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PermalinkRecovery Efforts So Far...
First off, thank you to everyone that wished my cat well. He's been put on Lomustine -- basically what I call a chemotherapy pill -- and seems to be responding well to it. He was really perked up the past two evenings and even this morning, so I'm definitely optimistic on how he will fare going forward. He gets checked out next Friday to see how his white blood cell count is doing and among other things. Lost a little bit of weight, but hoping he gains that back soon too.

EDIT: Need to pay my kitty tax and post a picture. Murray is sporting the Sphynx look at the moment, lol. Despite his efforts, he's probably still more attractive than me. wink

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And, apologies if I've been short with anyone as of late -- this has been a trying event for me. Been mad at the world and while I'm trying to stay busy with training and things like that, reality starts to set back in when I find myself standing still. Might sound silly if you're not an animal person, but with this being my first cat (first pet actually), he's almost like a son to me. I have certainly been spoiling him by putting cooked salmon on his menu, as an example. Such a great cat, definitely a rare companion to have. I could praise his qualities all day, but let's talk about some gaming, starting with my Bean Dive recovery specifically:

Mega Coin Squad (100%)

Only game that I have completed so far. It was an enjoyable one and neat to see my progression as I played it with each character because my times kept on improving. Think I managed one around 20 minutes or so, can't remember exactly.

Of course, after playing through it six times and got stuck grinding out the coins for the last achievement, it was starting to get a little dry. Think I banked 5,000+ coins in one run once, so safe to say I got pretty good at the game, lol.


The Coma: Recut (88%)

This game takes multiple runs to complete and already completed it once. It's actually a REALLY good game. The atmosphere is unreal, literally. While I don't particularly like getting startled, it does keep you on your toes the entire time. I recommend this one.

I probably have another two to three hours until I fully complete this one. Maybe even less. Will strive to do so this weekend.


Titanfall (65%)

I have actually surprised myself with how much I have achieved already. Already at Gen 2 and most of the achievements that I have left will more than likely come naturally. There might be two or three achievements that I need to be somewhat mindful of since they're level specific, but outside of that, my main focus is this one:

TitanfallAll Day Every DayThe All Day Every Day achievement in Titanfall worth 224 pointsComplete 100 Daily Challenges

I have completed 31/100 challenges, so I'm looking at least another 23 days before I wrap that one up.

Probably should start putting focus in the Campaign and Frontier Defense levels soon. You need at least 4 players for those, I believe.

Also need to start up some Ranked matches too. You actually need 6 players to get credit for them. Might take the plunge on that soon or maybe set up a session to get them quickly.


Hue (54%)

Another surprisingly enjoyable game. While I'm just about color blind, I can get away with shifting the colors enough times to stumble through a section successfully, lol. Guessing I'm about a quarter of the way through the game, so still have a good chunk of the game left to do. Might try to wrap that one up this weekend too.


Mad Max (20%)

Starting out, I didn't feel this way, but after properly sinking my teeth into the game, it's my favorite one so far. I finally built my first Scrap Crew, which will help getting this achievement:

Mad MaxUp to the TaskThe Up to the Task achievement in Mad Max worth 392 pointsComplete all non-repeating challenges

Big reason why I'm wanting to get Scrap Crews built is because it requires an online connection and the WB severs aren't the most stable. I'm hoping this will happen within a week's time, assuming I can stay offline long enough, lol.


Grand Theft Auto V, Battlefield 4, Dead Rising 4, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, & Halo 5: Guardians (less than 5%)

I haven't done a thing outside of diving these, so can't say much else about them. Once I get to a good stopping point with Titanfall, unsure which game I will tackle next. The most logical thing would probably be BF 4 due to the players required, but we'll see. If it sparks more interest, I'll take one for the team and rent servers to make the boosting easier.


