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PermalinkRequesting Support: Sub-Genres
Don't ever think I've submitted a wish list idea before, but this one makes sense to me and would imagine that this will pretty much benefit everybody else. Knowledge is power, right? Here's the link:

Sub-Genre List

Keep in mind, the sub-genre inquiry is more pointed towards all of the different sports the site has already categorized here. Wanted to make sure I clarified that bit.

That said, would appreciate an up-vote if you feel it deserves one. If you feel compelled to down-vote, just pretend you never saw the request, lol.

Anyway, haven't had a chance to update my side projects in awhile. Been pretty occupied with these events on site as well as dealing with some personal stuff. It is what it is. As someone reminded me of lately: "with time, things will get better." We all go through this circle of life and the less desirable cycle has come to visit me once again. It's been a minute, like, 7 years or so since I have had to experience something like this. Have already started the whole preparations process. Should come out nice. Will be missed.


As far as my side projects go, need to pick back up on my Genre Project at some point, so let's start off with what genres I have knocked out since the last update. Well, I'm not completely sure if this will be entirely accurate, but repeating information can't be a bad thing, yeah? As a quick recap, I'm trying to become the only person to complete a game in every genre listed.


Automobile: Rocket League

Survival: How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition

Badminton: Blazing Birds (NOTE: only one of its kind!)

Here are the genres and sub-genres I'm currently missing (the ones that I'm aware of -- I have overlooked a sub-genre in the past):

Dungeon Crawler: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition (DLC needed), Dead Island (Xbox 360) (one achievement left), & Borderlands (DLC needed)

* NOTE: Technically, I've already completed this one via Diablo, but then a DLC came out after the fact. No worries. I really enjoy the game, so giving me a reason to get back to it would be a treat.

Plus, I'm really close to completing two other games. In addition to that, I own Korgan and that's essentially a guaranteed completion, lol.

Collectable Card Game: don't really own any games in this genre, but in the past, others have suggested that Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 might be the easiest one to tackle.

- Australian Football

- Cue Sports (formerly classified as Billiards): currently playing Pool Nation

- Cricket

- Cycling

- Handball

- Lacrosse

- Motocross: NOTE: more games have been added; previously, only one game was listed, which is delisted.

- Rollerblading

- Skating: currently playing Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect

- Skydiving: currently playing Skydive: Proximity Flight

And, as an added bonus, here's an archive of the genres I have already completed. You know, just in case any of you want to fact check me (wink):

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Other semi-interesting projects are to get in the top spot of these leaderboards:


It's just going to take some time, is all. I can see myself achieving this at some point next year. Just too much on my plate for the time being.

Well, another seemingly short blog, but believe me: took a minute to compile. Heh.

Later! And, take care everyone. Have a great weekend!
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PermalinkStrangers Exceeded My Bandwidth Limit
Not really strangers anymore though! I had to get your attention with a witty title somehow, am I right? Three peeps from TA (New Jersey) stopped by as part of their Road Trip and had a gaming overdose that I still might be trying to recover from, lol.

OO111111's blog post - Achievement Hunting Road Trip - LAST CALL!

External image

Yep. That big spike was due to their generosity on giving me access to some games I may not have initially encountered. It was highly enjoyable having consoles, laptops, external hard drives littered about in my living room and just plugging away at a variety of games while sharing our stories -- it's not everyday you can openly discuss gaming without having to explain the concept of achievements beforehand.

Initially, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to partake in Hole in the Wall since it is delisted, but didn't feel comfortable enough on starting something that I wouldn't be able to finish before they left. I mean, theoretically, we could have, but didn't want to chance it. Perhaps later down the line, I'll have another crack at their communal console and get things done! smile

Despite everything being a blur during those days they visited, I'm glad I reached out especially since it resulted in making some new friends. Looking forward to catching up with them after their trip and syncing up with a few games we have in common going forward.


