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Gears 4 valentines event (Torque Bow Tag) counts towards the Flaming Weapon Skins.

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PermalinkThe Road to Seriously 3.0 [COMPLETED]
My target - to get Seriously 3.0 finished before August 1st 2013. Why this date? Because I want to finish it before I become a year older wink
(but I'll still be younger than Ghost laugh )

Seriously 3.0 - "Extremely Serious"

Current Rank :- 400
Current Unique Onyx Medals :- 65 / 65
Current Total Onyx Medals :- 141

Onyx Medals Outstanding and Progess:

NONE! clap laugh wave toast

Onyx Medals Acquired:
--- SERIOUSLY 3.0 ---
War Supporter ( x2 )
MVP ( x6 )
Field Service
Veteran ( x4 )
Match Winner ( x2 )
Heavy Weapons
Assistant ( x2 )
Active Reloader
Lancer Rifle Kills
Hammerburst Rifle Kills
Retro Lancer Rifle Kills
Ghasher Shotgun Kills ( x2 )
Sawed-Off Shotgun Kills
Master-At-Arms ( Awarded for acquiring all 5 starting weapon medals )
Rifleman ( Awarded for acquiring all 3 starting rifle medals )
CTL Matches Played
KOTH Matches Played
Warzone Matches Played
Execution Matches Played
TDM Matches Played
Wingman Matches Played
Allfather ( Awarded for getting all 6 matches played medals )
Hard Target Medal
Shock Trooper
Old Schooler
Battle Mistress ( x13 )
Special Teams ( x4 )
Embry Star ( Awarded for acquiring 30 Onyx Medals )
For The Horde!
Horder ( x2 )
Squad Leader ( x5 )
Field Engineer ( x7 )
Big Money ( x3 )
Loot Courtesan ( x8 )
I'm A Beast!
Beastly ( x5 )
Motivator ( x2 )
Dismantler ( x3 )
Ruthless ( x15 )
Investor ( x5 )
High Roller ( x3 )
King of COG ( x3 )
Number 1
Force Multiplier
Tour of Duty
Posted by Wolfie9985 on 11 January 13 at 22:57 | Last edited on 19 March 13 at 22:45
Wolfie9985 Just updated this for some medals and Skunker progress.

Got the Lancer, Hammerburst and Retro all to 5999 / 6000 kills, and then followed that by getting all 3 medals in 1 game, and got the Rifleman and Master-At-Arms medals too smile

.....all for a massive 70,000 XP! 10k per rifle, 15k for Rifleman and 25k for Master At Arms. Thankfully, XP doesnt concern me anymore on this game!
Posted by Wolfie9985 on 13 Jan 13 at 23:31
Wolfie9985 And now Skunker is out of the way ! clap

At least there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Only idle boosting overnight for matches left to do now.

Perhaps Brownhill is right, maybe I do talk to myself... compute
Posted by Wolfie9985 on 16 Jan 13 at 12:35
Wolfie9985 ...and now Wingman is complete clap
Posted by Wolfie9985 on 17 Jan 13 at 10:34
Wolfie9985 Having had a break from it (I blame that bloody Borderlands...which wasn't that good TBH), I have just notched up both the Warzone and Hard Target Onyx medals, and also an additional Battle Mistress and Special Teams !

That's now 61 / 65 medals....so close, yet so far!!

I like how nobody clearly gives a shit about this haha #allalone
Posted by Wolfie9985 on 01 Feb 13 at 00:45
Wolfie9985 CTL matches now finished off, and KOTH has advanced by approx 700. Also additional Battle Mistress & Veteran medals added.

There is light at the end of the tunnel now smile
Posted by Wolfie9985 on 21 Feb 13 at 12:28
Wolfie9985 TDM matches finished. Just KoTH (with the aptly named "Hail to the King" title) to go smile
Posted by Wolfie9985 on 11 Mar 13 at 10:01

It was also my 2500th achievement! smile 1.5 years of slow progress, no rush, and eventually it is over.
Posted by Wolfie9985 on 19 Mar 13 at 22:47

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