Outside of the Bean Dive, I did start up and complete Lilith-M, which was mostly for points as I was not as motivated lately to intelligently approach the GTASC. Admittedly, I did follow the WT here and that's some of the best work that's been done. So, thanks Dwaggie. smile

As far as the game itself, I liked it for what it was worth. If I couldn't figure out the puzzle right away, I peeked at the WT. I felt as if I was pressed for time to put up score, so didn't have the luxury to strain my brain muscles properly, lol.

I'm also at level 3750/5000 for JD 2018, so nearly there. Would prefer to max out my level before my other account's XBL Gold runs out in July 29. I feel pretty confident on doing so and then Mr. Wiggles can go back into retirement. laugh

Think that about covers it. Did dabble with a couple Minecraft variations lately too, but everyone should know about them by now.


[UPDATED: July 16, 2018]

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PermalinkExplanation of Dived Games
For the most part, I don't do anything without a reason. And, yes - I'm aware. Quirky is my middle name, lol. Anyway, thought it would be neat to share my reasons for the games I decided to dive and among other things.

Let's see... I'll just bring them up in order:

1) Hue

Basically, dived the first three games to round things out to make the dived total 10. Quirky, remember? Plus, these were strategically chosen in an effort to help assist with a GTASC bonus this period. As far as the game itself, seems to tick off all the things I was looking for in a game at the time: seemingly enjoyable, points, and a quick title.


2) Mega Coin Squad

Much like the first title, this one also seemed to offer a decent challenge due to the ratio. Fortunately, I lucked out because after a few attempts, I managed to unlock the most difficult achievements already -- speed run / no deaths. I even unlocked them both at the same time! I know, I know -- tooting my horn here, lol.


3) The Coma: Recut

This isn't something I would normally play, but was highly recommended, so thought it would warrant a try. It was described as including a "convincing narrative and believeable characters." Plus, this title gave me an opportunity to snag some of the uncommon letters for the GTASC bonus, so win-win. And, according to the WT, it's not that long of a game either to complete through save manipulation.


4) Battlefield 4

The remaining titles that got dived were because they all contain online achievements that need to be obtained before all is lost and servers disappear, lol. I mean, this could come back and haunt me if a discontinued achievement surfaces due to me having too much on my plate. Then again, at this stage in my life, if something unexpected happens, like a server closure -- I think I'll live. laugh

As far as Battlefield 4 goes, the campaign looks very intriguing. I can't say much in regards to boosting this, but apparently renting a server makes life easier. Add in the fact that I can double box, I can't foresee this being an overly daunting task. Just need to get started and create some sessions!


5) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

I have a soft spot for this series since I played the original on PC. Game looks great, but I will primarily be focusing on Breach Mode before tackling the SP. From the looks of it, the entire Breach Mode needs constant online connectivity, so I feel compelled to get that hammered out as soon as I can.

I do need to get the community related achievements out of the way soonest though. Those always seem to be the first to break:

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedNow I'm Feeling A Little MotivatedThe Now I'm Feeling A Little Motivated achievement in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided worth 107 pointsBreach: Win 3 Challenges.

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedYou're Not Worthy As My OpponentThe You're Not Worthy As My Opponent achievement in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided worth 98 pointsBreach: Send 3 Challenges.


6) Grand Theft Auto V

Finally got around to booting up this game. The prologue level was fantastic and GTA Online seems to be a very interesting, albeit different, concept than what I'm accustomed to. I'm overwhelmed at the moment, but I'm sure once I sink my teeth into it, I'll have a plan of attack soon enough. I did get the community related achievements out of the way, at least.

Those heists though... shock

Grand Theft Auto VElitistThe Elitist achievement in Grand Theft Auto V worth 975 pointsGTA Online: Complete all 3 Elite Challenges in The Doomsday Heist.

Grand Theft Auto VMastermindsThe Masterminds achievement in Grand Theft Auto V worth 1843 pointsGTA Online: Complete all 3 Criminal Mastermind challenges in The Doomsday Heist.


