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After some constructive sessions on Guitar Hero 3, I'm glad Sebvin and Tinoes helped me out on the 500 ranked wins. Sadly my xbox quitted a few times in the proces.

World at War is started to be a task. After a failed session (on my part) I was trying a few on my own but didn't really work out for me except getting 1 achievements there.

On the positive side of double xbox-boosting, Far Cry 2 is coming along nicely, done two more weapons, so I have 7 left for the 2nd "hardest" achievement. Also climbed to level 19 and a half, so when I get 17500xp I get my 4th "hardest" achievement. I was happy to help Jason 3535 get him a set of achievements in Far Cry what kind of stalled my xp-grinding. But I was glad I could have helped him :)

On a personal note, my new job is starting to look like session in the future are going to be harder. It's not a 9 to 5 job and during monthly closures I will have to work 60+ hours. Which could mean from 8 to 8 working days.
Posted by Raven 80 NL on 16 January 11 at 19:48

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