Still neck deep in GTASC and UHH. Since I regrettably added some games that I no longer have access to, it's going to be a coin flip if I can go far into the KO stages once more. It's just going to depend what games get pulled. I mean, sure -- I could probably buy these games, but doubtful I will. It's just not that big of a deal to me because I go into these things knowing full well I won't ever win -- just can't devote to this hobby as much as I would like. Plus, I get more enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment from my other hobbies. These contests have always complimented my gaming and try not to get too riled up when something doesn't go according to plan. But, I get it when other people do -- they're just more passionate about this sort of thing and would prefer that the spirit of the contest doesn't get compromised. It's just unfortunate when some of them become so hateful as a result; it's pretty embarrassing to read their posts as if they're beyond reproach or something.

At the time of typing this out, I'm currently out of KO contention -- placed at 259. I might put up a few more points to see if I can advance, but with the exclusion of Xbox 360 games, that sort of killed any drive I might have had to do moderately well.

Oh, fun fact: whoever beats me ends up getting a badge. Just know if you do, you're essentially guaranteed a podium finish, lol.


Speaking of other hobbies, I'm starting to focus more on striking and starting to learn feints -- it's where you pretend to throw a strike and end up doing something else to catch your opponent off guard. I've slacked off on the grappling for now -- just don't enjoy it as much as Muay Thai or Boxing. Once GTASC wraps up, I'll be able to fully devote to my craft and get ready to enter the cage again. I have missed competing and can probably squeeze in five more fights before I get too old for this s***. My longevity in grappling could go well into my 50s though, I'm sure. Less stress on the body. Plus, when you learn the techniques well enough, you can get a little lazy. wink

That's all I got. Not my best material, but wanted to do another update. Later!

[UPDATED: September 16, 2018]

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PermalinkGetting Out of Hand (Again)
I should have waited before finishing up my Bean Dive, lol. I have always felt like UHH is an extension to the dive. In my defense, I didn't realize that contest was going to come back around again this year due to previous... issues? I'm sure there's a better word to choose from, but I'll just leave it at that.

Now, I didn't plan on starting so many games, but I'm probably going to slow down a little and try to recover because as it stands now, I'm back to square one -- seriously, to the exact decimal -- with my Bean Dive recovery due to those started games. D'oh! facepalm

Also, I'm up to THREE pages of started games now. Unacceptable! laugh No matter what, I'm going to get a better handle on things before the next year rolls around. I'm heavily debating on bringing back my 360 console to work. The reason I'm debating because most of you are probably saying -- "What's the deal? Just do it!" right now. And, saying things like, "I would love to game at my job!" Well, the issue is that our network layout was changed, so there's not an ideal way for me to sign into XBL anymore. That said, I would be getting any achievements earned at work without a timestamp. For whatever reason, that's a big deal to me. Quirky, I'm aware.

I mean, I posted a blog about that same dilemma earlier this year when I was going to cheese the dates in some of these exercise games I got, but couldn't bring myself to do it then because of offline stamps. I'm over that silliness now. I'm pretty sure...

Back to UHH -- in an effort to keep track of what I have started for this contest, I'll post them here:

So, we got 12 games started here. Planning on starting three more before the next match starts, so that will total me out at 15 games. Coincidentally, starting these games have generated some good points for GTASC, so can't really complain. Due to weekend plans and having a group from TA come over, I probably won't be able to do any real cleanup until the following week.

And, wow -- completely forgot my train of thought. I think I was going to go into more detail on the games I started and which ones I liked best, ones I didn't care for, etc. ...but, I don't feel like it now. Maybe in the next blog.

Bye for now!

[UPDATED: August 15, 2018]

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PermalinkNew Territory
Region exclusives, stacking achievement lists -- this is nothing new to some people, but something I opted to dive right into once I made the decision on the investment. Mixed feelings, but ultimately glad that I did commit. I seem to spend more money on shipping prices than anything else, but (laugh) I've lucked out on some good bargains.

For instance, the JP and PAL consoles I bought came in pristine condition despite being used. The games I purchased overseas took awhile to get here, but arrived with no hiccups, so have no complaints on that front. Additionally, my GTASC partner has loaned me a significant amount of his imports, so the money saved from that was worth the investment alone.

