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PermalinkBlog # 294 - the pizza experiment, shabu shabu, and becoming a Portal Master in Skylanders
Hello Earthlings –

Sunday morning is here. The general consensus is that Sunday is an awful day to blog: no one is on TA, or they are out doing other things. Me – I think it’s an awesome day to blog! To try and fit all my weekend adventures on a Monday blog is just too much. Plus, while I am at home I can really lay into some quality blogging without worrying about work. I could blog in the evening when I get home from work, but due to time differences, all my TA friends are retiring for the night! So here is a Sunday Blog for yall. Feel free to read while you are taking a poop.

So Shabu Shabu on Friday was AWESOME! I had such a good time. I asked for 7 drops (1 more than my coworkers) of hot-hot-hot sauce extract to be into my dipping sauces. Boy did it burn, but my tolerance impressed all. I really loved putting my cabbages and tofus into the boiling water and eating it with rice. And then when it was over, by this time my boiling water had taking on properties of various other things put into it, so it became stock for my udon noodle soup. Was that broth ohhhhhh so yummy.

Afterwards we went to Vons to get some Tillamook Icecream. It’s a rarity down here, and I believe my main man topher can vouch for the awesomeness of Tillamook products.

Saturday was a day of walkies. We walked over to the mall and mallbrated around. Of course it’s a depressed and ghetto mall, but there is a Gamestop, a Trader Joe’s, and a World Market. No copy of at Gamestop however. We went to Bevmo where there was a tall legged girl trying to get me to try some Vodka. I told her I was a tequila man. Dieschlinge called me a flirt. And then someone knocked over a huge bottle of tequila in an aisle so that entire area of the store smelt like…we.. Tequila (ie – it smelt gooood). I got me a big bottle of Corzo silver.

Next stop at Trader Joe’s for some provisions. What do I need? Components to make that buffalo-wing-pizza-taco!

That’s right, I called it out on Blog # 292 asking for someone to do it. I stepped up to my own challenge. Except, I had some barriers.

1 – since I am a vegetarian, no more real buffalo wings. I do miss buffalo wings, but alas. So instead I got a bottle of buffalo wing sauce and some Quorn fake chicken.

2 – no access to New York style pizza. I needed something wide and flexible. None of the delivery places around here do this style, and most frozen pizzas are a rising crust style. So I got the thinnest crust at Trader Joe’s that I could.

So here are the assembled ingredients:

External image

The tequila and mix was there to compliment my pizza at the time, but I wound up drinking RC Cola instead.

So pizza in the oven, faux-chicken cooked on the stove, and when it was done I tossed it on low heat with the wing sauce. This wing sauce brand turned out really flavourful! I put the fake meat on one side of the pizza to show a before folding:

External image

So I folded it and nommed it:

External image

So… it doesn’t really look like a taco as much as a calzone actually. However, it was pretty tasty still, and working with what I had, I think I had limited success.


So while I am nomming this faux-chicken-buffal-sauce-pizza-taco-calzone thing, DieSchlinge1066 and I are were Diamond Dogs, a Dolph Lungren movie.

External image

It was meh. It was filmed in Mongolia, which really peaked my interested, however the crew refused to do any interesting mise en scene, so Mongolia is portrayed as really drop and boring. Nothing but dirt hills and dead grass every where. It might as well been filmed in a quarry in Colorado. Anywho, Dolph is always good to see, but the movie was too slow and really drab to watch. There really was no sense of adventure – they are trying to find a magic tapestry right? So I am thinking adventure movie along the lines of Indiana Jones or something. Nope, just driving. However, lots of credit goes to the cars they drive in – they have 101 Dalmation cushions on them. Daaaaah.

So that was a little disappointing.

Anywho, that’s the weekend so far in terms of adventures! In an hour we go to renew the lease on our flat. Yay!

So what was the world of gaming like?