7) Mad Max

Been itching to start this game for years, but have to admit that I'm slightly disappointed with what I've seen so far. Perhaps when I really get going, the game will get better. I do know that I should at least get to a certain point in the game in order to accumulate Scrap. Apparently, there's this one challenge that's tied to WB Servers and they have a habit of not staying connected...

Mad MaxUp to the TaskThe Up to the Task achievement in Mad Max worth 392 pointsComplete all non-repeating challenges

Anyway, once I meet that requirement, it should all be gravy from here on out. Oh, and the WT is absolutely amazing. That should be the standard for the rest of the guides on this site.


8) Titanfall

I mentioned this dive was to encourage me to get started on online achievements, right? Well, this game is nothing but, lol. In the past two days, I made a huge dent by unlocking over half of the achievements so far. I believe I'm already at level 49 too. At any rate, the achievement with the most visibility would be this:

TitanfallAll Day Every DayThe All Day Every Day achievement in Titanfall worth 224 pointsComplete 100 Daily Challenges

I figure if server closures were ever announced -- think I read somewhere that they would give a 30-day notice before shutting them down, I could rush and finish up everything else besides that one. Technically, I've already completed nine dailies, so I should already be safe.


9) Dead Rising 4

The game already looks great on my 4K TV by being HDR enabled as well -- it's an enhanced title after all. Due to the buggy nature of a couple of achievements, I'm probably going to tackle this game with preventative measures in mind by starting the SP first before getting involved with the MP. I read that blueprint statistics can glitch out, which makes one or two achievements unobtainable on that save file and that results in redoing the entire game again. That does not appeal to me whatsoever, lol.

Dead Rising 4InnovatorThe Innovator achievement in Dead Rising 4 worth 57 pointsCollect all Blueprints in Story Mode

Dead Rising 4Master JournalistThe Master Journalist achievement in Dead Rising 4 worth 333 pointsGet a Journalism Score of 100%


10) Halo 5: Guardians

Another enhanced title, but unfortunately, there's not a whole lot to say about it at this time. From the little bit I did play, it looked great. My main goal was to snag a community related achievement by spectating a match and that was really it. And, unlike the previous game, I can start the MP right away, which is what I prefer to do.


Outside of Gaming:

As some of you may already know, my cat -- Murray, was diagnosed with lymphoma back in February. Quick recap: a tumor was growing behind his left eye. He went through radiation treatments for two weeks and seemingly beat cancer. He's lost a considerable amount of hair around his face, but other than that, he's still very playful and affectionate. As a matter of fact, the hair has started to come back, but it's white hair instead of his natural orange/ginger colors. Looks badass to me!

Unfortunately, the mass may have shifted over to the other eye and back into the nasal cavity. I could be jumping the gun here, but it's hard to ignore that possibility. Anyway, Dawn and I had noticed a small lump around his tear duct over the weekend accompanied with spurts of sneezing. We took him to our local vet first to assess everything and as a precaution, we're taking him back to a more qualified clinic up north tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything turns out well and the cancer hasn't returned. The good news is that with these antibiotic eye drops we've kept prior, the swelling has actually gone down in a matter of three days. It's puzzling, but it keeps me hopeful it's something not serious.

I suppose if the cancer has come back, I'm certain we've caught it in time where we don't have to go through radiation treatments again ($$$$$) and can implement chemotherapy in pill form, which should be far more gentle to my savings. Heh.

Regardless, cancer sucks. Period. My mom got it, my grandpa had it. It's getting a bit much to cope with since I've been surrounded by it most of my life. Not too sure who thought it was a good idea to let this happen to my cat. He's not like one of those feral cats that's behaves aggressively or a menace to society. He's a GREAT cat: affectionate, kind, loving -- brightens my day when I come home from work -- certainly not deserving of the hand that was dealt to him. It's a bunch of BS if you ask me.

