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Posted by petee moobaa on 04 December 11 at 11:16
SlashBite Short 'n sweet. I'm actually looking forward to all those games I'm missing now due to playing a lot of xbox. But in a few years, perhaps I'll be returning to the gamecube/wii era of Nintendo games and I probably going to like it a lot. I will certainly remember to try this game.
Posted by SlashBite on 04 Dec 11 at 15:44
petee moobaa You don't have a Wii/Gamecube? If not, the three Zeldas (Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword - though you could skip TP if you liked), plus No More Heroes and Killer7, make it absolutely worthwhile to own the console :)
Posted by petee moobaa on 05 Dec 11 at 02:46
LitaOsiris I have a Wii but it's collecting dust at this stage. I will say though that when I game on my PS3 I like it simply for the fact that I don't care for the full completion and I miss that way of gaming. Although it doesn't seem to matter for you - you go insane on any platform :P

And guess what...I'm in the GTASC for next year. There goes any plans to game in any other way but on my Xbox under my account lol
Posted by LitaOsiris on 06 Dec 11 at 12:01
petee moobaa Don't get me wrong - Skyward Sword is the first time first time I've fired the Wii up in anger in over a year. But it's a bloody brilliant reason to do so!

...and yes, I get OCD about PSN trophies, too. And I reckon it'll take 3 playthroughs on Skyward Sword before it's off The List... :}

(And good luck with GTASC! :)
Posted by petee moobaa on 06 Dec 11 at 21:10
LitaOsiris How many more games went on The List this year? How does that compare to the games that were crossed from it?
Posted by LitaOsiris on 07 Dec 11 at 08:38
petee moobaa Normally I save that kind of analysis for the end-of-year wrap-up, but... At this stage, I think it's 13 on, 13 off.
Posted by petee moobaa on 07 Dec 11 at 11:24
LitaOsiris It's a never-ending battle ><
Posted by LitaOsiris on 08 Dec 11 at 09:28
petee moobaa Yes. Yes, it is.

And there's at least one more Assassin's Creed goading me ;)
Posted by petee moobaa on 08 Dec 11 at 10:12