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I want to take a moment to say that, as an end place for this series, it could have been a lot worse.

I do take the side that it was good in a lot more places than Fallen was; and i'll add more to it. The human element made more sense in this movie than any previous movie. That being said, Bay couldn't avoid the one ten minute scene where's Duhammel's team basically do nothing and the dramatic shot of Carly standing. There was more of a sense of military cohesiveness in this movie at times, and them being smarter about it instead of just Rambo-ing them like in the initial movie.

That being said..... the thing Sam does to one of the Cons is pretty ridiculous to me. Oh well though. I too hated the anti-climactic ending, but look at it this way: Bay is done. He wanted a clear cut ending so that he could walk away and also have the stage set for a reboot, because at this point they kind of have to. Who could be left as a bad guy? Jhaxious? Don't think so.

The character of Carly wasn't a bad addition, especially since they made no reference to the character from the initial series. She was her own entity, and shock of all shocks, she wasn't a bad actress. Thing about that though, there weren't many places where she had to act.
Some characters had poor exits, as well as entrances. Shockwave looked right, but he didn't act right. No surprise there though.
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