpy Dumpy, I'm not here to bash this person entirely. Despite some of their unnecessary blogs, I genuinely think that it's incredibly awesome on how many people he's helped with achievements -- assuming half of the things he states are true. Just don't act like you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize or something. I've helped my fair share of people when they approached me about it, but I don't go out seeking attention or expect that a parade should be held in my name for my kind acts.

Now, if there's just one thing I can't tolerate is a hypocrite and double standards. I remember Two Lumps going on about how people are always no shows for sessions, but when I managed to join one of their sessions, they left - as the host! laugh

I mean, it's like what this person always talks about, "don't be a parasite." I'm starting to find their blogs more parasitic with each new post. You know, it just hit me. They're basically a SJW.

Yeah. I'm done here. This is most certainly a lost cause and it's just not possible to reason with someone like that.

Moving on...

I'm so glad I got back into MMA training. I feel as if I have more energy, when I'm not so sore, lol. Did a little bit of light sparring in my boxing class on Wednesday that only left the very bottom of my t-shirt dry. I was absolutely drenched in sweat. Anyway, due to my prior experience, I had a slight edge over some of the people in class as we sparred with a different person every two minutes. I was able to anticipate their tendencies. For example, when I threw a feint, this individual would duck their head. How did I respond? Uppercut that fool! It hit flush too. So gratifying. :-)

Another individual would use a high guard that left their body exposed, so I lit them up with several body shots. You could tell those shots were taking its toll because his guard kept getting lower and lower.

All in all, I think I'm starting to prefer the striking aspect of MMA -- it's easier to me, but got to learn the grappling too if I want to eventually be well-rounded.

That's all I have for now. Have a good weekend!

[UPDATED: May 15, 2018]

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PermalinkIt's Kimono Wearing Time!
After a four-year hiatus, I decided it was time to get back into MMA training. Coincidentally, it was around the time when I hopped on that GS bandwagon. I traded one hobby for the other, it seems.

Anyway, there was always that passion of martial arts within me, but I found that gaming and achievement hunting was so much easier and gratifying at the time, lol. Perhaps that's why I'm so into Kinect -- it's a bit more active than just sitting down.

After last night's Jiu Jitsu class, my cardio isn't even up to par. It's probably a solid 2 out of 10 and this was after warmups. I'm serious, as surprising as that sounds. I don't know if it's because I need to learn how to breathe better with a mouthguard again or the fact that I'm not accustomed to wearing this heavy Brazilian kimono while training. Maybe it was the different exercises or the fact that I'm now having to push and sling people off me when we're rolling around.

RAPE! laugh

In the past, I was more of a no-gi person, so never had that added weight and constriction to deal with. Or, perhaps it was due to the temperature levels at the training center. I typically keep my house cool with the ceiling fans on, so the change in environment (maybe a slight elevation) put a damper on my recovery efforts. That's the only thing I could think of because I can "Kinect" for hours if I have a constant breeze keeping me cool and comfortable. wink

I'm not too sure how the time commitment and personal sacrifice that's required to get myself ready to eventually compete at a high level will affect my gaming, but all I know is that I didn't unlock a single achievement yesterday, lol. I'm sure I'll adapt and learn how to juggle between my two passions soon enough though. I signed up for three classes a week whereas Saturday is an optional "Open Mat" class, so I'll have ample time to unlock achievements and things like that. I might be cutting it close when it comes to GTASC by avoiding that elimination line since I'm probably losing roughly 8 hours a week to gaming, but I'll manage.

Oh. If anyone is into watching the UFC, then you'll know who Cole Miller is -- he's actually the head instructor. Have always been a fan of his, so I had to shake off the star struck stare I undoubtedly had when I first met him and try to focus on the class and instructions. :-)

That's all I have to report on today. Take care!

[UPDATED: May 1, 2018]

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PermalinkIt's Story Time!
Don't really have a story to share. Just wanted to come up with something witty to correspond with this period's GTASC bonus.

Tell Me a Story -
End the scoring period with both teammates having unlocked at least 20 achievements flagged 'Main Storyline'.
Well, I guess I could tell you all a story -- more of an update, really. Took my cat, Murray, for his two month checkup after his radiation treatments and he passed with flying colors. The mass is seemingly gone and he should be able to live out for the rest of his days going forward. However, while this was expected, he did develop an eye ulcer when the ophthalmologist checked him out. Of course, with some medicinal eye drops, that should get cleared up within a couple weeks. Apparently, it's a certain strain of herpes that causes that ulcer. I joked how he was adopted when he was an adult, so I wasn't around his younger years to teach him best practices and to stay away from dumpster cats.

He has lost a significant amount of hair around the eye where he was exposed to radiation, but hopefully it will grow back. The whiskers on that side of his face that fell off previously are already growing back, so I'm optimistic. If it doesn't, he's just got one heck of a story to tell. Perhaps he could make up one and say he's part Sphynx or something, lol.

External image

Surprisingly, I don't have a more recent picture at the moment since this one was taken over a month ago. The swelling around his eye has gone done drastically and the patch of skin missing around his shoulder there isn't quite as bare.

