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EDIT: I originally had most of this typed out already, but in much better spirits currently. At the time, I must have been highly irritated. Anyway, I'll leave most of what I typed out as is because, why not? I bring it raw and unfiltered, lol.


Can't help but feel a little disappointed with lack of support I got with my request -- scratch that: no support -- from my last blog post: Mr Granstaff's blog post - Requesting Support: Sub-Genres

To me, this would benefit just about everybody on this site. I know after the genre overhaul that took place, some people stopped caring as much due to the new genre definitions, but still -- the information is out there about the sub-genres, just not as visible. Should be easier to access that information and can't imagine it would be a difficult nor time consuming task to accomplish.

This all brings me to a point where I'm not going to be as readily available to honor people's request for me to either up-vote their solution, share their blogs or jump in a session/game at a moment's notice -- things like that. Heck. I may just dismiss it all together. I mean, I still want people to feel like they can approach me, but don't expect me to jump through hoops and hurdles. I'm serious. Don't even want to give anyone any sort of indication that I'm joking about this. This stuff is for the birds. Some of you just need to keep your entitlement to yourselves. I'm not expecting a quid pro quo, but you guys get it.

Not meaning any disrespect, but as a recent example, I was involved with a Battlefield 4 group working on assignments for the past month or so. We hadn't been tackling them for a stretch due to various reasons and one just stopped communicating while the other started working on their assignments in their own time -- can't really fault him for that. It is discouraging because I could have easily joined other sessions and handled things on my own as well, but figured I would remain loyal and stick it out. It is what it is. This whole situation reminds me why I sometimes lean towards creating sessions and if people are really serious about unlocking achievements, they'll join.

EDIT: One guy from the group actually ended up helping me finish off the rest of the requirements -- outside of all of the idling required, so I'm highly appreciative of that. Great guy -- a rare breed. I could have left that previous paragraph off there, but like I said -- I want to keep this blog intact and unedited.
And, while I'm on a roll, what needs to be done to get some traction on these genre disagreements that were submitted?

Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party Multi-Genre Discussion
GRIDD: Retroenhanced Multi-Genre Discussion
"ZAZEN", zen meditation game Multi-Genre Discussion

It would be great to at least get some acknowledgment on these inquiries. I realize these are volunteers and probably only a handful of people, but come on -- we've been waiting since April on one of those. Like, what gives? I feel like I give quite a bit of detail and thought into my disagreements too. it's not like my reasoning consists of, "just because." laugh


Don't know what's been going on with my mood lately. I have a pretty good idea on why that is, but can't help but think that part of it is due to the toxicity I've been witnessing on this site, which is starting to spread and slowly affecting myself. Wears on you after awhile, I suppose. Might need to distance myself from a few knuckleheads.

Even these TA contests don't cut it for me, which typically turn out to be a good outlet for my competitiveness. I think since I've dived back into the MMA world, I'm starting to realize that's more rewarding than trying to keep up with all of the shadiness and dirty way of gaming others partake in. I mean, I've already went on a two-year hiatus once before for GTASC, thinking that would keep it fresh for me, but competing ultimately does nothing to compliment my gaming as it once did. It's unfortunately gotten stale and UHH wasn't as advertised this go around either:

Get matched up with like-minded gamers and have some friendly competition using some of those games you've not played in a while!
That statement couldn't have been farther from the truth, lol. I had to start so many games, it wasn't even funny. If it wasn't for GWG and freebies I've gotten, I wouldn't even have had enough games to register. I'd create an alt tag, but I feel like that would be lowering my standards and I don't have enough spare time to waste on stuff like that. I also feel that the organizers shouldn't have removed 360 games either -- their reasoning was a bit lacking, if I'm honest. It didn't seem to affect the participation at all, from what I could tell. Someone had already ran the numbers and it didn't yield any improvements. Plus, I didn't even make it to the KO stages and that speaks volumes right there. I could have easily reached it by putting up at least half the effort, but I opted not to. Was not enjoyable for me and I'm not alone in thinking this way either. Plus, you have to be a smelly, rat-faced weasel without a moral compass to advance in these events anyway, so there's that. wink

Until USADA is hired on -- I'm joking -- and there's some sort of accountability enforced on the participants, it won't ever be fair. I realize I'm asking for the impossible, but that's my point. Heh. For example, there's nothing in place to stop someone from having others play their games for them. There are other examples I could bring up, but I really don't want to open up those cans of worms. Nothing can or will be done about these things. Well, there could be, but the organizers are soft on the matter and won't make judgement calls like that. I mean, I get it and it's probably the best political route to take. It's just that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know who is using an alt tag or who is taking advantage of some loopholes.

Eh. I'm just thinking out loud here. Don't listen to me. I am appreciative of the privilege to compete, it's just for me -- I don't like to start so many games in quick succession. Ruins games for me at times. This is why my completion recovery is taking forever too, lol.

Perhaps I'm disappointed in myself that I let something so trivial dictate my gaming the way it has. It seems that I'm simply getting close to the point of not caring about bumping up my score, at all. I think casually playing Halo 5: Guardians the other week with a buddy of mine was when it really hit home with me. I didn't feel the need to score in bunches and the experience was quite pleasant, overall. That feeling I experienced was something I've apparently been missing and didn't realize until that moment. Don't get me wrong -- I love the drive a competition brings out in me, but the fact of the matter is that these contests won't ever be fair nor will others opt not to play dirty and that just puts me off especially when an authoritative measure could be taken -- they've actually removed at least one person from UHH that I know of. Perhaps there is still hope that these events can get cleaned up and at least attempt to level the playing field better.

Of course, while I'm very thankful and fortunate for others to grant me access to their collections, which keeps me from breaking the bank, I would rather play more quality games rather than quantity. Unfortunately, you can't compete well with that mindset, so unless some changes are made to entice me, this could very well be the last year I will find myself partaking in these events.

...yeah, I'm a broken record on that. I'm aware. I just thought this time it would be different.

Anyway, let's talk about actual gaming a little bit. Lately, I've been enjoying ZOMBI. I didn't think I would by going off of my instincts, but it's not that bad. Sure, it could use another coat of paint and tweak a few things with the gameplay and animations, but in my opinion, they did that whole survival concept proper. I'm at a point where I need to save this girl. I was hoping I would be able to finish off my first playthrough yesterday, but you know -- responsibilities and sleep screwed up those plans, lol.

Perhaps I'll go into more detail with that game later. For now, things are wrapping up at work and should go ahead and post this.


[UPDATED: October 1, 2018]

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