However, I'm finding myself being spread out too thin. As most know, these Visual Novels can pad up score in the blink of an eye, but they can also take its toll on you mentally. Play too many of them at once, you just feel exhausted after awhile, lol.

Outside of that, I have recently acquired every Kinect game for my region specific consoles. There's a single Chinese Kinect game that's out there for the Xbox One, so perhaps one day:
Just Dance 2015 (CN). I'm not in any real rush to acquire that one though. It's not going anywhere. Probably.

At the end of the day, all of these new Kinect titles coming in should help solidify my top spots and help overtake the remaining board even more manageable. Hopefully those goals won't consume me because GTASC is past the halfway point and things are starting to heat up. And, with UHH coming up within 24 hours, it's going to be even tougher to juggle all of this. Actually, with the new rule changes, it might make it easy on me to not care as much and just focus on getting the requirements for another community badge and then call it a day.

Outside of gaming, I'm still training as much as I can in MMA, but even more things fell on my plate. Came down with an ear infection due to wax buildup. I've never had any issues with my ears before, but apparently they needed to be flushed and what came out wasn't pretty, lol. Plus, with these antibiotics I have been taking, there's these side effects: tiredness and depression. Feeling tired and dizzy wasn't out of the norm, but feeling depressed was new to me and surprising. Definitely not a good feeling. I'm still powering through it, but it's certainly not an easy thing to deal with.

The wife has also been pushing to get a newer and bigger house. After she came into the realization on how much it would actually cost us to get what she wanted, it's no longer her main focus at the moment. For example, if we wanted to get this $280,000 house -- had a REALLY nice theater room -- with the current mortgage rates here, we would have spent an additional $100,000 on interest alone. No way. I told her we need to continue to save up and maybe find a house with a lower price tag.

Plus, this house we were considering -- on emotion, I admit, it was impossible to justify having three spare bedrooms that would not be occupied. We're not going to have that many kids, lol.

I did enjoy the floor plan though. It's the media room that caught my attention the most. They also had this outside porch labeled as the Gamepad. Stone work for the chimney and already had mounts for a TV. Here's a picture of one:

External image

You put a hot tub out there with College Football playing on the TV -- that's heaven right there! Heck. I'm down to play some games on there too while I transform into a raisin.

What else is there to talk about... my cat Murray is still doing well. Currently on his second round of chemotherapy. I realize his life expectancy might not have him make it through the year, but I'm thankful for the extra time to spend with him. I'm also better prepared to deal with the eventual loss. There will be no regrets. I'm convinced I gave him the best life he could ever have -- he's been loved, cared for, and has ultimately been a great companion. I'm glad he adopted me. Wait a sec -- wink

Bean Dive recovery is going... Heh. Completed both The Coma: Recut & Hue since my last update.

Titanfall - (94%)

Need Frontier Defense wins, couple cumulative achievements that will come naturally and then the big grind for Gen 10.


Battlefield 4 - (40%)

Have only focused on the MP achievements. I believe the Assignments are the only thing that's left to do outside of the Campaign. Have a group that meets up at least once a week.


Mad Max - (33%)

Wow. Such a good game, really enjoying myself. I have actually been casually playing this and just soaking it all in. My main focus was completing the tasks that require an online connection to WB servers -- they've been flaky. That's been taken care of, so just got to hope my save doesn't get corrupted and mop up the rest of the tasks for that achievement.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - (16%)

For the time being, only focused on Breach Mode since the whole thing requires an online connection as well. I'm really enjoying that as well although I've been slacking as of late. Might try wrapping that up this weekend.


Halo 5: Guardians - (13%)

Got all of the Score Attack related achievements with the help of Jblacq, but still need to focus on the MP and just get the online taken care of in this game as well.


Grand Theft Auto V
- (5%)

No progress. Big slacker here.


Dead Rising 4 - (2%)

No progress since last update either. Maybe I can at least get the Mini Golf mode taken care of.

OK. I'm done. I just couldn't have a blog not be posted this month, so there you go. Probably won't see another one until next month so... See you then!

