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PermalinkDoodle Jump (WP) - Final Recap & HITMAN
Finally got that favorable sequence and was able to complete Doodle Jump (WP), thus becoming only the 75th person on this site to do so. Feels good. Feels real good. Before I forget, here are my final stats:

External image

I did have a favorable run earlier this week before this one and that would have shaved off about 7 to 8 hours of that playtime too, lol. Oh, well. Sometimes that's how the cookie crumbles. In a way, I'm glad I was able to spend some extra time on this game. It's really enjoyable. Although it's a simple concept, it takes a good while to really master it.

And, truth be told, I really surprise myself sometimes. I guess it's really true what they say, "If you're really passionate about something and give it your all, you can do anything." Hopefully by the end of next year, I will have met some of these goals that I've been slowly working on this past year or so. Perhaps it would be deemed worthy enough to get an article or something. Who really knows. Some of the feats that were posted were kind of adequate, so I'm optimistic.

Anyway, back to Doodle Jump. I pretty much played all day on Wednesday and was just in a funk. Couldn't really string anything together. Consistently, I was making good runs by jumping on between 15 to 20 monsters, but would either make a silly mistake by missing a platform or RNG would screw me up. For instance, when I had to hit a spring, a monster would be waiting on me on the following screen and there would just be no way to know. Couldn't avoid it. One of those 50/50 deals, I guess.

Also, the game was a bit buggy at times. I would clearly jump on a monster, but one time it registered me as being hit by it instead. What? Also, during this one sequence when four monsters spawn, I was able to jump on three in succession. Unfortunately, the same monster that I had been jumping on many times before, the game felt like the monster was too far down on the screen, so it registered me as falling off the map and game over. What kind of irritated me was that the game even produced a sound as if I had successfully jumped on a monster. Craziness.

I think my best run was around 85,000 that day. Not good enough. However, the following day was when I had the run of my life. I was trying for over 200,000 points, but missed a platform. I was ready for the game to be over anyway and to see if the achievement synced up or not. Avid WP gamers will understand this, lol.

That feeling never gets old though, when the adrenaline starts flowing through your veins and you finally get that achievement that was once deemed as impossible. Heh.


Outside of phone games and other than the fact I'm unsure on what to play next on that platform, I've been really into HITMAN 2 as of late. And, it's no secret to those that pay attention to what I've been doing is that I adore these Exclusive Targets. Dating back to HITMAN (2016), I have kept my Silent Assassin rating streak intact. I keep thinking I'm jinxing myself whenever I toot my horn, but I can't help it, lol. If anything, one of the best part of playing the game is having great discussions, like in this thread: Elusive Target Schedule - Season 2

Also, since I completed Doodle Jump for the phone, I might as well get cracking on the Kinect version. I'm not really looking forward to it, but perhaps it will start to become enjoyable again after awhile. I just haven't been in a "jumping around and waving my hands all over the place" type of mood lately.

Other than that, that's all I got for now. If something entertaining comes up in my gaming adventures, I'll be sure to post another blog.

Have a great weekend everybody and see you next year!

[UPDATED: December 16, 2018]

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PermalinkDoodle Jump (WP) Progress #2 & X-Mas Weirdness
Well, there was almost a Christmas miracle a couple days ago, lol! I was at my desk, plugging away at Doodle Jump (WP) and feeling good about my consistent runs of around 50,000 - 60-000. I would occasionally get a run around 80,000 and felt like I was at the cusp of getting an achievement.

Anyway, with it being Christmas Eve, the workday was obviously slow and my boss was letting us leave early, one-by-one. Eventually, they felt the need it was my turn to dip out, so I thanked them and figured I could squeeze in one more game.

At that point in time, my average game probably lasted five minutes. 15 minutes later, I had the run of my life. As I kept plugging away, I just knew someone was going to walk by my desk and poke their head in with a confused look, like, "What are you still doing here?" Despite that slight distraction in the back of my head, I ended up getting one of the two remaining achievements and scored 136,356 points. My next highest game was 81,170.

In hindsight, I kind of wish I didn't skip out on so many monsters now because I know I had to have been damn close to jumping on my 30th monster too. Oh, well. That just gives me another opportunity to continue with this blog series. Heh.

At least I have the patterns down and know that I possess the capability to get far into the game. It's only a matter of time.

Now, all that is left is this one;
Doodle Jump (WP)Super Monster BouncerThe Super Monster Bouncer achievement in Doodle Jump (WP) worth 138 pointsJump on 30 monsters in one game

Maybe I'll just wait until I'm about to leave for the day because I seem to do my best work when it's crunch time, lol.


