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PermalinkTop 10 Most Controversial Games - No.2 (Contains R rated content)
We have finally reached the final 2 games in this top 10 of the most controversial games and I'm afraid to say that the worst is still to come. I sincerely apologize if the content of this blog offends or upsets anyone. I do not agree with the beliefs of the following game -

Number 2

Ethnic Cleansing

External image

The premise of this game is to control either a skin-headed white supremacist or a member of the KKK, moving through the ghetto, shooting and killing any black or Latino people you find. You then descend into the subway and kill Jewish people, before finding a Jewish Control Center, and killing the former Prime Minister of Israel. The game was released in 2002 by an underground record label specializing in Neo-Nazi and white supremacist music, called Resistance Records. The game has been protested over, and the game engine that was used to create it, Genesis3D, has even been encouraged to change their licensing to prohibit the creation of racist games. The game’s description is as follows: “The Race War has begun. Your skin is your uniform in this battle for the survival of your kind. The White Race depends on you to secure its existence. Your peoples enemies surround you in a sea of decay and filth that they have brought to your once clean and White nation. Not one of their numbers shall be spared….”

I watched through some videos detailing the gameplay and issues with the game and came to the following conclusion -

Ghastly sentiments aside, the game is also pretty dismal from a technical perspective. Developed using the Genesis 3D engine, the graphics are hideous, the draw distance is about 5 feet (thus making it impossible to spot enemies before they shoot you), there are only two levels, and it crashes regularly. Oh, and there's only one weapon: a machine gun. Also, for some inexplicable reason, instead of using the W, A, S and D keyboard configuration for movement that every other computer game every made uses, Ethnic Cleansing uses S, Z, X and C. Supposedly, you can change this in the menu, but to no considerable surprise, it doesn't work. I think the quality of this game accurately reflects how intelligent the white supremacist crowd is.

External image

The game was featured in an episode of the History Channel documentary series Gangland that focused on skinhead gangs.
As you can probably guess, this isn't a game you can just pick up at your corner video game store. It can only be ordered directly from Resistance Records at the cheap price of $14.98 roll These days though it can easily be downloaded illegally for free.

Resistance records have their own website where the game can be downloaded, although I have no idea why anyone would want to. The description of the game on the site is too offensive for me to post here.



What do you guys think about this one?
Posted by Raptures Lost on 09 October 12 at 01:14
TheDancingClown So sad that there are people who think this is funny, or worse actually believe in it. It has had 5 minutes of my attention, I think that is plenty!!
Posted by TheDancingClown on 09 Oct 12 at 01:20
MalibuStacey85 Wow, that description on the website is really something. There are a lot of idiots in the world clearly.
Posted by MalibuStacey85 on 09 Oct 12 at 06:53
Chr1sOfTheDe4d Woah that is quite unbelievable.....
Posted by Chr1sOfTheDe4d on 09 Oct 12 at 09:00
ChewieOnIce That is shockingly awful. I'm wondering what could top that for the number one spot.........
Posted by ChewieOnIce on 09 Oct 12 at 11:18
vBlite Lmao, what a game.

Posted by vBlite on 09 Oct 12 at 11:34
vBlite I honestly think I could make a better game
Posted by vBlite on 09 Oct 12 at 12:25
FishyMo Racial prejudices aside, that is just a terrible game. I want the 8 minutes of my life I wasted watching that video. It's like someone at the record label got a hold of some game engine from their uncle's failed video game company and used it to make the game. I would make a comment about its QA process, but I doubt there was any. I'm not so much offended by it, just utterly stupefied about how dumb it is. Which is oddly exactly how I feel when I listen to a white supremacist speak.
Posted by FishyMo on 09 Oct 12 at 16:33
The Disc I can't believe this is not no.1.
Posted by The Disc on 09 Oct 12 at 16:59
rotorschnee Yeah, this one is bad on all fronts. Boo and hiss.
Posted by rotorschnee on 09 Oct 12 at 19:04
Raptures Lost Thanks for the feedback guys, It's an awful looking game that is bad on all fronts like Rotor said. I an assure you all that number one is worse which is understandably shocking.
Posted by Raptures Lost on 10 Oct 12 at 00:39
ChewieOnIce Oh god, is it the notorious black market title My Horse & Me 3: The Sex Tape?!?
Posted by ChewieOnIce on 10 Oct 12 at 07:03