[UPDATED: August 15, 2018]

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PermalinkSurprised Myself
For whatever reason, I tend to stay away from multiplayer. Since I always find myself juggling many games at once, I lack the time to really excel at a particular one. With that mindset, I feel like I don't stand a chance in MP games especially when I'm paired up against others that spend their every waking moment playing it. That wasn't the case with Guardians of Middle-earth, Star Wars Battlefront -- I completed both with little resistance -- and doesn't appear to be the case with Titanfall so far.

I'm finding myself being the MVP on my team and even in the Top 3. I start to poke fun if I find myself being the top player on my team during a match. I tell myself -- expecting the other players to read my mind -- "if I'm best player on our team, we're not going to win this match, guys." laugh

Of course, there were times we would win, somehow. I would usually need another person to help carry the load and swing the tide in our favor. My point being is that I don't know why I feel this way, but yet, I keep proving myself wrong and can actually hold my own. Perhaps I'm better at this sort of thing than I originally give myself credit for. Typically, I'm more of Kinect guy, for obvious reasons. wink

Currently, I'm at the cusp of becoming Gen 3 in Titanfall and more than halfway done with the daily goals. There will be some additional cleanup, but by the time I hit Gen 10, I should have every other achievement unlocked. Lately, all of that grinding took a temporary backseat since I had to pick up the slack due to my GTASC partner's gaming availability becoming limited during the period. We're probably talking 10,000+ TA on my part alone -- still have some more work to do. The original game plan ran into a snag, but the goal is to try not to use any bonuses and continue to save the good stuff for later. We will see if all of that comes to fruition soon enough.

Regardless, it's refreshing to have a partner that has an open mind and willing to work with you. I'm sure if we ended up getting eliminated prematurely, he'd take it all in stride and we'll both pretend it wasn't a big deal and that our feelings weren't secretly hurt, lol. I mean, around Thanksgiving when my gaming will be limited, he'll undoubtedly return the favor.

All this actually brings back memories right now especially since I got wind that a former teammate was recently talking smack about about what happened YEARS ago -- having mutual friends with dummies are unfortunate. Heh. I reckon some people can't let some things go. My reality checks can do that do people, lol. They sting and leave a scar.

Anyway, that whole debacle remains quite comical because it's the polar opposite with what I got going on with my current teammate -- the old teammates seemingly took things a bit too seriously for my liking and we lacked camaraderie too. For some reason, the other members completely forgot my stance and stipulations at the beginning of the year. For example, thought I was willing to fork out massive amounts of money for games I wouldn't enjoy holding onto or sacrifice my health, sleep, etc. Now, I can't speak for one of the members and can only take what the other member stated as fact, but holy cow -- when we got eliminated, their actions were cringe! Seem to recall getting bombarded with message after message... Oddly enough, I don't ever remember getting pissed off. Probably more disappointed and appalled with their behavior more than anything else and shook it off.

Regardless, I'm sure I went into those juicy details already once before, so I'll spare everyone their idiocy and move onto something else. What gets me shaking my head every time is that we were eliminated the week before the last one, but we weren't prepared for that madness and would have gotten murdered, so never will fully understand their childish outbursts. Meh. I refuse to deal with that toxicity. Been fairly fortuitous about all of that stuff lately though, finding myself surrounded with very cool (and normal, lol) people, so all has been well on my end. I genuinely do hope they're doing well, but I'm not holding my breath on that being the case due to recent events.

Outside of all that, I've accomplished a handful of completions lately and currently struggling with this game called Tiles. Curse that game, lol! I stopped at level 86 for the time being --

EDIT: Currently at level 88, but fatigue is kicking my butt once again

-- but hopefully by leaving the game running on my PC, I can take my time with this:

TilesSpeedrunnerThe Speedrunner achievement in Tiles worth 762 pointsStart on level 1 and clear all 90 levels without going back to the menu

I would have finished up the levels yesterday, but fatigue hit me hard. Plus, I was at work, so there's that too. It's a pretty balanced game though. Some levels were incredibly tricky and hoping that I won't have to revisit some of them in order to beat its goal time. Odds are, I will probably have to endure them. Ugh.

Well, this blog is long enough. Time to get back to work. See you all later!

[UPDATED: July 16, 2018]

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