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Surprise Discovery of the Year: Back in 2006 I bought Gears of War and, after completing all the campaign elements, I tried out the online multiplayer… and was disgusted by the nature of the people who habited that world. Arrogant, gobby fucks, the lot of them. So imagine my surprise when, returning to Gears for the first time in three years to do a bit of Achievement boosting, I discovered that the vast majority of people still playing the game were kind, fun-loving, and considerate… a delight to play with. Massive props to Lita, narv, beets, Bolch, Raven, Slash, Danger, and others who I’ve just offended by failing to explicitly mention… you guys (and gal) are awesome :)

Maybe I'm just a sentimental idiot, but reading this in Petee Moobaa's blog made me feel like one happy camper. I can tell people I will help them out when they want me to, but getting recognized for it still fills me with pride.

Your were and still are most welcome Mon Ami, you know where to find me wave

You can find his blog here: http://oc-gamer.moobaa.com/
Posted by Raven 80 NL on 03 January 11 at 12:09 | Last edited on 03 January 11 at 12:12

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