Friday evening I was feeling a bit altruistic. My buddy moogless and this GTASC team were in the elimination bracket, so I offered to help Moogles with some achievements. We played together. Damn is that game awful. Not only is the game play bleh, but there was a plethora of connection and lag issues. However, Moogless got lots of achievements and his team didn’t get eliminated. I’d like to think I had a weeee bit part in helping them laugh

So Friday night and Saturday morning was allllll about the . Did I mention my fondness for Skylanders? Well, I like Skylanders.

Anywho, I beat the story! Lots of achievements earned in the process:

Skylanders: Spyro's AdventureThe SaviorrotorschneeThe The Savior achievement in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure worth 97 pointsComplete the adventure mode by finishing the game. (primary profile)

Skylanders: Spyro's AdventureThe Ace PilotrotorschneeThe The Ace Pilot achievement in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure worth 29 pointsDefeat 30 enemies while riding the War Machine in the Arkeyan Armory level. (primary profile)

Skylanders: Spyro's AdventureMagic TimerotorschneeThe Magic Time achievement in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure worth 59 pointsComplete the Arkeyan Armory level and acquire the elemental source. (primary profile)

And then this achievements was a bastard to get:

Skylanders: Spyro's AdventureTag me if you can!rotorschneeThe Tag me if you can! achievement in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure worth 54 pointsAvoid being hit by the laser traps during the boss fight in Creepy Citadel. (primary profile)

Those lasers are neigh impossible to dodge! So what I did was level up one of my undead guys to make him go like… into ghost form or something? While in this form he takes gradual damage, but other stuff doesn’t hurt him. So I just stayed in that form and success!

I now only have 2 achievements left in the game: beat the final boss without switching my Skylander and then an achievements for getting all the other achievements (groooan). The last boss was TOUGH! I wound up losing almost all my Skylanders trying to beat him. So I got some leveing to do. I can do him in co-op mode, so Dieschinge is working on her Skylanders so she can try and take him down with me. I am so close to 1000 pointing this game, I am excited! I am also really pumped for the sequal, Skylanders Giants, but so far it is only announced for the wii and the 3DS. It better come out on the xbox!

And finally, an achievement in :

Texas Hold'emCard SharkThe Card Shark achievement in Texas Hold'em worth 50 pointsPlay 1,000 hands.

I still need 3 hands played I’ve never gotten before: Royal flush, straight flush, and 4 of a kind. All luck on there. What I’ve been doing is using my Blazblue Fight Stick and putting something heavy on the 8 button on that and just going off and doing other things, like cleaning. There’s not much else I can do, I could let the game run for years and it may never unlock. Boohoo.

Anywho, that is that my friends! I got my AvP boosting session in a few hours with my good buddies The Disc , FPSDeath , TheMongooseGuru , and NJDuke007 . Getting closer to completing the online!

All right boyos and girl-os. Have a good one!

Posted by rotorschnee on 29 April 12 at 17:13
The Disc see you tonight. wink
Posted by The Disc on 29 Apr 12 at 17:36
HarrySon9 Finally, permission to poop while reading bloggies! Thanks Rotor!
Posted by HarrySon9 on 29 Apr 12 at 18:21
blueriversbeast I think you should have a Youtube channel of just eating food that I want to eat ugh now I'm so hungry.
Posted by blueriversbeast on 29 Apr 12 at 18:29
DieSchlinge1066 OMG I forgot about my Tillamook Mudslide ice cream - a sinfully amount of chocolate in the form of the ice cream, fudge pieces and fudge ripple - YUMMERS!
Posted by DieSchlinge1066 on 29 Apr 12 at 18:33
rotorschnee ok all you cray people -

@ disc - i saw you earlier! :P
@ harry - poop away mein friend, poop away@
@ kendrene - that was a silly frozen pizza. a REAL italian pizza would be awwwesome
@ blue - i dont look good for the camera - it's that whole "dorks don't film well". Plus epic meal time has got all that weird stuff covered :D
@ dieschlinge - i wish i could've gotten my blackberry avalanche
Posted by rotorschnee on 30 Apr 12 at 02:38