So, in an effort to not have this blog seem so "meh," figured I would touch up on an unusual Christmas I had. Now, I'd like to think Dawn and I are the normal ones while the rest of her side of the family are the weird ones. Hopefully it's not the other way around! shock

Here's the short version: her uncle's wife ended up cheating on him. The guy she "slept" with -- because apparently they never had sex, just were caught in the same bed -- he's referred to as the "hotdog vendor" because it looks like there's a hotdog tucked in-between the back of his neck. I guess a neck can do that.

Anyway, Christmas had an off-day at Dawn's grandparent's household due to that absence because she obviously never showed up. Due to embarrassment, more than likely.

Also, let me be clear here -- I'm not poking fun at Dawn's brother, but just to illustrate a point on how unusual this Christmas really was, I got to bring him up. He just got out of psychiatric care and has been in and out of jail for several years now. Apparently, he's said things like how the "TV molested him" and similarly other strange things. Now, he's gotten better and is on meds, but he had a pretty bad drug addiction that he's still recovering from. Hopefully he's back on the mend. I'm optimistic because he even asked me about training, so perhaps he can start letting his frustration out there. Could do him a world of good.

And, I don't get along with someone who is called Aunt Dee. I personally call her "Deez Nuts!"

No, not really. That actually just came to me. Maybe I can make a thing of it. wink

Back to Aunt Dee -- she's just a horrible human being: a narcissist, control freak. Those are her strong points too. Heh. So, to just give a recent example of her character, she happened to be my Secret Santa last year. While it's obviously the thought that counts, she got me a Bama shirt and hat. Unfortunately, it looked like it was made 20 years ago and taken off of a homeless guy. The stuff smelled like a combination of mothballs, cigarette smoke and Febreze spray.

As it turns out -- and I found this out yesterday from Dawn's mom, that Aunt Dee stole a package from her deceased brother. Yeah... She gave me a dead person's shirt and hat. There's got to be an award for that.

So, fast forward to this year -- guess who was her Secret Santa. Me! Oh, how the table has turned, lol. I thought about returning the favor by giving her a Krispy Kreme doughnut gift card. Now, you might be thinking to yourself -- I don't get it, Paul. That sounds like an OK gift. Let me explain.

I had gotten this gift card from my grandma who lives in Alabama. I live in Georgia. Apparently, you can't use these gift cards in my area because Krispy Kreme chains are all independently owned. Understand my devious plan? It's brilliant, I know.

Unfortunately, Dawn talked me out of it and ended up giving her a $50 Applebee's restaurant card. We don't like that place and had gotten that gift card from my dad earlier this year -- sorry dad! Now, keep in mind, there was only a $25 stipulation to our Secret Santa shindig, so she's lucking out big time!

But, the story doesn't end there! Apparently, Aunt Dee doesn't like Applebee's either and was so incredibly ungrateful. I wish I had heard her complaints because I would have drilled into her so bad. Dawn didn't tell me this until we were already back in the car and heading home. I'll just save all of this ammunition for the next family gathering, which can't come soon enough!

Hopefully the rest of you didn't have to tolerate people like I did during your Christmas. Ha!

Take care all!

[UPDATED: December 16, 2018]

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PermalinkDoodle Jump (WP) Progress
I've seen a few other people post these "progression" type blogs and figured I would hop on that trend. I mean, I don't think I'll make a weekly blog of all of my gaming progress like this other dweeb does. They don't even really get comments and I just don't think I could bear it if I didn't get any comments on my blogs, lol. I can see myself posting updates when I make substantial progress or something.

With Doodle Jump (WP), I've decided to do this type of blog with that game as I have a feeling it might take me a considerable amount of time to achieve. Plus, figured it might be a little interesting as well.

As far as the game goes, I have learned a few things. For example, if the top portion of a monster is still visible on the bottom of the screen, don't attempt to jump on them. You'll just keep falling and game over. It took me a way too many attempts to realize that's just how the game registers this. I just thought I missed the jump by a smidge, but nope -- game is flawed in that aspect. Fortunately, you can still jump on platforms that happens to be positioned similarly, so there's that, at least.

Also, most of my runs tend to get ruined when you have to use the springs to clear large gaps and there's typically a monster waiting in your blind spot. Not cool! I've been firing like mad whenever this happens currently.