Probably shouldn't even post this as it would go against my better judgement, but I suppose I had to let it out somehow. I certainly don't want to let it all out while I'm sparring somebody, lol. Then again, it wouldn't be the craziest idea I've ever had. wink

Bah. I'm rambling again -- even worst, having a pity party. It's just mentally draining dealing with stuff like this. Bums me out.

Well, wish me luck tomorrow. Hopefully everything does turn out well. Later.

[UPDATED: July 1, 2018]

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PermalinkMake or Break
Completely forgot to mention a few things in my last blog. For starters, I've reached new heights. Currently, the only gamer to have amassed over 300,000 TA in only Kinect Required games. I could be the first person to reach this too -- taking ratio decay into account here, so exciting times.

That doesn't surprise me because I've been on a tear lately, passing certain people in overall score in an effort to remain in GTASC. Truth be told, it was a particularly sweetening feat since these select few were far too proud of an arbitrary number and felt the need to rub it in my face, for whatever reason. Priorities, right? laugh

I've also been doing a side project in HITMAN with these exclusive targets for several months now. They're up to 17 reactivations and I continue to earn a Silent Assassin rating on each one. It still blows my mind when I realize that they're not even tied to any achievements, lol. It's just good fun and the adrenaline rush is such a wonderful feeling since you only get one shot at these. For the past several assignments, I've just been abusing the poison kills. Perhaps the next target will give me an opportunity to use my fiber-wire or be more creative.

As you all know, the Bean Dive event is coming up -- tomorrow in fact, I believe. I originally only committed myself to at least 5 games, but due to the interest shown by friends, I've decided to add both Titanfall & Battlefield 4 to that list in an effort to get started on obtaining all of these online achievements. That said, I'm leaning towards rounding out my dived total to 10. Just need to figure out which games...

Anyway, starting either of these games could make or break me in terms of completion. More than likely, it won't. Honestly, I have been enjoying being somewhat carefree with not having to worry about server closures and things like that. They've certainly been happening left and right lately. It's comforting to not be stressed about things like that especially when it comes to a hobby. Hopefully I don't jinx myself and have a server closure be announced for any of the games I plan on starting soon, lol.

Oh. Funny story. During my idling in Just Dance 2018 with my wiggly man prop, I am starting to get random friend requests. I mean, Mr Wiggles tracks pretty darn well in that game. I have witnessed him scoring as high as a 4-star rating. Not too shabby! I guess the people sending out the requests think I'm some machine because I'm leaving it on fairly consistently, lol. By the end of this week, I should be earning:

Just Dance 2018 (Xbox 360)Level HeadedThe Level Headed achievement in Just Dance 2018 (Xbox 360) worth 202 pointsReach Online level 2,000.

It will be a bittersweet feeling since that won't even be the halfway point for another achievement -- need to reach level 5,000. Meh. I wish I could find one or two more people to grind this out with. It would shave off weeks of having to leave my consoles on. I mean, it hasn't even been two weeks yet, but still -- it's a minor annoyance nonetheless.

It also seems that Mad Max is completeable again, so I'm probably going to dive that game and get on that. It's definitely one I've been wanting to play for quite some time now. Here's my tentative dive list, which includes a little bit of everything:

1) Dead Rising 4 (enhanced & online)
2) Halo 5: Guardians (enhanced & online)
3) Battlefield 4 (online)
4) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (online)
5) Grand Theft Auto V (online)
6) Mad Max (online)
7) Titanfall (online)
8) Hue
9) Mega Coin Squad
10) The Coma: Recut
Hm. Pretty sure there was something else I wanted to talk about, but it's slipped my mind. Probably had something to do with Jiu Jitsu -- that's my other life. Regardless, I'm definitely getting ready to dive some games and get back to boosting. Been too long that I've conversed with some of you over party chat while we all strive for the same goals.


[UPDATED: July 1, 2018]

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