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Just a quick note to myself so I don't forget who and what I'm playing. Send me a message if I've left you off, if you want to join anything below, or if there is anything you want to boost/play

MW3 - Carbokris
Mad Moxxi DLC - Carbokris
MW2 - Phaser80
GRAW - TwoDanes and Gorehound
C+C 3 - Panzeronfire
R6 Vegas - many
Buku Sudoku - ADaughen's friend
HAWX - ADaughen (need 1 more, I think, for proper boosting)

Games I need MP, but no boosting/playing partners yet

Gears 1-3 (anyone interested in 4 player campaign?)
Warhammer 40K
Black ops

Thats what I'm going for, at least for the time being.
Posted by flodros on 25 January 12 at 15:27
ADaughen If you can't get with him, I'll still help with Sudoku.

Add me for GRAW, Gears 1 and 2

I can help with R6 Vegas, too.
Posted by ADaughen on 25 Jan 12 at 16:35
flodros Cool. We're almost finishing up on GRAW to be honest, at least aside from the leaderboard ones. I don't mind helping out though if you need the other MP ones - we just need 5/6 gamer tags. Not sure if I'm gonna bother with the leaderboards - looks like way too much effort.

Actually, come to think of it we were trying to get you along last night ;) Normally start around 9PM my time, so about 4PM ET. Due to R6 Vegas I need to leave at 10:30PM, so not much time, but weekends should be better.

At the mo i'm rubberbanding overnight for vegas, but could do with some help on the other MP ones. Do you still need them? If you've already got them then I'll ask around to save you doing them again.

When I start on the Gears I'll let you know - at the moment I'm trying to fit everyone in - especially carbokris, since he's leaving for Australia soon. That and also play my rental games in a timely manner :D
Posted by flodros on 25 Jan 12 at 16:49
Papa Phaser My Modern Warfare 2 is done. You can update the info. BTW, do you need coop partner in MW3?
Posted by Papa Phaser on 08 Mar 13 at 09:19