While I don't do this often, but you can jump off screen to appear on the opposite side. This might come in handy. However, I need practice on this maneuver as I tend to overexaggerate my tilting. I'll have to hone in on this craft if I'm able to use this consistently.

Playing with sound really helps out too. I preemptively start shooting if I hear a UFO off screen and can anticipate if a monster is about to appear as well.

Need to get better when 4 monsters appear at once. I'm either dying by trying to jump on all of them (I'm way to machoistic for my own good) or shooting two or three of them to ensure I at least get past that section. Seems like a wasted opportunity.

Anyway, I'm sure that I've gotten 15+ monsters (both jumped on and jumped past) in a single run -- my longest one is 14m : 21s. The achievements I'm striving for are below:

Doodle Jump (WP)Super Conflict AvoiderThe Super Conflict Avoider achievement in Doodle Jump (WP) worth 120 pointsJump past 30 monsters in one game

Doodle Jump (WP)Super Monster BouncerThe Super Monster Bouncer achievement in Doodle Jump (WP) worth 138 pointsJump on 30 monsters in one game

While I started this game last Friday, I didn't boot up the game at all over the weekend, so here I am, at my desk at work, on Christmas Eve, playing Doodle Jump, and hoping for a Christmas miracle that I can complete this game, lol. Currently, have only played the game for 4 hours. Not bad for what I've already accomplish, in my opinion.


Haven't really dived into Doodle Jump for Kinect for years now. Playing its Windows Phone counterpart has reminded me this remains incomplete and may start playing them side to side. I'm not sure if I'll do this or not since I'm currently motivated to wrap up online achievements. Considering on tackling Dead Rising 4 next as I've started that already. I am mopping up HITMAN 2 mostly because that seems more appealing at the moment. Having access to different starting locations and gear is really ideal for these exclusive targets I have started to become obsessed with. Heh. For the first two targets, I have had minimal unlocks, so it has gotten tricky. I spent over 44 minutes (I think most of that was left on the pause menu due to a phone call I had to take, in my defense) on the first target whereas it probably would have taken me less than 10 minutes if I had the necessary gear. On second thought, I probably was soaking it all in. The dialogue was very extensive and appreciated.

Also, there are several games that were lent to me, so I have that on my plate as well. Sorry Philip!

And yes -- I got 99 problems and a backlog is one of them.


And, finally, if this type of blog becomes successful, I already have a few candidates:

Grand Theft Auto VMastermindsThe Masterminds achievement in Grand Theft Auto V worth 1547 pointsGTA Online: Complete all 3 Criminal Mastermind challenges in The Doomsday Heist.

Wolfenstein II: The New ColossusMein lebenThe Mein leben achievement in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus worth 734 pointsBeat the game on "Mein leben" difficulty

Now, let me get back to jumping around with this Doodle. Later!

[UPDATED: December 16, 2018]

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PermalinkThe Spending Challenge Concludes | Dilly Dilly!
I'm relieved. No doubt about that, lol. Part of this has to do with the fact that I'm no longer exposed to squeaky kids.

HINT: at least one is still in GTASC. wink

I still don't know why this "spending challenge" is always so dang appealing to me -- or any contest this site holds for that matter. I suppose I keep thinking this will be the year others will compete more honorably, but you always got a couple smelly weasels and a silly goose putting a damper on things. Perhaps with the new format next year, GTASC will be more of a scoring challenge. I'm still hard pressed to see myself partake in another contest though despite these upcoming changes. Almost at the starting stages of building another house and possibly starting a family, so I should probably do myself a favor and not get involved in another competition. Heh.

Anyway, I'm so thankful for my partner -- I'll get to my wife in a moment. Ha...

No, I'm talking about Philip. It was an absolute pleasure to strategize, talk gaming and among other things on an almost daily basis with the guy. Incredibly thoughtful, giving and just an all around great person. While we fell just a bit short on reaching the finals, I couldn't be happier on our results with all things considered. There's no doubt in my mind that if we opted to go "all in," become selfish with how we spent our time/money and had the availability to do nothing but game for points, we'd be right there in the thick of it.

And, while we were eliminated, I really don't think we got bested -- we simply just ran out of time. I'll admit - both of us seemingly got complacent these past few weeks. I can't speak on his behalf, but I have way too many hobbies. (Don't worry - I'm not going to say I have a 40-hour job and adult responsibilities, lol.) I picked back up training in MMA earlier this year and hoping to get ready to fight again. Just recently, I was selected to spar with the few professionals we have training with us, so that's encouraging! I love me some NCAAF too especially when your team is ranked number one in the nation. For whatever reason, the contest was almost like an afterthought.