OK. I actually figured out how to share a video just now that was taken about... a month ago. About a minute in, things get interesting. Now, this might sound silly, but the fact that my cat is still as playful as he's ever been is quite inspirational with everything he's been through. Makes my issues mild comparatively. Oh, before clicking that link, turn off the volume. I had really bad allergies at the time and I don't exactly make flattering sounds, lol. Talk about cringe!!Ar1SVvrRoNNUus8fVXpAufhCyE9Dbg

Anyway, back to the GTASC bonus. Seems daunting at first, but then I realized that these Point & Click titles are the way to go. That said, I'll probably continue with Batman: Enemy Within and finish off that story. That will give me 18 story line achievements there, so just need to choose another game to meet the bonus' requirement and I'll be all set.

Oh. Random thought: started up gardening again a little over a month ago and this year's new vegetable is Japanese eggplant. I planted the usual crops: bell peppers, tomatoes, and going to continue with sweet potatoes since it was such a hit last time. I opted to not do cucumbers though, but zucchini instead. Actually, I don't think I have grown them before, so two new vegetables this year. Look at me. Being all fancy, lol.

And, I can't believe I almost forgot, but a huge shout out to The Boxheads, a former team I had the pleasure to be apart of. They went all out and when I say all out, I mean ALL OUT! They got first place this past period. Nice work, guys!

[UPDATED: May 1, 2018]

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PermalinkStriving to Become An Overlord
This period's GTASC bonus is to be in top 25% which pretty much means to end up in the Top 100 by the time the countdown strikes zero. If it was any other week, I'd feel pretty confident about my chances, but the fact that I have plans all day on Thursday, Saturday and Monday affects my swagger - just a bit though!

I juggle way too many things at once and I'm amazed I don't falter and give up by just rolling around in a tantrum. Kind of like an alpaca would. Heh. Anyway, you all don't want me to dwell on personal things, so let's stick to gaming stuff.

My completion recovery efforts took a small step backwards since I had to start up a new game because of Philip's screw up. Gosh! wink

Nah, it's all good. It was actually a good test for us and pleased that we pulled through to snag last period's team bonus: Cohesion. Now, I can't speak for other teams, but our camaraderie is indefatigable, so take notice everyone! We're in this for the long haul! Booyah. laugh

Anyway, back to this bonus. It's going to be difficult, no doubt about that. Sprinkle in the fact that I finally started up the story in Red Dead Redemption yesterday evening -- you talk about being distracted. It's just like rubber necking while driving to check out a car accident or some jogger with big boobies.

My plan of attack is to probably play a bit of Red Dead here and there in an effort not to lose track of what's going on with the story itself, but also put up big points for the GTASC bonus by using the power of Kinect. And, hopefully, with all of that action going on, I'll be able to put up some decent achievement gains for my completion recovery.

I'm leaning towards ideal games that has low %age of achievements, like these:

Their %age are all below 50% and plenty of manageable achievements to snag that should be relatively quick to get. With my limited availability for the next seven days, I'm going to have to dig deep and get what I can within that time frame.

Oh. One more thing. Shout out to Argonian Fetish Club. My buddy StK I dropped out of GTASC by one point. I still can't believe it. It won't be the same without you guys.

[UPDATED: April 15, 2018]

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Posted by Mr Granstaff on 25 April 18 at 19:21 | There are 9 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
PermalinkClimbing the Mountain
When I completed my first Kinect game on Feb 26, 2012, who would have thought I would climb this high? I still have more work to be done for complete domination, but climbing to the top spot for GamerScore in Kinect Required games is a good start.

Of course, I couldn't have done this alone. Numerous people have assisted me with online achievements, co-op achievements and things like that over time. However, my wife is the real superstar for helping me with several dancing games especially when she wasn't exactly in the mood for it. While she enjoys gaming, she doesn't share that passion to the same degree as I do. Regardless, she's still a trooper and I will be forever grateful.

While I'm roughly 12,000 TA away from surpassing the top spot for TrueAchievement in Kinect Required games, it's still going to take even more dedication to achieve that. Obviously, I'm chomping at the bit and can't wait to achieve this, but I need to continue to pace myself especially since I'm trying to meet another personal goal of mine by recovering from my numerous dives due to contests and the actual Bean Dive event itself in the past.

Currently, I need to earn over 600 achievements before July 4th. That's almost 9 achievements per day. As I stated once before, I'm probably biting off more than I can chew, but with the added motivation, I should make better progress if I hadn't created that goal, regardless. I'm a little behind schedule - 3.1% goal progress compared to the 3.95% time progress. I was hoping to get off to a nice head start over the weekend, but juggled too many things outside of gaming.

Anyway, while I'm following other Kinect related leaderboards, they should come naturally while I continue to put up TA gains, so I'm not concerning myself with those. I should get notifications though, so that will be a pleasant surprise when they get displayed on my friend feed.

Well, going to have to cut this one short. I need to head out to the dentist for my annual cleaning. After that, I'll probably continue with Dance Central and dabble with something else. Maybe not Kinect related, but we'll see. Since I need to start making more progress with my recovery efforts, I got a list of games that should help pad those achievement gains:

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Red Dead Redemption - can now be played in 4K!

Splinter Cell Double Agent

The Black Eyed Peas Experience

Just Dance Greatest Hits

Kinect: Disneyland Adventures

[UPDATED: April 15, 2018]

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