Truth be told, I actually planned on staging a ton of achievements throughout the year too, but that drove me nuts. Does not appeal to me in the slightest and gave in halfway into the year, lol. I guess I prefer not to sacrifice my personal enjoyment of gaming and stress over accidental unlocks. Plus, a couple untimely events occurred throughout the year and let's face it -- some things are just more important.

Now, if I'm being honest, if it wasn't for Phillip and other's unwavering generosity with their loans, it would have been doubtful we would have lasted as long as we did. And, while some of these games I primarily played for score were unique in their own way -- not all of them were awful -- I'm looking forward to cleaning up some of those started games and striving to game naturally again with these better games that I have. I mean, I still have my Genre Project in the works, so might play an obscure game or two still and a very special project in the works where I will be the only person on this site to achieve such a feat. Oh, don't worry -- it will be impressive by anybody's standards. smile

What else was I supposed to talk about? Oh, yeah -- my wife! It pleased me to see her get so into these competitions. Every week, she would ask about what bonus was up for grabs or motivated me enough to get through any adversity that might have come up. Really no point to this. Just bragging on how much of an awesome wife I have and thankful she doesn't see an issue with my gaming. :-)

She was bummed a little that we got eliminated though and even asked me if Philip and I were all right. (laugh) I mean, we tried our best within our capabilities at the time, so I certainly have no regrets. A bromance certainly blossomed these past 11 months. Heh.

Hm. I'm sure I was going to talk about something else, but here's a list that will be referred to as damage control. I value completions and a moderately high completion percentage as well, so here's what I will be tackling these next couple of weeks:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

There's some pending online achievements that I have neglected due to GTASC as well:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Outside of all of that, going to try to end the year with another bang. I'm currently sitting at 194,454 Gamerscore, which is the most I have ever done to date. And, to think -- I thought I was going to have a slow year, lol.

Anyway, I have a little over three weeks to accomplish this. I'm confident this will happen, but mark my words -- there is NO WAY I'm going to best these totals. I somehow keep improving my yearly totals since I started this achievement hunting craziness way back in 2012, but the buck stops here. I'm probably going to start a downward spiral type trend pretty soon. Heh. It's all good though -- it's probably for the best. Might as well get off of this GS bandwagon while I still can!

Dilly Dilly!

[UPDATED: December 1, 2018]

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PermalinkBump That
EDIT: I originally had most of this typed out already, but in much better spirits currently. At the time, I must have been highly irritated. Anyway, I'll leave most of what I typed out as is because, why not? I bring it raw and unfiltered, lol.


Can't help but feel a little disappointed with lack of support I got with my request -- scratch that: no support -- from my last blog post: Mr Granstaff's blog post - Requesting Support: Sub-Genres

To me, this would benefit just about everybody on this site. I know after the genre overhaul that took place, some people stopped caring as much due to the new genre definitions, but still -- the information is out there about the sub-genres, just not as visible. Should be easier to access that information and can't imagine it would be a difficult nor time consuming task to accomplish.

This all brings me to a point where I'm not going to be as readily available to honor people's request for me to either up-vote their solution, share their blogs or jump in a session/game at a moment's notice -- things like that. Heck. I may just dismiss it all together. I mean, I still want people to feel like they can approach me, but don't expect me to jump through hoops and hurdles. I'm serious. Don't even want to give anyone any sort of indication that I'm joking about this. This stuff is for the birds. Some of you just need to keep your entitlement to yourselves. I'm not expecting a quid pro quo, but you guys get it.

Not meaning any disrespect, but as a recent example, I was involved with a Battlefield 4 group working on assignments for the past month or so. We hadn't been tackling them for a stretch due to various reasons and one just stopped communicating while the other started working on their assignments in their own time -- can't really fault him for that. It is discouraging because I could have easily joined other sessions and handled things on my own as well, but figured I would remain loyal and stick it out. It is what it is. This whole situation reminds me why I sometimes lean towards creating sessions and if people are really serious about unlocking achievements, they'll join.

EDIT: One guy from the group actually ended up helping me finish off the rest of the requirements -- outside of all of the idling required, so I'm highly appreciative of that. Great guy -- a rare breed. I could have left that previous paragraph off there, but like I said -- I want to keep this blog intact and unedited.
And, while I'm on a roll, what needs to be done to get some traction on these genre disagreements that were submitted?

Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party Multi-Genre Discussion
GRIDD: Retroenhanced Multi-Genre Discussion
"ZAZEN", zen meditation game Multi-Genre Discussion

It would be great to at least get some acknowledgment on these inquiries. I realize these are volunteers and probably only a handful of people, but come on -- we've been waiting since April on one of those. Like, what gives? I feel like I give quite a bit of detail and thought into my disagreements too. it's not like my reasoning consists of, "just because." laugh


Don't know what's been going on with my mood lately. I have a pretty good idea on why that is, but can't help but think that part of it is due to the toxicity I've been witnessing on this site, which is starting to spread and slowly affecting myself. Wears on you after awhile, I suppose. Might need to distance myself from a few knuckleheads.

Even these TA contests don't cut it for me, which typically turn out to be a good outlet for my competitiveness. I think since I've dived back into the MMA world, I'm starting to realize that's more rewarding than trying to keep up with all of the shadiness and dirty way of gaming others partake in. I mean, I've already went on a two-year hiatus once before for GTASC, thinking that would keep it fresh for me, but competing ultimately does nothing to compliment my gaming as it once did. It's unfortunately gotten stale and UHH wasn't as advertised this go around either:

Get matched up with like-minded gamers and have some friendly competition using some of those games you've not played in a while!
That statement couldn't have been farther from the truth, lol. I had to start so many games, it wasn't even funny. If it wasn't for GWG and freebies I've gotten, I wouldn't even have had enough games to register. I'd create an alt tag, but I feel like that would be lowering my standards and I don't have enough spare time to waste on stuff like that. I also feel that the organizers shouldn't have removed 360 games either -- their reasoning was a bit lacking, if I'm honest. It didn't seem to affect the participation at all, from what I could tell. Someone had already ran the numbers and it didn't yield any improvements. Plus, I didn't even make it to the KO stages and that speaks volumes right there. I could have easily reached it by putting up at least half the effort, but I opted not to. Was not enjoyable for me and I'm not alone in thinking this way either. Plus, you have to be a smelly, rat-faced weasel without a moral compass to advance in these events anyway, so there's that. wink

Until USADA is hired on -- I'm joking -- and there's some sort of accountability enforced on the participants, it won't ever be fair. I realize I'm asking for the impossible, but that's my point. Heh. For example, there's nothing in place to stop someone from having others play their games for them. There are other examples I could bring up, but I really don't want to open up those cans of worms. Nothing can or will be done about these things. Well, there could be, but the organizers are soft on the matter and won't make judgement calls like that. I mean, I get it and it's probably the best political route to take. It's just that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know who is using an alt tag or who is taking advantage of some loopholes.

Eh. I'm just thinking out loud here. Don't listen to me. I am appreciative of the privilege to compete, it's just for me -- I don't like to start so many games in quick succession. Ruins games for me at times. This is why my completion recovery is taking forever too, lol.

Perhaps I'm disappointed in myself that I let something so trivial dictate my gaming the way it has. It seems that I'm simply getting close to the point of not caring about bumping up my score, at all. I think casually playing Halo 5: Guardians the other week with a buddy of mine was when it really hit home with me. I didn't feel the need to score in bunches and the experience was quite pleasant, overall. That feeling I experienced was something I've apparently been missing and didn't realize until that moment. Don't get me wrong -- I love the drive a competition brings out in me, but the fact of the matter is that these contests won't ever be fair nor will others opt not to play dirty and that just puts me off especially when an authoritative measure could be taken -- they've actually removed at least one person from UHH that I know of. Perhaps there is still hope that these events can get cleaned up and at least attempt to level the playing field better.

Of course, while I'm very thankful and fortunate for others to grant me access to their collections, which keeps me from breaking the bank, I would rather play more quality games rather than quantity. Unfortunately, you can't compete well with that mindset, so unless some changes are made to entice me, this could very well be the last year I will find myself partaking in these events.

...yeah, I'm a broken record on that. I'm aware. I just thought this time it would be different.

Anyway, let's talk about actual gaming a little bit. Lately, I've been enjoying ZOMBI. I didn't think I would by going off of my instincts, but it's not that bad. Sure, it could use another coat of paint and tweak a few things with the gameplay and animations, but in my opinion, they did that whole survival concept proper. I'm at a point where I need to save this girl. I was hoping I would be able to finish off my first playthrough yesterday, but you know -- responsibilities and sleep screwed up those plans, lol.

Perhaps I'll go into more detail with that game later. For now, things are wrapping up at work and should go ahead and post this.


[UPDATED: October 1, 2018]

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